Free White Noise: Links
Links to other web sites that you may find interesting or useful

Since I started this project, I have been able to find a few more sites on the Internet that offer free white noise sounds.  These are some of the best that I have found. offers 30-second, loopable samples of white, pink, and brown/red noise, as well as a 60-minute, non-looping recording of a thunderstorm.  The thunderstorm recording is quite beautiful.

Canton Becker has some longer (i.e. 30- to 35-minute), synthesized white noise MP3s available for download. has a variety of short recordings of a water tap, vacuum cleaner, and hair dryer available.  Before I started making my own recordings, this was actually the only site I was able to find with free white noise sounds that could be downloaded, and it was quite a big help.