French Bio Bay Events

"Creating the right connections for the Franco-American Bio Pharma community"


Save the date for our holiday event on Wednesday 02 December 2015

at the Molecular Medicine Research Institute (MMRI)

in Sunnyvale between 6 and 9 PM

Help us design an original event by deciding what format you would like for this holiday mingle and peer networking with the MMRI team ( and the BioPharma Consortium (
We could do some roundrobin incubator tours, roundtables and discussions groups with topics of interest and, of course, some good food and drinks.
You decide!

Send us your suggestions, topics and ideas for the event at: or enter the discussion on our LinkedIn group ( or Facebook page (

We will document our/your progress via a participative/interactive blog on the event’s dedicated webpage:

Registration by Monday 30 November 2015 at:

In order to give you some ideas, here is a list of some of the entrepreneurial affiliates that may be present at MMRI for the event.

Amarit Biosciences
Clearlight Diagnostics
Farad Power
Flora Bioscience
Geofossil Fuels
Lundry, LLC
Translational Bioscience

Stay tuned and let’s exchange ideas!

A bientôt,
L'équipe de French Bio Bay.
"Creating the right connections for the Franco-American Bio Pharma community"



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The goal of French Bio Bay is not to create another association, but rather to gather as many Francophone and Francophile Bio Pharma affiliated as possible so as to form a strong network that can help people in an optimal way, whether they are ready to move to France, looking for business opportunities there or freshly arrived in the San Francisco Bay Area. We would also like to extend to other networks in academia, business, government, and to pertinent business partners in order to be able to refer its members to the networks that best fit their needs and make the Franco-American experience in Bio Pharma both more efficient and pleasurable.

If you are interested to learn more about French Bio Bay, join or be removed from our mailing list and/or to get more information about our events, please contact and visit us at where you can find useful links and bay area life science events. 

Any questions or suggestions, email us at 

We look forward to seeing many of you at Le Charm in November. 

L'équipe de French Bio Bay. 

"Creating the right connections for the Franco-American Bio Pharma community"