PAHANG - Mother Nature at Her Best




Brief Background


Pahang is the largest state in Peninsular Malaysia. With an area of 35,960 sq km, Pahang has vast tracts of rain forests and part of these forms the National Park. On the coast, the scenery as well as the mode of life is similar to that of Kelantan and Trengganu. Fishing and village handicraft are maintained and Pahang’s specialty is songket, the distinctive Malaysian brocade. From the old days, Pahang was famous for songket and the skill has been passed from generation to generation to the present day.


Places of Interest


Kuantan, the capital is a colorful, bustling coastal town mid-way between Singapore and Kota Bharu. Kuantan has excellent hotels and restaurants and a very colorful fish market with newly landed catches of fish, prawns, squid and other varieties fresh from the South China Sea.


TelukChempedak is a delightful beach confronting the South China Sea majestically and is excellent for activities such as sailing, surfing, skiing and sunbathing. Only five kilometers from Kuantan, there are several world class hotels.


Cherating is where the Asia’s first Club Med is located although only a small part of the beach is administered by the world famous Club. Situated only 47 km from Kuantan, its unique feature is the rustic atmosphere and the warm hospitality of the village folk.


PulauTioman is a well known island of 39 km long and 19 km wide. It can be reached by a 3-hour boat from Mersing or direct flights form Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Covered with jungle and quite mountainous, Tioman is still idyllic with waters so clear that you see coral when you swim there. The reef make it ideal for snorkeling and watching tropical fish in their natural habitat.


TasikChini (LakeChini) is approximately 100 km from Kuantan. It is well known for its myths of an ancient Khmer city that once existed and mythical monsters that lurk in the deep waters. Several expeditions have been mounted by local and foreign archeologists alike, but for the ordinary visitor, LakeChini has a number of chalets and camping spots.


CameronHighlands has cool climate and makes it an excellent area for agricultural produce, particularly vegetables and tea growing. There is also a golf course. Accommodation facilities include old English country inn styled hotels, chalets and Government resthouses.


Fraser’s Hill provides visitors with cool mountain air, an abudndance of luxuriant vegetation, peace and tranquility. Places of interest include the Jeriau waterfalls, a pleasant golf course and other jungle trekking trails. Fraser’s Hill is 104 km from Kuala Lumpur and has a range of hotels, chalets and colonial bungalows to suit one’s preferences and budget.


Genting Highlands is the most developed amongst the various mountain resorts of Pahang. It boasts of four-star hotels with a first class casino, a theatre restaurant, an artificial lake and country club complete with a golf course.


Taman Negara Kuala Tahan is in Pahang. KualaTahan is the site of Park’s headquarters. This national park is a natural park for the preservation of wildlife, plants and other natural habitat. Mountaineering enthusiasts could challenge the GunungTahan, the highest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia.


Sourced: Tourism Malaysia