Science Fair


        My science fair topic is on what juice will freeze fastest. A couple years ago I did an experiment on freezing water, which one would freeze fastest hot or cold water? I did some research and the freezing point of most juices is 1.67 degrees Celsius. But there are different freezing points of different juices, however the sugar level in drinks effects the time it takes each to freeze because the particles are further away than the drinks with low sugar levels. Some of my juices have higher sugar levels than others, so I will find out if higher sugar level and lower sugar level drinks have different freezing points. I was really looking forward for this experiment.



Which of the five juices will freeze fastest? Apple juice, orange juice, tomato juice, lemonade, or grape fruit juice.




I think out of the five juices the tomato juice will freeze first since it is the thickest of the five juices and it has the least amount of sugar. Next I think grape fruit juice will come in second because, it isn’t as thick as tomato juice but it still doesn’t have much sugar in it. Next I think lemonade will come in third lemonade really doesn’t really have as much sugar as you would think as the two others. I think apple juice an orange juice will be very close since they both have the same amount of sugar, and their thickness is about the same. The sugar level has something to do with the freezing point because the particles are further apart then the drinks with low sugar rate.


1. Open each container at a time pour in 200 mL of juice into a measuring cup. Do to all of the juices.

2. Fill up plastic cups and then put then in the freezer.

3. Check on the juices every 5 minutes.

4. After one hour let each juice out of the freezer and see which one is more frozen.

5. None of the juices completely froze so I left the juices in the freezer for 45minutes with out checking on them and they froze solid.


·       Apple juice, Orange juice, Lemonade, Tomato juice, Grape fruit juice

·       250 mL measuring cup

·       5 plastic cups

·       Freezer

·       Stop watch



      I checked on each juice every 5 minutes to see if any of them have frozen. I also have a chart to show all my observations. My chart is on my backboard.


       None of the juices completely froze but lemonade and tomato juice was forming ice. I think this is because the sugar rate in the two drinks was lower than the other drinks. I would rate tomato juice number one since it was forming more ice than lemonade. I would rate lemonade number two since it wasn’t forming as much ice as tomato. I would rate apple juice number 3 it was colder than the other drinks but not frozen. Orange juice will come in forth because it was cold not frozen and was not as frozen as the other drinks. Grape fruit juice will be last because it was cold but no as cold as the other drinks. I was very satisfied with the experiment the result is almost as I expected I thought lemonade wouldn’t do as good as it did and I thought grapefruit juice would freeze a lot faster. The sugar level will effect the way drinks freeze because the particles are further apart.   Other people who decide to do this experiment might want some background knowledge about the experiment. The freezing points of most of almost every drink is 1.67degrees Celsius.


 I think people would want to know this because the people that produce the products might want to know what the freezing point of the juices or how long they will have it in the freezer before they can start their next batch, and also they know how what temperature to set their freezers at. People that are freezing high sugar level juices will have to wait longer for their drinks to freeze. This will effect how many drinks they can produce for sale.