Copyright-Friendly Images

This was copied from GCT Terry's list - the people mentioned below are responsible for this great collection.

Where to Find Copyright-free Pictures (and some clipart)  on the Web:

The most comprehensive annotated list came from Nancy Sharoff. She provided an amazing collection of sites:

Also, the following from Colette Cassinelli:

Smithsonian Images

access to that incredible collection, and also allows you to use
any of them as E-Cards. 

Nations Illustrated <> has 8,000 images
from around the world, and also provides an E-Card feature. 

The University of Victoria Teaching Clipart
Gallery<>has three thousand images
specifically designed for language-teaching. 

The Royalty Free Clip Art Collection For Foreign/Second Language
Purdue University is another place to find images useful for teaching
English Language Learners. 

The Japanese Language Course Support
Site<>is a smaller, but
useful, source of language-learning images. 

Clip Art ETC <> from Florida's Educational
Technology Clearinghouse offers over 38,000 pieces of clip art for students
and teachers. 

Edupics <> is one more source of clip art for use in

I'm also adding a direct link to Darren Draper's excellent post (including
additional resources) called The Educator's Guide To The Creative

Here are some others:
From Google: Image Appropriate Sites: /  (not free, but worth looking into for your school site)