Frenchay Parent and Toddler Group

Babies and Toddlers with their Parents or Carers

are welcome to join us

Tuesday mornings


9:30 – 11:30am

Upstairs in Frenchay Village Hall

Beckspool Road

Bristol, UK

BS16 1NU



The cost is £22 per term, which is a bargain price per family.

We also offer a flexible pay as you go payment of only £2.50 per family per session.

Your subscription helps to pay for
  • Hire of the hall
  • Insurance cover – for accident or theft
  • Christmas Party/Present
  • Refreshments
  • Arts and craft activities
  • Replacement toys and equipment
Press the top buzzer and someone will answer on the intercom and buzz you in.  Please keep the main door shut at all times and question strangers who wish to come in.  This is for the safety of our children and those in the playgroup downstairs.

The Session Routine
Those who arrive first lay out the toys and put the kettle on!
9:30am FREE PLAY
10:30am someone makes up some drinks and snacks for the children and we have a DRINK, SNACK AND STORY. Volunteers are asked to read to the children or bring in a good book if they would like to. People are welcome to bring fruit to share for snack time if they wish.
11.00am PACK AWAY – every one to help please, where possible
11.15am SING SONG for all
We also ask people to help by:
  • Helping to make tea and coffee
  • Helping to organise the Christmas party
  • Reading stories
  • Making up children’s drinks
  • Washing up the cups
  • Leading the singing
  • Leading art and craft activities
Because the committee is voluntary we have to rely on everyone to help set up and pack away at sessions where possible.

Car Drivers:

Are politely asked to vacate the premises by 11.45am in order to avoid congestion with pre-school traffic.