About Us

Mission Statement

La Petite Ecole is a French dual-language preschool located on the Upper West Side with a focus in the visual arts. It is our mission to provide children with an enriching and secure environment in which they are free to grow, learn, and play through investigation and self-expression. We will foster our students’ love of learning and innate curiosity through hands-on activities and exploratory lessons. We will apply the visual and performing arts as a vehicle in learning other disciplines: language arts, science, world cultures, etc. Students will be engaged in individualized lessons that follow their own natural interests and inclinations, and respond to their needs and aspirations. By exposing our students to new and exciting learning experiences, we will nurture and facilitate not only their intellectual growth, but also their social and emotional development as well. It is our goal to give our students the strong academic foundation they require so that they will be more than ready to succeed in kindergarten.


We believe that early childhood education should be as experiential and exploratory as possible, which is best served through an art-based curriculum that allows for independent investigation and inquiry as well as creative self-expression. They should be given the opportunity to not only explore and discover the world around them, but also to express the feelings and emotions they have within themselves. It is these earliest years of development that are most essential to forming who they will become as an individual and prepare them for the adventures that life has to offer.