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USA ( Mother Wanted ) 

2) I'd like to have more kids with someone would make a nice mom. I think
I have some decent genes to pass on, in my admittedly biased opinion).
I'm athletic, intelligent, and talented in music. I majored in
Physics. I have made four cute kids already, if you want to see what
they look like. I'd prefer to have some role in raising the child,
however small. I think I have a lot to offer. I'm very good at NI.
Hope you have a good day. vwcanter AT g mail DOT com  DEC 2014 


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I am a handsome, 45 y/o professional white male in Birmingham, Alabama. I have a superb record of health and have never had any sort of STD. 6ft 2in tall, brown hair, green eyes. College athlete, musician and writer as well.
Would love to help out a single female, lesbian couple, or hetero couple.

Located in alabama. Im a 32 male from 5'8 180 lbs brwn hair brwn . I work in the commercial and industrial heating and air field. I do have pictures apon request . Message me and i will tell u more thanks. Email me at: tgrammer31 at gmail dot com JULY 28 2012

Georgia :

1)I am a 38 year old white male 38 years old living in Atlanta.  Due to our airport this also alows me to travel the country as well as local couples in the South East.  I especiall enjoy travel to florida.  I am in excellent health with blond hair, blue eyes, five-eight and a fit body aroudn 160lbs.  I would prefer natural but will consider AI for the right couple or individual.  IF your intersted please respond to my post at  I have pictures and will be gla to provide additional info.

2) Atlanta, GA
I am interested in helping a suitable woman or couple who wants a child.  I am 6'2", have red hair, blue eyes and weigh roughly 185.  I am in shape and work out at least 3 times a week.  I am 21 and currently attend a state university where I will be graduating soon with a degree in accounting.  My sat score was 1360.  I have played many sports and I am particularly good at baseball.  I was an eagle scout as well.  I am would prefer natural insemination, but am flexible for artificial insemination.
No photo yet

3) Location: Atlanta, GA, Phoenix, AZ, or Des Moines, IA
Message: I am willing to donate 
name/nickname: steppen   April 28 2013


1)Location: Arizona

I'm a 35 year old white man, I am 5'10" 205lbs with green eyes and brown hair. I have an athletic build with strong bones. I'm healthy with no history of cancer/heart disease in my immediate family. NI preferred, AI acceptable, prefer little to no involvement after wards. Have pictures available upon request.


I'm interested  to help a conscientious woman become mother.
I can be reached at 602-200-4506(cell).
I live in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
I might be able to travel to help you at best.
I am an Italian/American White/Caucasian, 38.
I'm 6.00 feet tall
I have short dark brown hair and brown eyes.
My profile can be viewed  with picture if interested,  on:
I have no STD diseases
My e-mail is: 


4) Location: Tucson, AZ


Message: Tall, athletic, white male, 170 pounds. Brown hair and brown/hazel eyes. Infectious smile. Available for NI in southern AZ. I want to help.

fliguy72 at yahoo dot com
Im a 6ft tall, black hair, brown eyed, educated, healthy latin male living in the Phoenix metro area looking to donate. Im very well mannered, ex military, clean cut, d/d free, great smile, disposition, and very intelligent. Im looking to donate to deserving couples or single women who can provide a loving home for the child. Iam willing to be known or unknown to the child depending on your wishes but not looking to parent. Thanks
sept 20 2012


1) ( Serious Donor *fee paid* ) ( post expiration  NOV 21 2015 ) 


I am from Boulder, Colorado. I am 24 years old, 180 pounds, 6'1", very healthy and active, I'm tan, dark brown hair, blue/green eyes.I have been looking for a way to donate sperm for a while now, I am very interested in this process, I am only willing to talk about NI (Natural Insemination). I am not looking for sex, or a hookup or anything of that kind.
I honestly would love to help out a couple, male-female, or female-female, however I can. I have been very close to this process with friends of mine, and I know how it is to not be able to conceive for yourself when that is your dream. This to me would be a wonderful way to offer myself in service of someone else. I am happy to help out a lesbian couple, or heterosexual couple looking to conceive.
Thank you so much,  Jay Buchanan 

2)Location- Denver Colorado

Natural insemination donor available, no stds, disease or deformities,
No personal or family history of disease or deformity.
Eyes brown, hair brown, with dominant genes for both.
IQ 146.
Artistically  talented.
High sperm count.
No involvement with the family or child post conception is expected.
Donation can be done as anonymously as the recipient desires.

3) I am looking to donate sperms. I am a black male in Western Colorado. I am 37, in good health and have a Master's in Psychology. I am 5'8, was a jock in high school and starting to workout again. I do have 2 biracial children. I am looking in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming mostly. I am open to other areas. Feel free to ask questions.

