Test yourself your bookmarks!







First step:

Extract on your hard disk using any one of  the thousands of zip extractors available. Easy!


You don't need to install any stuff* to execute Fresh Only a simply double click, that's all. The directory called Lib contains all necessary libraries to execute the applications so you can't delete it.

*It's only needed the JAVA Virtual Machine, get it here.

Test Links:

Insert you login and you password and click the magic button Fresh! After that your links will be tested and the application informs you about the state of any link. The state of your link could be any of this.

You can  stop de process at any time.

Test Links Screen:

You can view specific information about any posted link: description, tags ... everything! Also, you can filter the links you want to see choosing between the options onthe box of the right side.

Manage wrong links

Every time you test your account bad links are saved inside a XML file, called "[User]-delicious-wrong-links.xml".  In the future, if you test again your account and one link is still in a bad status, his counter of failed tests will increase by 1.

There is 2 different ways to delete bad links: Selection a bad link and delete it or delete all the bad links which counter is ove a limit of failed tests. This limit is specified by the user.

We suggest that all links pass 5 tests before delete them.  Each test should be done about 2 weeks after the last one.

You can also filter bad links you want see, to do this you have to choose the stat in the top of the application.

The program will only delete bad links that you see on the screen, to delete all existing bad links you must activate every checkbox available at the top-right side of the application.

To save on the XML file and mark the bad links click on Save & Mark. To go back to main screen, click on close.

Delete links

There are 2 ways to delete posts:

  • Delete a selected bad link:  Select the bad link on the table and click the button called Delete selected, can't be easier.
  • Delete bad links which are over a limit of failed tests that you have fixed: you only have to choose the limit in the right-top of the screen and click the button called Delete.

IMPORTANT: The deleted links can't be recuperated.

IMPORTANT: FreshDel.icious don't have any responsibility if one or more links are deleted due to an user or application error.

Mark wrong links

When bad links are saved in the XML file they are alse marked in your account on the description field. At the end of the description field the text: "[Mark as WRONG LINK by]" will be added and the tag WrongLink will be added too. This can be disabled deselecting marking inside  Manage wrong screen.


A filter is a link and a some texts. For this link the application will try to find the texts in the content, If it finds the link will be filtered.  The link can be a part of the original link, like the root:

examples: , or

To add, delete or edit filters click in: Options>Filter Options

  • Insert New Filter

Add the link that you want to be filtered if the conditions are satisfied. Insert a name to identify this link and finally enable the checkbox No Test if you don't want to test the state of the link and click in the button  Add Filter. Now you have a filter but without texts to filter, so you can filter anything, be patience ;)

  • Add Text to a Filter

Select the filter in the table called Filter, After that insert the text, you want filter in the text input called Text, Clik Add Text and the text will be added to the selected filter. You can repeat the process to add more texts in this filter.

  • Delete a Text from a Filter

Select the filter that contains the text you want to delete, Then select the text in the table called text and click Delete Text.

  • Delete Filter

Select the filter in the table called Filter and click Delete Filter, the filter and his texts will be deleted permanently.

  • Import Filters

Importing new filters from a file you will add to your filters the filters from another people increasing the testing powerful. To do this, click on the button Import Filters and choose a XML file with filters.

To save all changes and return to the main screen click ok, if don't want to save your changes click Close.

The filters won't be applied if you deselect the checkbox on the main screen called Filtering Enabled.

Configure the proxy

Options>Connection Options

  • Normal connection (without Proxy)

Only choose the option called Normal Connection, Can' be easier.

  • Proxy connection

Choose the option called Proxy connection and add information of your proxy on the correct filed

To save the changes click Ok, to not save anything click Cancel.

Test Version

You can check the version of your on About>Version