Wall-Ball Routine

Fremd Lacrosse

Wall-Ball Routine

You will do this routine 4 to 5 times a week.  It should take you between 15 to 30 minutes.


Do not settle for being a “good” player.  Strive to be a better player.

Championships are won by the work done when no one is looking.


Be in an athletic stance for all drills.  Your feet should never face the wall.

1.  Right to Right.  Using quick stick method.  After you master this, start adding in foot movement moving backward and forward.  Moving forward to catch and release while retreating when the ball is in the air.  30 times.

2. Left to Left. 30 times.

3. Canadian Right. 30 times.

4. Canadian Left. 30 times.

5. Right to Left then Left to Right.  Throw right handed then switch stick to other hand while changing your feet to face the opposite direction and catch with left.  Then throw left and catch right.  Repeat until you finish.  50 times.

6.  Back up to 12 yards throw the ball as hard as you can into a small target.  Right handed. 30 times.

7.  Same as 6 except with Left hand.  30 times.

8.  Throw right handed while running along the wall.  On the way back throw with your left hand while running along the wall.  Do this drill up and back the wall until you run 100 yards for both hands.