This page currently has seven slideshows:
The first one shows the opening of the new shop in 2011 at Willetts Heath on the old garage site.
One shows the work on redeveloping Shortfield Garage site to provide the new home for the shop and nine terraced houses.  The third
slideshow has an assortment of pictures showing the transition of the shop/PO from its position in the old butcher's shop to its current location in a portacabin.  The fourth shows the Cabin being craned out for its journey to its new home in Somerset.
The other three have a sele
ction of pictures from the 2006, 2007 and 2008 Scarecrow Festivals. 

Garage redevelopment

Move to Portacabin

Farewell to the Cabin

Scarecrow Festival 2008

Scarecrow Festival 2007

Scarecrow Festival 2006