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Freestate Flying Club, College Park, MD

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The Freestate Flying Club is a social and flying club based at College Park Airport, in suburban Maryland. Members of the club share an airplane, as well as participate in social meetings, flying events, aviation safety and skills building, airplane systems, and the camaraderie of like-minded aviation enthusiasts.

Most of our activities revolve around our shared airplane, either as individual pilots, or in the company of other club members.

Our shared flying machine:

N9334H 1976 CESSNA 172M
  • Upgraded 160 HP engine with Powerflow Tuned Exhaust
  • True 119KTAS performance, 700+ fpm climbs at gross weight!!
  • ~800-SMOH, 6300+ TTAF
Full WAAS Capable IFR Avionics:
  • Garmin GNS 530W Nav/Com for LPV approaches!
  • STEC-20 Single-Axis Autopilot
  • KING KX-155 Nav/Com with GS
  • Wet vacuum pump (increased reliability)
Additional Aircraft Enhancements:
  • ElectroAir electronic ignition
  • EI SR-8A Engine Analyzer & Manifold Pressure: lean for 6-8gph cruise
  • FS-400 Fuel Flowmeter: safely fly to legal limits of 38 gal tanks
  • Garmin Aera GPS with an XM-satellite weather subscription for in-flight weather and radar
  • PS PMA6000MC Audio Panel
  • Fiberlite instrument lighting
  • 1/15 share of the Airplane around $3700 (increases slightly each yr). 
  • Hourly wet-rates based on Tach (not Hobbs). Varies by prevailing fuel price.
  • Monthly Dues
  • Excellent Availability - Optimized for Multi-Day XC
  • Online scheduling

For more information, fill the online form (Contact Us), or please call:
      Todd Riebel  443-745-1759