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I'm a teacher in Fort Lauderdale.  In 2009 I visited Los Angeles to find out what schools were innovative and I heard about the Big Picture school called Frida Kahlo High School in LA.  I saw a web video of the D3 Lab (Dream it, Design it, Do it) at Nightingale Middle School and the innovative approach to alternative education in Highland Park High School. 

As a teacher, my responsibility is to give parents and students at my school in Florida the information they need to navigate the school system.  One way I can show them the options that they have is to tell them about what's happening in Los Angeles.   "If students in California can get individual attention with learning plans and portfolios, then why can't your child get that attention here in Florida?"  The ebook that I've compiled lists ten videos, ten websites and ten free ebooks that parents can download.  My ebook is free and I'm in LA to promote the giveaway. 

I welcome the opportunity to spend three minutes on radio programs to explain how to get the list of 10 videos, 10 ebooks and 10 websites.  Go to TransformTeaching.org and click on "FREE EBOOK 10 10 10"

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This series of videos was first presented in April 2013 at the Facultad de Lenguages Extranjeras (FLEX) -- build a portfolio and show what you have learned.