Academic Experience

Summary of my teaching and lecturing experience:

From September 1996 - June 2008:  Lecturer in French and German in the Open University, Centre for Modern Languages as a course writer and with particular responsibility for assessment matters. 

I wrote and directed the first courses at the French Residential Summer Schools, July/August 1997, at the University of Caen, Normandy and was Principal Liaison Officer (interlocuteur privilégié)  to the Caen team. Residential Summer Schools lasted a week at Level 2 and Level 3 as part of the Second and Third year courses. In addition we provided a stand-alone (i.e. not linked to the Levels) one week course and a stand-alone Business Course, on all of which I taught or directed from 1997-2007. I also was invited onto a University of Caen assessment jury for validating a French doctoral thesis.

From 1989-1996 I was Deputy Secretary (Deputy Director) to the former Oxford and Cambridge Schools Examination Board, (a Delegacy of the University of Oxford); Servicing Officer for OCSEB's suite of Modern Language A Levels and for the Midland Examining Group's French GCSE.    In this capacity I inspected schools all over the country, in the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man and monitored the Advanced Level oral examinations conducted in French by those centres.  I inspected and authorised a College centre in Volos, Greece which wished to take our examinations.

As a member of Oxford University I taught evening classes at the Oxford University Language Centre for members of the university who were not in the Language Faculty.

I also taught A level classes at the West Oxfordshire College.

1970-1986 I taught French and German first at Bedford School (1970-1977);  then as Head of Department at the Crypt School, Gloucester (1977-1983); then as Head of Faculty at Frome College, Frome, Somerset (1983-1989).

During my time as a secondary teacher I was an A Level Chief Examiner and O Level/GCSE examiner. I designed a new syllabus at AO level entitled French for Business Studies for OCSEB, which I later expanded into a two year course when I joined the Board and achieved accreditation for it from the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority as a modular A Level entitled French for Professional Use. Some 20,000 candidates took one or both of the two examinations over a 20 year period.

1969-1970 I was attached to the Teacher Training section of Bordeaux University.

Qualifications:   1968 B.A. London (French, German and Psychology)
                       1969 Post Graduate Certificate of Education, Goldsmiths' College, London
                       1989 M.A. status, Oxford University