Ge Digital Camera Repair

    digital camera
  • A camera that records and stores digital images
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ge digital camera repair ge digital camera repair - 2 x
2 x Vikuiti CV8 Screen Protector for General Imaging GE E1486TW, 100% fits, high adhesiveness, ultra clear, scratch-resistant
2 x Vikuiti CV8 Screen Protector for General Imaging GE E1486TW, 100% fits, high adhesiveness, ultra clear, scratch-resistant
You will receive 2 high quality Vikuiti CV8 SCREEN PROTECTORS by 3M. Bubble free installation guaranteed ! This protector 100% fits and is exact with regards to the shape !
Bubble free installation guaranteed! Anyone can manage a bubble free installation.
Any air bubbles visible upon installation (not embedded dust) will disappear within 24 hours without further action. And of course, the film is completely removable.
High transparency, therefore hardly visible (ultra clear).
Effective scratch protection, very durable.
During 3M testing, no scratches were visible after 5,000 strokes using steel wool with pressure applied. Other protective shipping film, as offered from other sellers, were scratched after undergoing the first test cycle. That's why others will provide you with 14 or more protective films as constant replacements.
Every type is custom made (no uniform sizes).
Repairs scratched surfaces.
Fine scratches (up to 12┬Ám) on your display disappear with the Vikuiti CV8 by means of a special adhesive. The adhesive enters into the ridges, making them invisible.
Detailed, illustrated and easily coherent instructions.
2 Vikuiti SCREEN PROTECTORS in original packaging (For gadgets with multiple displays you will receive 2 screen protectors for each display.)
Vikuiti and the Vikuiti eye are trademarks of 3M. Trademark use with written authorization by 3M. License number: DE27154

Glenn Gregory - Heaven 17 - Manchester Pride 2010
Glenn Gregory - Heaven 17 - Manchester Pride 2010
Ge digital camera (Damned Sony is being repaired / replaced - not had it back yet!)