Consultancy Experience

During my career in education I have acted as consultant and conference speaker to a variety of organisations. Some of these are listed below.

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office: 'Review of the Language Allowance Examinations of the Diplomatic Service Language Centre:

   Scoping Study, July 1998,  Graham Bishop,Sara Garcia-Peralta and Anne Stevens

   Final Report, January 2000

    External Assessor [MFL] for the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA), London 1996-1999  Consultancy to inspect three GCSE awarding bodies (Northern Examination and Assessment Board (NEAB), the Welsh Joint Examination Council (WJEC) and EdEXel (London), to monitor the implementation of the Code of Practice for the award of final grades and to advise on comparability of standards between examinations in GCSE French and German.

    Internal papers submitted to the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority used in evidence to government ministers:

                'Dictionaries relieve stress in language examinations'
                'Research into the use of bilingual dictionaries in language examinations'
                'A survey of test type in GCSE examinations'

    Independent Assessor for QCA on GCSE French Probe - a consultancy to investigate comparability issues between linear and modular GCSE French syllabuses offered by the three Awarding Bodies 2000

    Oxford University Press - consultancy to redraft and advise on the material to be included in the introductions to the French, Spanish and German Learner Dictionary series.

    Training meetings for Open University Summer School tutors teaching on the O.U. French Summer Schools at the University of Caen, Normandy. 1996 - 2007

    Peer-reviewer for the Irish Research Council for Humanities and Social Sciences, 2004.

    Keynote speaker on assessment at the National Senior Examiners' Conference at the QCA, London, November, 1998

    Conference Speaker on assessment and language teaching to the Centre for Information on Language Teaching; to the (former) Schools Examination and Assessment Council; to the  Association of Language Learners and to the National Association of Languages Advisers.

    Training meetings for written and oral examiners for the former Oxford and Cambridge Schools Examination Board.