Our Motorhome ~ 'Baby'
2007 382DS Cross Country Sportscoach

We bought through Howard’s RV in St. Louis, Mo., and have been nothing but thrilled with our rig and our dealer. In fact, it did not need to go back the first 9 months and only went back then because Ken decided to take them up on their free winterizing and have them go through our minor punchlist before going in on Dec 1 for winter storage.  The few things that could be fixed have been so minor that either Ken fixed them himself or we  just marked them down on our punchlist.  

The most complete look at our RV is to take a look at the brochure which we've made available if you click here.


In terms of options here’s the add-ons we have:

  • Quicksilver Partial Paint

  • Slideout Awnings

  • Satellite radio

  • Refrigerator with IceMaker

  • 20 inch flat screen TV in Bedroom

  • 7.5 KW diesel generator

  • 1200 W Inverter

  • 2 Fantastic Fans – one in bath, one in kitchen

  • Added 13,500 A/C in bedroom

  • Added exterior A&E awning

This is not exactly the way we would have ordered it from the factory but considering the dealer would give us a really good deal on this one, it was close enough since it was almost fully loaded with options

We are very happy with what we have.

Were we to order the same unit again, now that we are more seriously looking at full-timing we would add the energy-saving options that were left off…

  • Dual Pane Windows

  • Window Screen Solar Protection Package.

We originally thought we would leave off the icemaker but now think that instead, to fulltime we will put a 110w freezer in the washer/dryer cabinet, since we like having the ice but also could reduce grocery trips with more freezer space.

We were able to get what we think was an extremely good deal on the unit.  This deal was apparently due to several things aligning in our favor at the time: 1)a special ‘Louisville’ dealer promotion that Coachmen had offered dealers for awhile on this particular model. 2) having a documented really good price from another dealer who wasn’t a Coachmen dealer but who had bought out a bankrupt dealer’s inventory (this dealer left a very bad taste in our mouth so as much as we liked the coach we wouldn’t risk buying from him) 3) having the unit available through www.rvdirect.com for a similar price (although as new MH owners we had no intention of buying without working with a sticks-n-bricks dealer) 4) Howard’s already had the coach almost identical to what we wanted on order for their lot.

We had a great salesman by the name of Eric Jenkins who was always honest and upfront with us about what he knew and what he didn’t and went out of his way to get every question answered and pay close attention to what was important to us.

Of course, having Ken’s brother Michael with 4 decades of experience with Coachmen has been very helpful as well since when we have questions he can usually answer himself or has the contacts to get answers, sometimes all the way back to the factory. There’s a lot to learn and understand but between our online friends, family, Howard’s RV and Coachmen, we’ve quickly become comfortable in the care and feeding of our new ‘Baby’. In fact, that’s her name, ‘Baby’, partly because its been for us like bringing home that first new baby with so many new things to learn. The other reason is that the name ‘Baby’ was an ironic play on how we’d started out looking at 19’ little Sprinter class ‘C’s and ended up buying a 38’ Diesel Pusher!