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Movie Title :Jesus in India

A former Fundamentalist from Texas is ousted from his church for asking unwelcome questions about the "missing years" of Jesus the years from 12 to 30 unaccounted for in the Bible. The Texan, author Edward T. Martin, undertakes a seeker's question across 4,000 miles of India in search of evidence and answers about where Jesus was during those "Lost Years." An impressive array of Religious scholars and authorities weighs in, developing the cases for and against the theory of Jesus having traveled extensively in India. Written by Paul Davids

Year : 2008

Genres : Documentary History

Rating [imdb] : 6.50

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Actors : Yitzchok Adlerstein=Professor of Jewish Law Loyola Law School (as Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein) Ramesh Bajpai=Himself - Surgeon Corrado Balducci=Himself - Apostolic Nuncio of the Vatican Chidananda=Himself - Self-Realization Fellowship of monks Brother Chidananda=Brother Chidananda The Dalai Lama=Himself - His Holiness the 4th Dalai Lama James Deardorff=Himself - Author of Problems of New Testament Gospel Origins Daniel Entin=Daniel Entin Elvis Fisher=Himself - Preacher, Texas Church of Christ Lampasas Paul R. Fleischman=Himself - M.D. Michael Hesemann=Himself - Vatican Accredited Journalist Dusseldorf - Germany Aziz Kashmiri=Himself - Newspaper Editor, Srinagar Arif Khan=Arif Khan Edward T. Martin=Himself - Author Alan C. Mitchell=Alan C. Mitchell Alan Mitchell=Himself - Georgetown University Dept. of Theology Suzanne Olsson=Herself - Author, "Jesus in Kashmir - The Lost Tomb" Elaine Pagels=Herself - Princeton University, Dept. of Religion H.H. The Shankaracharya=H. H. The Shankaracharya Shankararcharya=Himself - Shankararcharya, Jagannath Mandir

Directors : Paul Davids

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