History of the Fremont Frosters
Founded in 1966

The Fremont Frosters' Cake Decorating Club was formed as a result of a tea held by the former recreation department instructor, Shirley Tidd for her students. A group of nine students decided to form a Cake Decorating Club. The City of Fremont, Department of Recreation and Leisure Services agreed to sponsor the club and provide free use of the building if the club wrote by-laws and became incorporates as a non-profit organization.

Home meetings were held from the spring of 1966 until September to write by-laws and plan club goals. The first official meeting was held in September 1966 with Billie Frederick elected as president. The club started with 9 members and currently has 20 members and 3 Honorary members. The purpose of this club is to promote the art and enjoyment of cake decorating.

Through the years, we have set a few traditions:

  • A January dinner for installation of new officers

  • A December cookie exchange with accompanying recipes

  • Secret Pal Birthday Cakes for members wishing to participate

  • Group field trips to attend other club's "Guest Nights" (the inspiration for ours during our early years)

  • We've produced ten "Guest Night" or "Day of Sharing" events where we've shared with other cake decorating enthusiasts a program, refreshments and cake displays with a theme

  • As a group we have taken tours or attended shows in the decorated food fields; and when well known instructors came to Northern California offering classes, the club sent a member to learn and then teach our membership, furthering our education.

We have engaged in community outreach programs. In the past we have decorated monthly Birthday Cakes for various Convalescent Homes and the SAVE (Shelter Against Violent Environments) homes, often members decorating the cake with the residence watching. Over many years we have also baked the birthday cakes for each child in the Rubicon Homes for battered and abused children. In May 1991, members baked and decorated cake to serve 1,000 for the Central Park USA celebration day to honor the soldiers and veterans, after Desert Storm.

We shared in the celebrating of Oakland Fairylands' 50th Anniversary in 1980; a 1981 celebration of our 15th Anniversary with a luncheon; in 1983, were featured on Evening magazine and guests on People are Talking numerous times; hosted cake decorating competition between tri-city mayors and beauty queens and have given the community a treasure of memories through our annual cake show and competition.

The HOLIDAY MAGIC IN ICING SHOW began in 1970 under the direction of the City of Fremont, Department of Recreation and Leisure Services through 1978. As early as 1972 the Fremont Frosters were helping to buy the trophies and making sugar corsages for the judges and demonstrators, etc. The Fremont Frosters did volunteer help during those years and sold cupcakes as fund raisers. The Fremont Frosters have coordinated the SHOW since 1979 with help from the Fremont Adult School 1979 - 1980; then the Fremont Fashion Center 1981 - 1983; and at the Fremont Hub since 1986. We move4d on to the New Park Mall in Newark for cake shows through the fall of 2000. The annual fall show had been a major club activity.

During shows, fund raising has included bake sales and sale of our "SWEET GRAFFITI" (sayings for cakes written by our members in 1981), Both of these publications are still available along with a couple of others. The COOKIE EXCHANGE RECIPE BOOK was written to commemorate our 25th Anniversary and is a collection of selected recipes from our 24 annual Cookie Exchanges, and our 40th Anniversary Book of recipes and tips through experience are some of our treasures..

We enjoy monthly meetings, meeting the second Monday of each month from 7-9 at Christ the King Church in Fremont, CA. Meetings consist of the usual business and of course a cake decorating or other food related demonstration by one of our members. We also have a video library for use of our active members. To capture the club's memories, Historian Books including photographs, newspaper clippings, programs, etc. have been maintained since our beginning.

We'd love to have you visit us and then maybe consider being a Fremont Froster.

Happy Decorating


Second Monday of Every Month Except Dec/Jan

at 1:00 PM

37291 Walnut Street

Newark, CA 94560

Contact us at: FremontFrosters@gmail.com

Cakes from Members

We have a broad range of skills and techniques that we love to share with one another at our meetings and events.