Free HD TV (and standard def too!)

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Sick of paying the likes of Cogeco and Videotron thousands a year for TV? Don't watch much sports and fine with getting premium TMN type series on via TV on DVD or iTunes?

In many parts of Canada you can get free HDTV from over the air (OTA) digital tv (DTV). It's what they've been running ads about lately regarding the digital conversion but they won't tell you that what you'll get is in HD for free nor that the HD is actually a better quality than what you'll get from cable/sat since it isn't compressed.

You'll get most/all of the major networks but not the niche cable channels - but there are a number of cable style channels on digital TV sub-channels if you live within reception of the American stations (PBS has two for example and there are others ranging from lifestyle to retro TV)

You can even get PVRs equipped for OTA DTV and if you don't have an HDTV you can still use one of these PVRs or a converter box to view on your standard def TVs.

Click here to check to see what channels it's possible for you to receive based on your postal code

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Free Phone Too!
Yes it is possible to get free phone service in many parts of Canada - offers free VOIP service from your PC including a local phone number. If Free Phone Line doesn't meet your needs many use as a cheap alternative.
Live News?

It's around even without cable. You can listen to a live audio stream of CNN by clicking right here and download the free Livestation app to watch live the BBC world News channel

Cheap internet?
Internet resellers like and sell internet and phone service at a MUCH cheaper rate than the big boys

Click here to read reviews on them all from DSL Reports
(look for the ones with the Canadian flag)