Read what people have to say about their experiences with this exhilarating and, yet, gentle work!

Elita and I crossed paths in 2008 with an inspired decision to join forces and co-author, "The Smiling Mask : Truths about Postpartum Depression and Parenthood."  Having each suffered silently with Postpartum Depression after the births of our first born children, along with Tania Bird, our kindred connection was instant and transformational.  I saw this connection first with my eyes and then with my heart as we began to speak and share our truths for the greater good of mothers struggling throughout the world.  Each of us used our beliefs in Angels and God or Source to come to a place of forgiveness and begin our healing journeys. 

Angel Therapy has been an integral part of our growth and success helping others.  As a friend and business partner, I have witnessed first-hand the natural progression of Elita’s gift - beginning as student and transforming to healer. 

During our session, she was able to help me acknowledge my pain and sadness, dissolve the cords of discord and move to a place of forgiveness.  Elita, along with the guidance of the Angels, will help nurture anyone with peace and perfect love to project present and future hopes and dreams.  Past traumas, beliefs and fears will be swept away and replaced with golden light and ultimate self-acceptance.  I encourage anyone seeking guidance and nurturing to connect with Elita Paterson ~ don’t ignore your gut feeling, take the first step towards healing! 

Carla O’Reilly,
Author & Inspirational Speaker
The Smiling Mask-Truth about Postpartum Depression

I am grateful to Elita for the insightful reading, clearing and conversation.  It was gentle, empowering and caring.  I would recommend Angel Therapy to all of my friends, who are looking for love, kindness and acceptance.  Elita has a remarkable gift!

Tania Bird,
Author & Inspirational Speaker
The Smiling Mask-Truth about Postpartum Depression

*  *  *

I'm picturing angels like little invisible bumpers guiding my way.  Look, we don't just walk up to a bowling lane and throw our ball without first learning how to use the bumpers.  It would be frustrating and more importantly, no one would see what we've done.  It's the same thing in life:  If we don't enlist the help of our angels (aka "bumpers"), we're just throwing our powerful ball of energy down a lane, only for it to slide off and create suffering and frustration.  What a shame that this world wouldn't see our light.

As a woman starting a business for the first time in her life, I was filled with fear and anxiety.  After Elita's reading, I feel safe knowing that I've got an entire team of energy helping me find the right way.  I'm not alone in my venture - I have bumpers that are helping me keep my business on the right track, so indeed the world will be a better place.  And not only that, I now have tools to tap into my angels anytime I feel anxious and fearful.  What a lifelong gift!

Kelly Nordstrom,
Author, "Un-Perfect.  A not-so-graceful journey into motherhood"
Owner, Motherload Publishing Company

To have an Angel Reading with Elita is like being wrapped up in a blanket.
Her words and messages made me feel enlightened and empowered.
My tears became laughter. My sadness became light.
With Elita’s guidance, I shed that which no longer serves me.
With Ease and Grace.
Elita’s energy is vibrant and colourful.
Elita is doing what she was born to do.
Help people.
                     Enlighten people.
                                              Empower people.
                                                                        With Ease and Grace.
Thank you Elita.

Linda W.

*  *  *

The whole process was enjoyable; a wonderful relaxed lead-in to the session, beautiful and comfortable space and a great explanation about what Angel Reading is all about.  I chose the option of addressing a specific concern rather than leaving the reading open-ended.  I was in the midst of a business plan for a new venture that I was finding difficult and draining, despite a great deal of excitement and deep desire to see the project through to fruition.

Elita explained the order of the reading would be ‘What is Happening Now’ or an explanation of the current situation, then ‘What are the Obstacles’ to achieving what you seek, then ‘How to Overcome’ each of the identified obstacles, and lastly, ‘The outcome’ based on successful resolution of those obstacles. 

I found each identified area incredibly accurate with regard to my situation and each answer resonated with such truth.  I allowed questions and other correlations to come up through conversation with Elita and she was incredibly helpful in bringing all information together in a very meaningful way.  Elita was also excellent at offering viewpoints, quick methods for clearing and centering and suggestions for how to approach certain situations with grace, dignity and love.

