WiF FE with Vassal

Vassal is a Java-based program that allows you to play World in Flames online with your friends. To use that, you need a minimum of 2 things the Vassal Game Engine and the Gamebox, plus optionally a saved game for starting new games (the latter will save you countless hours of force pool creation and fleet setup).

Vassal Game Engine

Vassal WiF FE Gamebox

  • The main Gamebox is Ken Griffiths' World in Flames Gamebox version 6.30, and it is here (direct link) (October 2010). 
  • Juan Carlos Rodriguez's World in Flames Gamebox version 6.39 (build upon Ken Griffiths' World in Flames Gamebox version 6.30) is here, along with his notes about the developpment (October 2011). 
  • Paul Derynck's World in Flames Gamebox version 7.00 (built upon  Ken Griffiths' World in Flames Gamebox version 6.30 independently from Juan's) is here (April 2011). Here are Paul's notes.
  • Craig Walters' WiF FE gamebox is available here.

Vassal Extensions

I've made up an extension, not wanting to start an independent gamebox from Ken's, to add a couple of features. It is available here. This extention adds :
  • Extra task force counters : Asiatic, TF-38, TF-61 (US extra task forces), Pacific, Force K (CW extra task forces), Baltic Sea, Black Sea, Pacific (USSR extra task forces), Pacifique (France extra task forces), Southern, China (Japan extra task forces), High Seas (Germany extra task forces).
  • A new expanded task force display.
  • New 2d10 attack counters
I've made up an extention that is available here for KiF optional counters of CS45 (not all Khaki CW counters), and another extension available here for all CW units that are changed with KiF (List here, including all the CVPs).

Important notes about Vassal extensions

The extension file must be put in a subfolder named exactly as the module you use for World in Flames with the "_ext" suffix added. The extension file should not be unzipped or decompressed in any way. It should stay as you download it, and you can use the .vmdk file extension to avoid confusing it with a zip file.
For example, the Vassal module I use for World in Flames is named "World in Flames 630.vmod" and is in the "C:\Program Files (x86)\VASSAL\WiF" folder.
So the extension "Dud.vmdx" have to be placed in the "C:\Program Files (x86)\VASSAL\WiF\World in Flames 630_ext" folder to be used.

Vassal Saved Games

Saved games helps beginning games with as few counter setup as possible.
  • Saved game file for Global War Deluxe Game which has all the force pools made, even for future years, and all the fleets already sorted out. With KiF new optionalunits added. Made by Bill Popovich (99,99%), with 0,01% improvements from me.
  • Saved game file for Barbarossa which has all the force pools made, even for future years.
  • Saved game file for Guadalcanal which has all named counters already picked up.
  • Download a document that explains how to install Vassal and the WiF FE Gamebox and how to start a game, en Français or in English.

Important note

Warning : Except for the Vassal game engine, NONE of the other 2 files are zipped, so you should not try to unzip them. Use them as you downloaded them.