Let's begin!

You and I will gather for an awakening experience, in a safe and comfy setting, full of exploration and intuitive insights!

The session will evolve as we invite your spiritual self to provide gentle, focused, and thought-provoking guidance through a variety of tools such as Angel and Power Animal cards and pendulums.  NOTE: You may have your own understanding and connection of angels, spirit guides, and God...simply treat yourself by allowing the accepting and forgiving guidance.

You will be empowered to share and use your own revelations and gifts ~ your intuition; your powerful state of being, your very own guidance system!  With such heart-full action, you will energize yourself so that you may live more of the life you desire...



These sessions provide the space and tools to eloquently release beliefs and thought patterns that no longer serve your highest good. 

You will know when you have a release or shift when you receive tingles, or a shudder, or goosebumps, or start tearing up, or feel a sense of relief!  After...you will feel relaxed, calm, and more apt to laugh.  You'll simply be at ease and be more open to the opportunities surrounding you!

I promise you will laugh, sigh and maybe even cry, and each time we connect, you will be reminded that none of us is alone!  In fact, we're surrounded abundantly, beyond all our understanding!

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