Golf Lessons

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is a funny thing; you either love it or you hate it. For me, well... I love to hate it (if you get my meaning) but with some dedication and a little discipline we can all aim to improve our game and (grinning) learn to love to hate it less.

On this page, I have assembled some cool Tips, Tricks and Resources that I hope you will find useful and interesting.

For starters, up here on the right, you will find daily quotes from Tiger Woods. Next, and immediately below this section, is a video Golf Lesson of the Day, followed by 12 insightful lessons on how to swing the golf club, plus another 52 general golf lessons for beginners. And finally, a free Golf Handicap and Score Keeper
(I use it myself) website, to help you keep track of it all.

PS: My favourite course in Manitoba is Scotswood Links in Elm Creek. Check it out if you get down this way.

See you on the links!

Golf Lesson of the Day

by Doug Jobes

A short, free golf instruction video every day.

Golf tips cover driving, putting, bunkers, trouble shots, the short game, fixing the golf swing, hitting draws and fades, and much more.

Taught by golf pro Bobby Eldridge, Head Professional at PurePoint Golf Academy.

Free Golf Lessons from: 
An End to Trial & Error Golf - by Leslie King

There are another 52 free golf lessons for beginners available here from

Handicap Tracker & Score Keeper

Click on REGISTER to get started; you will be asked to provide your email address and to create a UserName and Password.

"The NCG's Golf Handicap Tracker aims to give you more insight into your golf game and increased enjoyment of the game. It is a FREE analysis service that gives you the ability to track all of your golf rounds played at ANY GOLF COURSE, ANYWHERE  provided the course has a rating and slope. It is NOT limited to just North Carolina golf courses. Best of all, the service is FREE. "


An interesting golf site with good Golf Blogs, Golfer's Forums and a really cool Virtual Golf Pro from whom you can ask questions like "how do I cure my slice" or "how do I hit an uphill shot", etc. It's like having your very own golf-pro teacher; check it out !