PERAK - A Land Paved With Tin





Brief Background


Perak is noted for its abundance of tin, making it the richest tin mining state in Malaysia. Apart from its many tourist attractions it is also a major fruit growing region producing durians, pomelos, mangosteen, mangoes and guava. Malaysia’s first railway was started in this state and Taiping, the previous state capital is one of the oldest towns in Malaysia.


Places of Interest


Ipoh is the capital of Perak. Originally an obscure village, the town that tin built, has become one of the largest cities in Malaysia. Ipoh reflects the overall progress and development that the state is experiencing. To many Malaysians, Ipoh offers the most delicious hawker food available, particularly what is now known nationwide as “Ipoh Chicken Rice”.


Cave Temples are many in Perak. There are about 400 cave temples in the Perak with the majority within the huge limestone around Ipoh. Among the famous caves are Perak Tong, Kek Long Tong and SamPohTong.


GuaTempurung is an interpretative cave situated near Gopeng. It is a river cave where the communists used it as a hideout. The remains of iron grilles can still be seen at the cave entrances.


KualaKangsar is the royal town of Perak. It lies north-west of Ipoh. Besides the royal buildings, the tourist can find tow of the first three rubber trees planted in Malaysia still standing in the grounds of the district office near the Agricultural Department.


Ubudiah Mosque is located at BukitChandan, KualaKangsar and is reputed to be one of the most beautiful mosques in Malaysia, a symbol of pride and faith for all Muslims in Perak. The mosque’s magnificent golden dome and minarets are testimony to the beauty of Islamic architecture.


PangkorIsland remains unspoilt and can be reached by ferry in half an hour from Lumut, a seaport and naval base, 88 km southwest of Ipoh and easily accessible by road.  PangkorIsland has beautiful beaches, evergreen forests and fishing villages. EmeraldBay is especially favored for scuba diving and deep sea fishing.


BukitLarut is Malaysia’s oldest hill resort and is located on BukitLarut (formerly known as MaxwellHill) on the outskirts of Taiping. Situated at an altitude of 1034 m, it is accessible by four wheel drive. The way up twists and turns through tropical virgin jungle, the fresh green fragrance and cool air greeting the visitor on the ascent. The summit allows a spectacular view of the West Coast of Peninsular. Visitors can stay at the bungalows located at the top of the hill.


BelumRoyalPark is situated along the East-West Highway linking west coast states and the east coast states of Peninsular Malaysia. It is a virgin jungle with great diversity of fauna and flora. Access to the remote part of the jungle is by boats on the BandingLake. There are resorts in and around the BandingLake.


Sourced : Tourism Malaysia