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After our pediatrician informed us that our baby has colic, she recommended a few methods that we could use to help settle him.  One was to carry him around in a Snugli or sling; the gentle rocking motion, close proximity to his parent's heartbeat, and the way he is tightly wrapped up creates an environment similar to that found in the womb.  So we did indeed get both a Snugli and a sling, and they definitely work; in fact, I am now firmly convinced that the sling is one of the greatest inventions of all time.

The other suggestion that our pediatrician made was to use white noise to help settle our baby - run the clothes dryer, dishwasher, a vacuum cleaner, a hair dryer, and other things of that sort.  I thought this was an interesting idea, but I didn't really feel like running appliances every time I wanted to get our baby to settle.  But I thought a CD of white noise that I could play anywhere at anytime might be worth having, so I began searching on the internet for free sound files of white noise.  I found some, but not nearly as many as I was hoping for - it seems that a lot of sites sell CDs of white noise, but not very many have free files for people to download.

This little site will be my own way of trying to rectify that.  What you will find here will be sound files that I have recorded myself, and I will make them freely available for anyone to download.  Whether you use them to help soothe your own colicky baby,or simply to relax yourself, I hope they end up being useful to you.  Whatever the case may be, I would greatly appreciate your comments; please drop me a line at

Update: August 2009

For the first time in well over a year, there are actually some new sounds up!  Head on over to the Sounds page to hear my recordings of eggs boiling and a rain storm (recorded from inside my car, rather than from my front porch).  Also, each file now has its own mirror (i.e. exact copy) hosted by Mediafire, just in case the files hosted by Google Page Creator are ever unavailable.  As always, you can subscribe to the Free White Noise blog in order to be informed of new additions to the site as they happen.

Update: February 2009

I've been doing some minor tweaking to a few things on the site.  The biggest change is the addition of a Help page, which attempts to answer some of the questions that I have been asked.  Hopefully this will make the site at least a little more useful.

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