PENANG - The Pearl of The Orient




Brief Background

Penang State consists of PenangIsland and SeberangPerai. PenangIsland is known locally as Pulau Pinang, is the northern gateway to Malaysia. The capital is Georgetown and apart from its appealing beaches, there is a lot to see and do in Penang. The food is wonderful, the shopping is delightful and the sights are charmingly unique.


Places of Interest


PenangBridge links PenangIsland to the mainland and is the third longest in the world. Measuring 13.5 km in length, the bridge has a life-span of 400 years and can stand an earthquake as strong as 7.5 on the Richter Scale. PenangBridge is now under renovation to expand to 3 lanes on both sides. A second bridge linking PenangIsland and the mainland is under construction.


Penang Hill with its highest peak at 830 meters has a magnificent panorama of sky, sea, beaches, junks, fishing boats and steamers can be seen spread out below. A funicular train takes visitors up to the hill from Air Itam. Upon the hill, the temperature can sometimes drops to 18 degrees, a welcome change from the temperature below. It is also a place to see Nepenthes spp. along the Summit Road at Penang Hill.


Botanical Gardens cover more than 30 hectares off Waterfall Road, is among the finest in the country. The collection of flowering plants and trees set in a valley surrounded by hills and the freely roaming Long-tailed macaques and the shy Dusky leaf monkeys make it an extremely pleasant place to visit.


Penang National Park formerly known as Pantai Acheh Forest Reserve was declared a national park on 4th April 2003. Located at the north-western corner of Penang Island stands the last wilderness and nature heritage of Penang, covering an area of about 2562 ha. It is the most remote part of the state. Its ecosystem consists mainly of tropical lowland forest with coastal features. Be it beaches, hills, forest trails or even lake, it offers big biodiversity as a national park.

FortCornwallis is the place where Captain FrancisLight first landed on the island in 1786. Originally a wooden fortress, it was later erected in stone by convict labour in 1804-5. There is currently an open-air amphitheatre inside the fort.


KhooKongsi is located at LebuhCannon. It is the most picturesque clan house in Penang. It is a magnificent building with intricate carvings on its pillars and roof created by master craftsmen from China. The beams are made from the finest wood and are richly ornamented.


KekLokSiTemple is located in Air Itam. It is reputed to be one of the most beautiful and largest Buddhist temple complexes in South East Asia. The seven storey pagoda standing at 30 m tall is a mixture of Chinese, Thai and Burmese architecture and craftsmanship. The octagonal base is typically Chinese, the middle tiers Thai and the spiral dome Burmese.


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