The creation of the French Association of Korat Breeders  (AFEK), according to the law of 1901 and registered in 2013, results from the will of several Korat breeders to unite their efforts to raise the awareness of this breed so endearing and create a framework allowing breeders to cooperate with the main bodies of the feline world LOOF, FFF, FIFe in order  to develop and improve his breeding in France.

     AFEK is the only Korat breeders club adherent of  FFF, Fédération Féline Française, founder member of FIFe,  International Feline Federation, which is the most important European feline federation.

       Quinn, the Korat pictured in the title pages of the site, was chosen because he symbolizes the spirit of cooperation between breeders, both at international level and between members AFEK. This Australian male, born in the cattery of Eva Krinda was hosted in Germany by Bernd Pollesche who passed him to one of the AFEK catteries  in order to contribute to the development of Korat in France. Quinn's photo is a gift of the breeder Danielle Vanbruggen. Quinn has sired for two  breeders of AFEK and this exchange illustrates the understanding that AFEK wants to promote between its members.

       France Korat gives you the essential informations on the Korat and his history. To complete the discovery of this breed, under  'News'  are reported the shows where Korats of members  of AFEK are present.

        If you want to adopt a Korat kitten, our site gives you a list of breeders AFEK and their recent litters.

        The page "The Thai heritage" explains why only the uniform blue color is allowed in Korat, thereby perpetuating the ancestral traditions of breeding of Thailand, its original country.

       The action of the AFEK to promote Korat quality breeding will be based on the objectives and methods developed by the LOOF in its

Links allowing you to see the basic documents of the AFEK:

The commitee of the Association consists of:

- Chairman: Josiane MASSART (The Korats of Senguinet)
- Treasurer: Gabriel LEMONIER (Korat Celeste)

 - Secretary: Xavier MASSART

        Kindly visit the site with a small detour to the  Korat comic strip ... to make you smile with our mascot mimics. 

French Association of Korat Breeders, AFEK, law 1901 association, déclared on 11th of September 2013 et published by the  Official Gazette of 28th of September 2013.

Registered offices : 28 impasse des BOUVREUILS 40990 Saint Paul lès Dax FRANCE.