Book Publications and Conference Papers


    University Level:

    Developing Writing Skills in French, Routledge/OU, 2006  with Dr Bernard Haezewindt, Open University

Amazon Review 5*****

Good for revision 22 January 2014 I bought this to improve my writing skills and am finding it excellent for everything. Each chapter has a usually interesting extract in French and then it explains how the subject of the chapter, for example verbs, nouns etc fit into the extract. It then has exercises to work through. The first nine chapters are on verb tenses. There are 31 chapters in all and I am about a third of the way through. So far, I haven't found anything to criticise.I have given it five stars for my purposes. I think that it is a book for revising rather than for people coming to the language as a beginner.

    Dossiers France TV, John Murray, 1995 with Peter Dyson and Valerie Styliou
of the Oxford University Language Centre


Secondary school level:

John Murray 1996


Le Tour du Calendrier
, Stanley Thornes, 1988

    French at Work, Nelson, 1986

    Conference Papers given at:

    Nanyang Technological University, National Institute of Education: Paper on 'An Andragogical Approach to Language Learning',  Singapore, May 2005

    University of Central Lancashire Conference: 'Moving forward with Language: innovative approaches to language learning' , Preston, Jan 2005   
    Centre for Information on Language Teaching Conference: 'Navigating the new landscape for Languages',  London, June 2004

    EARLI SIG 1 Symposium,  Presented paper entitled 'Do formative and summative assessments serve conflicting interests?' Gothenburg, Sweden, August 1999.

    Keynote speaker at the National Senior Examiners' Conference at the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority,  on assessment, London, November, 1998

    Language Teaching ebooks available on Amazon Kindle:

How to make the Best Use of your French-English Dictionary

Amazon Review *****

Excellent Resource for French Students February 10, 2014
I've only been studying French for a little over a year and found some exercises in this book to be a little over my head. However, it definitely helped me and I plan to go back through it as I progress in my studies. It is a valuable resource especially for students who may be unfamiliar with dictionaries in general (especially in this age of electronics!).

How to make the Best use of your German-English Dictionary

How to Improve your German when working on your own

How to Improve your French when working
on your own

How to be More Stylish in French

How to keep a Diary in French