Overall I found the entire session to be exceptionally affirming, energizing and uplifting.  I would not hesitate to see Elita again for help or guidance whenever the need arises, the session was incredibly worthwhile and helpful for me to move beyond my perceived barriers.  My sense of strength, ability and power to achieve my goals, along with some very realistic and practical approaches to my perceived difficulties all arose out of this single session with Elita.  Such a talent and gift to be able to provide the world.  Thank you Elita!!

Much love,

*  *  *
I met Elita after talking to my friend, Carla O'Reilly.  I had mentioned that I was going through a hard time after suffering a miscarriage many months earlier, and I couldn't get passed it. She suggested that I talk to her friend, Elita, who was a very loving person and offered Angel Readings. I had no idea what this was, but being a spiritual person, and believing that my little tiny baby that hadn't made it deserved to have me check this out, I emailed her immediately.
I shared my story with her, and almost right away, she emailed me back.  Her first email gave me chills. It was like I was talking to myself in the mirror. She knew exactly what I was talking about, and what I was feeling, and was instantly wanting to help me.  So, we sent messages back and forth for a little while and then we made a date to meet for my reading.
I was nervous to do this, I am not going to lie... but, the second that I met her, she gave me a hug and talked to me as if we had known each other for years.  I was so comfortable with her right from the start.
We spent an hour and half together, talking, crying, and laughing, finding out that we had more in common that I had originally thought.  She gave me a reading, and I learned that I really need to just forgive myself for my miscarriage.  Even though there was nothing that I could have done to stop it, I felt very guilty.  And she also managed to figure out that there were other
underlying issues in my life that I had to work on. 
When I left her that day I felt better than I had in months. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders and that I was ready to move on from my loss and look forward to the future.  I had a couple things in mind that I was going to do to help with the other issues in my life, as well.  She told me that at some point I would realize that I had "got it" all.  It may not be that day or the day after, or even a month after, but something would happen to show me that I was ready to move on.  And she was right. 
It was a few days later, I was talking with a friend, and it all just hit me. I did get it.  I did.  And there was a change in me. I emailed her right away to tell her of my discoveries, and she was so supportive.  She continues to check up on me, and think of me. 
Now, I'm looking forward to making changes in my life, positive changes, and I will not dwell so much on the things that I can't change.  I have Elita to thank for my progress.  She was sent to me for a reason, and that reason is clear.

Aristotle once said, “The whole is different from the sum of its parts”.  Elita has a profound understanding of the links between the body, mind, spirit and emotional-self and how all of these aspects need to be addressed as a whole, rather than individual parts. 

I would like to thank Elita for the eye opening and passionate reading.  She helped me to see the big picture by revealing what is happening now and what I was facing in terms of obstacles.  Elita has the wonderful gift of insight, and it is amazing to me that when we are not integrated we are blind to what is really going on.  Elita guided me through this healing process to understand those things that I was clearly ignoring and provided me with relaxation and empowerment tools to continue working toward being a more peaceful, and less stressful, lover-of-life.

When I find myself thinking negatively or when I have a quiet moment, I review the discussion we had during our reading and I am filled with positive thoughts and a sense of weight being lifted off my shoulders.  Elita has shared the gift of forgiveness with me and it feels great to use it!

Thank you Elita,


*  *  *

I was worried that my reading would result in new options that may confuse my already complex situation. Just the opposite happened. I walked away with a renewed sense of direction and the courage to carry on my path with focus and a more aware sense of self. I also learned that forgiveness (for myself and others) is a major key to my happiness.

Elita helped me to see my value to others and that I should nurture that gift. Her intuitive, supportive nature, and thought-provoking questions helped to guide me to a place of confidence, safety, and hope for the future.

Jay Roach, President
AdSpark Communications


I am so thankful that each of you have taken to owning your power that much more!  More importantly, you were open to hearing what your higher-self was wanting to share with you, for your highest good.