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Movie Title :Birdman of Alcatraz

As an inmate at Leavenworth prison, Robert Stroud has a series of confrontations with the guards and with the other convicts. When Stroud kills a guard, he is sentenced to be executed, and only his mother's impassioned intervention gets his sentence commuted to life imprisonment, which he must serve in solitary confinement. As he serves out his sentence in boredom and despair, one day he finds a helpless baby sparrow in the exercise yard. Stroud soon takes a deep interest in caring for birds, which gives him a new purpose in life, but which also brings new conflicts with prison authorities.

Year : 1962

Genres : Drama Biography

Rating [imdb] : 7.90

now the world will know the story of the most defiant man alive! Inside the rock called Alcatraz they tried to chain a volcano they called "The Bird Man"!

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Actors : Burt Lancaster=Robert Franklin Stroud Karl Malden=Harvey Shoemaker Thelma Ritter=Elizabeth Stroud Neville Brand=Bull Ransom Betty Field=Stella Johnson Telly Savalas=Feto Gomez Edmond O'Brien=Thomas E. 'Tom' Gaddis Hugh Marlowe=Roy Comstock Whit Bissell=Dr. Ellis Crahan Denton=Kramer James Westerfield=Jess Younger Robert Bailey=Reporter on Dock (uncredited) Nicky Blair=Inmate (uncredited) John Burnside=Captain of Marines (uncredited) Robert Burton=Sen. Ham Lewis (uncredited) Mushy Callahan=Inmate (uncredited) Jimmy Casino=Inmate (uncredited) James Cavanaugh=Guard (uncredited) Lewis Charles=Chaplain Wentzel (uncredited) Noble 'Kid' Chissel=Inmate (uncredited)

Directors : John Frankenheimer

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