World in Flames (WiF)

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Disclaimer : I do not love war, I do not want to wage war on anybody, this game represents just an intellectual and harmless contest.

World in Flames (WiF) is an Australian Design Group’s strategic level game of the Second World War. Two to seven players will manage the economics, and conduct the military operations of the major nations involved in that conflict, from 1939 to 1945, either as a member of the Axis (Germany, Italy and Japan), or as one of the Allies (China, the Commonwealth, France, the USSR and the USA). Complete campaign games of World in Flames can last more than 100 hours.

WiF can be played with Days of Decision (DoD) from Australian Design Group, to play from 1936 to 1946. The players choose their policy, sign treaties, negotiate economic agreements, garantee minor countries, declare war, etc... The game is three sided, with Democrats (Nationalist China, the Commonwealth, France and the USA) teaming up with the Communists (USSR and Communist China) against the Fascists (Germany, Italy and Japan).