How To Make Your Own Custom Sound Therapy

Here's a summary of how to make your own free sound therapy.

Step 1:

Download the NCH Tone Generator (free to try).

Find a very quiet room. 

Use circumferential headphones to find the exact tone in Hz of your tinnitus.
Step 2:

Download the Audacity sound editor program (free).

Upload a song that you want to listen to.

Create a "notch" in the song by removing sounds at the frequency of your tinnitus.

Export the song as an mp3 file (you will need to download a free mp3 codec called "lame.dll"

Repeat as necessary for however many songs you want. 

Step 3:

Move your mp3 files onto a portable mp3 player or just keep them on your computer.

Listen to your custom music files for 2 hours to 1 hour a day.

Your tinnitus sound level should decrease over a 12 month period.