Free Yamaha Blaster Repair Manual

    yamaha blaster
  • The Yamaha Blaster is a 200cc air-cooled single cylinder two-stroke all-terrain vehicle produced as an entry-level machine manufactured in Japan and sold in the United States from 1988 to 2006. Because of the Blaster's initial low price tag, it sold in large numbers for many years.
    repair manual
  • A book which details the procedure for repairing one or more components of a vehicle. Compare Service manual.
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free yamaha blaster repair manual free yamaha blaster repair manual - 88-06 YAMAHA
Corrosion resistant surface treatment to prevent corrosion and pitting over long term use or storage. This will add to the life as well the strength of the assembly. Top end of rod is bushed for oil retention and eliminates pin galling. The bottom end rod bores are case hardened to 58-62 RC to optimize bearing running surface. The crank pin bearings are manufactured from the highest quality, hot rolled steel case hardened to 58-62 RC to extend the lifetime of the assembly. Caged needle roller bearings to provide the highest possible RPM.

Yamaha Blaster Clarke | IMS Gas Fuel Tank
Yamaha Blaster Clarke | IMS Gas Fuel Tank
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Yamaha Blaster
Yamaha Blaster
2001 Yamaha Blaster with a 3mm stroker, 6 speed, bored to 68 mm, super fast and super light. Beats Banshees and Raptors all day.
free yamaha blaster repair manual
12 American Star Yamaha Banshee, Yamaha Blaster A-Arm Bushings, Replaces Yamaha OEM Part #90381-15088-00
American Star 100% Liquid Delron Injected, Self Lubricating Yamaha A-Arm Bushing's Includes One Full Set of Bushings to Fit All Four A-Arms This Replaces Original Yamaha OEM Part Number 90381-15088-00. These Bushings Fit The Following Yamaha ATV Sport Quads: Raptor 125, Blaster 200, Raptor 250, Banshee 350, YFZ450, YFZ450X, YFZ450R, Raptor 660 and Raptor 700. Your Kit Will Contain: 12 Precision American Star 100% Liquid Delron Injected A-Arm Bushings. These Liquid Precision Mold Injected bushings are superior to other companies machined Delron, Delrin and Nylatron Polymide Bushings. The tolerances on our bushings NEVER vary. They are always exactly the same! Machined bushings are subject to both machine and setup errors. Measure a machined bushing and you will find that none of them are exactly the same. Additionally most other bushings are a mixture of the main material and lower grade plastics. Our Bushings are 100% Delron and we never sacrifice quality to make an extra buck! Over the last 10 years we have sold over One Million of these bushings and never had one come back. This product speaks for itself!