Free Lance Translations

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Helping Your Documents Reach Across International Borders


Free Lance Translations is an English/Spanish language translations company that can help your documents move across language barriers while preserving the precision of your communication.


Specializing in English/Spanish communications, Free Lance Translations can work closely with you to help drive your business into international markets with confidence and success.


Avoid the “translated sound” that makes inexperienced and non-professional translations look so obviously translated.  They make the reader feel like what they are reading is written with an accent, rather than in a style with which they feel comfortable and is easy for them to understand.


With Free Lance Translations, your documents will be translated with accuracy while making readers feel like they are reading documents that are truly written in their language.


A few of the types of documents with which Free Lance Translations works are:

Computer Software Material

Production Machinery User Manuals

Marketing Material

Audio and Video Scripts

Voice Recognition Databases

Web Pages

Assembly Manuals

Engineering Manuals


Technical Training Manuals

Presentation Visual Aids

Banking and Finance Documents

Legal and Insurance Documents