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This course enhances knowledge of new Dialysis technologies, Convectional therapies, Peritoneal Dialysis and develop clinical leadership to further improve the delivery of care to persons with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and the safe management of other extracorporeal therapies through quality improvement activities.

The Part B Course provides a discussion of quality dialysis delivery for persons with ESRD (CKD 5). In contrast to the Basic Course which is mostly introduction to the principles and practice of Dialysis practice, the advance course focuses on developing clinical leadership, quality assurance and improvement in clinical practice and introduction to new dialysis technology and other forms of dialysis therapy.


  1. Review on Principles and Practice of dialysis; 
  2. The OCM and measuring dialysis solute adequacy; 
  3. Review of Infection Control; 
  4. Hemodialysis machine and Safety (Focusing on Advance Technology, FME 5008S machine series), 
  5. Online Hemodiafiltration Overview, 
  6. Understanding BTM, BPM, and OCM; 
  7. Fluid management with the use of Bioimpedance and Feedback Devices (BCM); 
  8. Vascular Accesses and Safe  Cannulation - Principles and Practice, 
  9. Safe Connection-Disconnection of Central Vascular Dialysis Catheter for Hemodialysis; 
  10. Introduction to Peritoneal Dialysis Therapy (optional); 
  11. Nursing care and safe hemodialysis management, Prevention and Management of Intradialytic Complications; 
  12. Assessment & Monitoring of Hemodialysis patients, 
  13. Dialysis nurses’ role and responsibility in long-term clinical outcomes and effectiveness of care of dialysis-dependent patients.
  14. Introduction to quality control issues and dialysis practice (Focusing on the Long Term Care Monitoring) Nutrition and the Dialysis Patient.

Training fee

Training Fee: Php 17,000.
A 40% NON-REFUNDABLE RESERVATION FEE is required to secure your slot in the program.
Once pre-qualified, the applicant shall be sent an endorsement form with payment details and instructions via email.