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The Vegan Diet is one of the healthiest diets available. To help you keep up a vegan Diet check out our top Vegan Recipes Website!

This site contains hundreds of Vegan Recipes and Alternative Vegan Foods to keep your diet Interesting! 

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Being Vegan is often viewed as boring and unadventurous.  However I would  like to set the record straight on this once and for all!  By using vegan recipes such as those on My Vegan Planet you can sample thousands of tasty meat free dishes.  Not only that but it is incredibly easy to mimic the majority of modern day meat and dairy meals with common vegan  ingredients.  This is perfect for new vegans who are missing their old diets!

By choosing a vegan diet you will find yourself becoming much healthier.  The great news is that as well as being healthy you will not have to give up on a varied diet.  With some top Vegan Recipes on My Vegan Planet you will be able to find a huge number of free vegan recipes from different countries around the world!

If you are looking to advertise your own vegan website or search for other vegan websites feel free to browse our free Vegan Directory, which contains a growing number of Vegan Recipe and Vegan Advice Websites!

If you are looking to expand your knowledge of Vegan Recipes then this free vegan recipe database will provide you with a huge number of vegan recipes absolutely free.  If you are an amateur Vegan looking to replace those old meat cravings or an experienced vegan wanting to increase their vegan recipe repertoire My Vegan Planet will help you find the recipes you need!

My Vegan Planet specializes in international vegan recipes so whether you are looking for vegan foods or alternative meals from Mexico, Italy or even England you can find a huge selection of international vegan recipes at My Vegan Planet!

If you are looking for advice on becoming vegan or living as a vegan My Vegan Planet hosts a large amount of Vegan Dietary advice.  So whether you wish to improve your health or just keep up a healthy vegan diet My Vegan Planet will provide you with the basics that you need to lead a healthy vegan lifestyle!

If you are looking to find free vegan recipes then you can find them on My Vegan Planet, an amazing vegan recipe website which hosts a huge number of free vegan recipes as well as raw recipes from around the world!