About Elita

You will be joining me in a safe and comfy space (my home or yours) where you may freely open yourself to cooperative relationships and opportunities that surround you...always!   

I would say I am many things ~ an Awakening Practitioner, an Intuitive, a published Author, an Inspirational Speaker, a Wife to a man with one of the biggest hearts EVER, a longstanding Employee of the University of Regina, a Mom to a super loving, creative and inspiring little Girl, and a Woman who is surrounded by phenomenal family and friends!

For all of this goodness...it took an o
ut-of-the-box perspective, on life, to propel me out of my darkest time!  Now, I want to provide the same loving, accepting and forgiving techniques that took me to my next level of living...for you! 

My passion remains to help elevate and cheer-lead people to their super-power and fabulous-ness!  For me, life is not about perfection, but connection.  Life is about being as honest as we can, aware of our surroundings (inside and out), life-loving and comfortable so that we may truly feel fulfilled and grateful with our life choices; guilt-free!

I also want to share my gifts with you so that you may live more of yours or find it in the first place!  Here's to creating a connection with each and every one of you so you may do the same for yourself.  Our spirit represents the highest potential of love on earth!

Let's continue to learn from good times so we may
move forward, healthily and happily, with great speed and enthusiasm! 

* * *

I was also a member of The Smiling Mask Team that has written and speaks about the hope
and healing surrounding Postpartum Anxiety and Depression! 
To learn more, please visit www.thesmilingmask.comOur team is also the recipient of the "2010 YWCA Women of
Distinction" award in the "Circle of Friends" category ~ an absolute victory for all Moms and their families as the awareness and support is growing!  The team, along with Dr. Angela Bowen, Project Manager of the SK Maternal Mental Health working group, are also making strides within our province so that every pregnant and postpartum mother receives screening and the appropriate support and treatment!  Here's to history in the making for our province and Canada!

* * *

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