Special Thanks!
You guys are awesome!
Our team would not be successful with out our sponsors or our schools. Along with thanking our sponsors, we would like to thank a few individuals.


The Smith Family Foundation covered our registration fee!


John D. O' Bryant School of Math and Science provided mentors, a place to work and a mess load of students.

Boston Latin Academy provided Sam and Andy q=].

 Wentworth Institute of Technology provided several geniuses as our mentors.


Evan helped finalize the shirt design, and helped with the whole PSD mess.

Thao Ha helped start the website and helped with the whole PSD mess. 

Gina, just like Evan and Thao, Gina also helped with the whole PSD mess.

Davin Surin, our beloved photographer, also helped to solve that PSD mess and took a few excellent photos for Frequency 2043.

Emma Rhodes, suggested using google pages to create a website and she sent us to Vinny for shirts.

Vincent Prezioso, of Prezioso Screen Printing, needed the shirt design in PSD format,  LOL, and single-handedly created all the team shirts.