Do you remember when it was easy to use a computer; when you could just find what you were looking for? I guess things weren't so twisted back then but that was before evolution, before the Internet. In those days we used a modem to dial-up a friendly neighbourhood bbs (bulletin board system) and just downloaded whatever was available on that bbs; straight forward and simple. 

But that was a few decades ago. Today, humans, like mother nature, have veered off from their old ways into a more twisted but very interesting stage in their evolution. Ever put a question to your search-engine and get over a thousand answers back? Of course!

It's not so easy to get to where you want to go anymore. Which brings me to why I built this website. Why not make a web page to share some of my favourite stuff with others, to help them find a less crooked way to get to where they want to go, and to help them discover new stuff to do and new places to explore?

My main criteria for selecting items to feature on this site are that they have to be useful, interesting or cool and they must also be free to use or download, as well as free from twisted adware or viruses!

Compiled on the following pages you will find all kinds of goodies, such as free programs for your PC, cool websites to visit, Web TV information, free computer classes, music lessons and much more; all just a few clicks away.

There's a whole world of discoveries waiting for us on the Internet Highway; let's explore it together. 

Finally, I would really appreciate your comments and suggestions, as well as links to new stuff, if you have something special you would like to share with others.  :-) 

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Thanks for your visit.

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