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Free Web Ed 
brings learners & educators
together in a global audio-video classroom.  
If you have access to a mobile phone (cell phone)
you can begin learning now!
On YouTube EDU, you have access to a 
broad set of free educational videos 
that range from academic lectures 
to inspirational speeches & 
everything in between.
Along with the extensive libraries of 
free Ebooks and downloadable 
Audio books ( mp3 ) this creates your personal
learning headquarters for the conscientious, 
self-motivated students of all levels.
K-12, college & university, Lifelong learning
all free for your education & reading pleasure.

Children who listen to books
Read more books.

Free language lessons in over 50 languages

Free App.

"The truth of the scholar, alone in his study,
 does not always accord with what the
 world at large considers to be true."
                  EIJI YOSHIKAWA, Musashi
 Begin where you feel comfortable
with the material then,
Come here for quick lessons 
from the top teachers from
around the world, course 
lectures from top-tier universities, 
or inspiring videos to spark 
your imagination. Discovery
education videos.  Free
educational videos for kids.
Audio books for bus rides to / from school,
to cover reading assignments (book reports).
Supplemental studdy, or introductory study for
those circumstances where you only can see an
instructor / teacher briefly, once in awhile.

You will read a book faster if you 
listen to the book while reading it !

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Free Trial Periods:    2 weeks then  $17 USD/mos     30 days             $12.99/mos           30 days             $14.95/mos

All levels of instruction here, plus
direct link to the famous
Khan Academy plus many others! 
Educational videos online Free.
Learn what you need or want for free !

Need to know word count for an assignment ?

Try this free,web based (you will need to 

copy & paste your work in e.g. notepad/wordpad or

email it to yourself to save your work) text

editor with word/paragraph as you create count !

copy and paste this in your address bar

& hit enter.

To improve your learning experience
Read or listen to E-Z downloadable
materials to fit your lifestyle !

note:  In the USA you are only allowed
to select your instructor 
when in college/university ?
At Free Web Ed you always can 
do this !

All mobile device users,
Computer,Smartphone,Tablet,E Reader,
Loss of Sleep = Loss of Overall Health,Growth !
Free Apps
(free software that warms up your computer display at night,
 to match your indoor lighting.


When you are Ready Free study for 
and take the test for Your.

School Bus Trackers (GPS+SMS)
Here Comes the Bus 
MYHOMEWORK Student Planner
Level Money
My Study Life
Photo Math
Google Keep
Office Lens

A you have to do is copy an paste the 
following addresses one at a time
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browser window which begins with
 example http://www.

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Child epub books age >3 yrs thru teen/ young adult.
2 FREE epub books here for ages 4 yrs. to 9 yrs.

Kids devour Technology. 
Now they can create it.
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Super Mall US
Cinema 3 !
"Truth, like football,
 receive many kicks 
before reaching goal."
                       CHARLIE CHAN,
                      Charlie Chan at the Olympics (1937)
Kindly Note:

More people now have more Cellphones/
Smartphones than have clean water !

Free App

Maybe your situation requires travelling

a lengthy distance for Internet access ?

In that case,

the basic configuration for you

Is to use a Cellphone (Mobile)

 with a Micro SD Card in it. 

The person managing the

Internet Location where you go

should be able to assist & demonstrate

for you how to get

the Class (classes) you desire on

Your Phone to learn back at your home.

more people have cellphones/smartphones
now than have toothbrushes !

I personally recommend & use

YTD (You Tube Downloader)

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* Mind your plastic *
In 2054 there will be more plastic in 
the seas than fish !