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Soul Vibrations ~ Bonnie Bogner
Working with the Angels is non-denominational, a very gentle, non-threatening and joyful way for us to find our way back to Spirit. They will happily guide us along our spiritual path, providing whatever assistance we request.  Bonnie is also the ONLY teacher of the
Angelic Awakening™ Practitioner program in the world ~ raising the vibration of the planet, one soul at a time!  Bonnie is also one of my powerful life-mentors!  I thoroughly enjoyed completing my AAP training with her, as she's dedicated to living what she teaches! 

Care From The Core
Care From the Core is a not-for-profit organization promoting health & wellness in body, mind, spirit &  emotion.  Their Mission: To provide an affordable, approachable, interactive & safe gathering place for all who come seeking wholeness & well being.  All paths return to Oneness!

Life Balance with Laurie
Life Balance with Laurie is focused on providing you with what you need to achieve balance in your life. What does balance mean to you?  This is different for everyone.  But it is the same for everyone, if our life is out of balance, we do not feel our best. We can help you find relief that you have been searching for.  Our approach is a natural approach.  We believe our bodies are designed to heal them selves.  We only provide aids to help our bodies to do just that.

Institute of Heartmath: Empowering Heart-Based Living
The mission of the Institute of HeartMath is to help establish heart-based living and global coherence by inspiring people to connect with the intelligence and guidance of their own hearts.  Pay particular attention to The State of Ease pdf available free to download,  found in the middle of the site!