Plenty of Tools, Plenty of Ideas

Part 1 - Google stuff

* Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Forms -
    feedback and revision on writing, data collection (forms), historical sites and significance
* Google Sites -
    online collaboration and presentation
* Blogger -
    free blogs for writing, etc.
* Google Earth - (free program you can download)
    map sense, lit trips (, history (, using Panoramio pictures for asking questions
* Google Maps -
    safety online (Street View), history (
* Google SketchUp - (free program you can download)
    math and measurement, science and weather, language
* Google Books -
    literature and history (choose Full View Only for to read the book)
* iGoogle -
    teacher resource homepage
* Google Search - Advanced Search by file type -
    find a storyboard as a PDF
* Search, Learn, Share -
    this engine returns web hits, news, blog posts, images, and video with one click
* Google for Educators -
    more ideas than could fit in a Googleplex cafeteria
* YouTube -
    videos for anything - be careful! - (Hyperactive, Airport Applause, Car Commercial)

Part 2 - Other cool stuff

* Next Vista for Learning -
    saving the world from ignorance, one video at a time
* Zamzar -
    for playback without an internet connection or mashup
* Audacity -
    build podcasts to show what you've learned
* Pod Safe Audio -
    copyright-friendly music for projects (I usually go to "by music genre" on the right)
* Jamendo -
    copyright-friendly music for projects (I usually go to "by music genre" on the right)

* Partners in Rhyme -
    free sound effects amidst what they sell
* Voice Thread -
    have students build discussions that can be shared with others
* Photo Story -
    easiest-ever video creator (PC only; for Macs, use iMovie, iLife, or GarageBand)
* Creative Commons Search -
    following the law, learning about citation for reports
* CoolIris -
    visually compelling, great for vocabulary
* Tag Galaxy -
    another approach to looking at Flickr results
* Irfan View -
    adjust and convert graphics for presentations or videos, good for screen shots
* Glogster -
    bring all sorts of media together in an online poster
* Jing -
    free screen capture software (limited to five minutes)
* Wikispaces -
    collaborative web spaces for planning and projects (
* Ning -
    build your own social networking site (
* Freepath -
    collaborate on files, media, links (PC only so far)
* Fresh Brain -
    organization working to involve teachers in making online projects available to students
* Polleverywhere -
    teaching experience survey
* TinyURL - and -
    make a short version of that long URL
    make long and nasty URL's much shorter
* Urban Dictionary -
    what did they just say?

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