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Free Spirit Fellowship is an independent congregation based in Cranberry, PA.  Services are currently being held at the Panera Bread in Cranberry in thier VIP Room.

Our Church is a welcoming, reconciling, healing and loving gathering  of spiritual seekers where people come together with joy and hope, under the leadership and spiritual guidance of Rev. Mark A. DeNuzzio and Rev. Wayne C. Seamans . 

We seek to help people return to a spiritual life. People who have, for whatever reason found themselves at odds with their church -- whether because of divorce, remarriage, lack of ordination of women, artificial contraception, political involvement, or a lack of spiritual depth within the worship experience. We welcome any and all to our services, both those who have faith and those who have lost faith. Whether you are Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish, Wiccan or any of the many good faiths we invite you come and share your views. There is no judgment here. We strive for openness and understanding above all.

 All are welcome to fully participate, regardless of the color of one's skin, gender, marital status, sexual orientation or any other characteristics that seek to divide children of the Divine.

 We believe that it is the Destination not the Path which is important. Some of us choose to climb mountains; some to cross deserts. We walk through lush forests and traverse vast plains. Our goal is to be torchbearers; to show you these paths and help you along your way.


Now to make it easier for those who cannot physically attend our church or if you miss a week, we have an online group where we post our sermons and have conversations with the church congregation. Please feel free to visit and join our online group and be a part of our congregation!!!

We hope to see you there and hope that you will like being a part of our congregation.