About Frenatae


Frenatae is the graduate student organization of the University of Minnesota Department of Entomology consisting of all University of Minnesota entomology graduate students Frenatae seeks to represent the graduate student body within the Department of Entomology as well as support the development of professional skills among students, foster an environment for the exchange of scientific ideas, and create a social network for the student body. 

Where did the name Frenatae come from?

Frenatae is named after a suborder of Lepidoptera that was proposed by John H. Comstock (1849 - 1931) at the end of the 19th Century. His division was based on the way the fore and hind wings were connected, in the case of Frenatae, by a frenulum.

The legacy of Frenatae began in 1915 and was established by Professor Arthur G. Ruggles (1875 - 1947) who played a dual role both as University Professor and State Entomologist, starting at the University in 1902 as Assistant Entomologist at the State Experiment Station. Historically the club met every Monday for several decades before it was deemed more fitting to meet with less regularity, but has always been run and managed by graduate students at the University.

Current Officers (2012-2013 academic year)

President: Heather Cummins (cummi344(at)umn.edu)
Vice President:
Theresa Cira (cirax002(at)umn.edu)
Treasurer: Joe Kaser (kaser008(at)umn.edu)
Secretary: Lindsey Christianson (chri1203(at)umn.edu)
COGS Representatives: Alex Egan (egan0059(at)umn.edu), Lesley Tylczak (tylcz002(at)umn.edu)
Faculty Meeting Representative: Jessica Miller (mill0769(at)umn.edu)
Seminar Student Representative: Derek Rosenberger (rose0675(at)umn.edu)
Honey Sale Coordinator: Judy Wu (wuxxx941(at)umn.edu)
Historian/Social Media: Gretchen Wilbrandt

Past Officers (2010-2012 academic years)

President: Thelma Heidel (2010-11), Corey McQueen (2011-12)               
Vice President:
Amy Morey (2010-11), Chan Heu (2011-12)
Judy Wu(2010-11), Jessica Miller (2011-12)                   
John Beckmann & Chan Heu (2010-11), Heather Cummins & Jamison Scholer (2011-12)
COGS Representatives: Jessica Starcevich & Corey McQueen (2010-11), Sam Fahrner & Lesley Tylczak (2011-12)
Faculty Meeting Representative: Megan Carter (2010-11), Anthony Hanson (2011-12)


frenatae@umn.edu 219 Hodson Hall, 1980 Folwell Ave, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN55108