4) Available 12/27/11 thru 12/30/11
Me: 53yrs still in great shape where it counts....fertile, caucasion w/N.European ancestry (Scot/Dane). Lt. Brown hair (now with some grey LOL), green eyes, 5'9" 175# (stocky), athletic. I'm a retired career military pilot/engineer. Ivy educated, BS engineering, MS Computer science. Played trumpet and piano thru HS, artistic but preferred math and science. Played baseball thru college (catcher)....a good athlete. Married w/4 children. Of course I'm free of all STDs. No known family health issues. All parents/grandparents lived well past 80. College level athlete w/20/15 vision until I turned 40. Fantastic hand-eye coordination. Off-spring also excellent athletes and scholars.
Children: (Contact for Pics)
#1: Now 24 yrs. Girl. 4.0+ HS GPA. Perfect ACTs and SATs. Full scholarship College. Suma Cum Laude Chemical Engineering. NCAA All-American Softball, NCAA Academic All-American Softball.  5'5 135# strawberry blonde, blue eyes. 12 HS Varsity letters.
#2 Now 22 yrs. Boy. 4.0+ HS GPA. 1560 SATs. Partial scholarship College. Magna Cum Laude Mechanical Engineering. NCAA Baseball  5'11" 185#. blonde w/blue eyes. 12 HS varsity letters
#3 Now 18 yrs. Boy. 4.0+ HS GPA. 1540 SATs, 36 ACTs. Numerous scholarship offers he's now evaluating. Probable NCAA Baseball. 5'10" 185#, light redhead w/green eyes. 12 HS varsity letters
#4 Now 16 yrs. Girl. 4.0+ HS GPA. Perfect PSATs. 10 HS Varsity letters thus far. Blonde and blue. 5'9" 135#
I live in Colorado so there's no need to worry about me becoming involved. I wish to not be involved beyond insemination unless there's a question of family health history. I will be visiting the Phoenix area 12/26 thru 12/30 if that fits your cycle (last period started about the 16th). I'm a safe, well educated professional with a sense of humor, open minded and told "I'm fun".  I prefer "natural" as, honestly, insemination should be fun for me as well as you. But I'm open to AI as long as you bring the equipment and "do the work"....LOL. I'm very clean, very well groomed, and always a gentleman.  Please contact to exchange information at


 4255 Carson Street, Denver, COLORADO

hello,how are u?im a donor in good health. My family history is clean of any major health issues.  I have successfully donated in the past with just a single attempt.  Insemination was done artificially.  I am drug and disease free.  I leave that up to the mother.  If you are interested in having a child, please let me knowu .
 I am interested in donating sperm to help someone have a child.
I am 32 years old, healthy, eyes. . I am intelligent, and college educated, like to play soccer. have plenty of pictures of myself and close family members if interested.
can contact me via thomasjack368 at yahoo dot com for more information   sep 3 2012

South Carolina:

1)Location:  Myrtle Beach
Hi I am a 31 year old white male with brown hair and eyes. I am 5'9 245lbs. I have a 130 IQ and graduated 2nd in my glass in high school. My GPA for college was 3.1. I have 6 children of my own. I also have 2 donor babies ai and 3 ni. I would love to help someone experince the joy of parenthood. If you have any questions just contact me can prvide pics of myself and kids to serious inquries only. I live in costal south carolina,I will travel to some degree.

2)My name is Alex,Lexington South Carolina

I am willing to become a sperm donor for a woman who wants to have children. I am not looking for any strings. I really do not do the AI thing. I am looking only for NI. I am 6'2" tall, 200 pounds, brown hair and eyes. If you are looking for a man to help you with this, please email me.


I am 35/m/Columbia, SC. I am about 195 lbs and am 6'2" tall and have brown hair and eyes. I am willing to be a sperm donor for a woman in South Carolina.
I only want to be a natural donor. If you want my pic,  feel free to send me yours and I will get back to you.

hi my name is billy and i have been a donor for 3 years now.. in my 3 
years i have helped 17 couples and 2 single women have their dreams of 
having a baby... and have gave tons advice out.. it has been my blessing
 to meet and help.. i do travel some but most help people to travel to 
me help with a place to stay and traveling cost..  i live in beautiful 
South Carolina near liberty... a little about me and my back ground i 
was a marine for 8 years i am half Cherokee 6ft brown curly hair tan 
blue eyes.. very healthy all my family is.. i have a  auto body shop and
 i am also a diesel mechanic. i play the violin and piano.. i like to 
work on old cars and fix them up love all kinds of music and swim love 
sports baseball and football played both in school.. i have a very high 
sperm count and very healthy sperm.. if you
 have any questions for me feel free to email me at or text me at 864 650 5004 thanks and have a blessed year

SEP 30 2013 


5) I am a swm, 5'8".  I live in Columbia, SC.  I have blonde hair and blue eyes and my email is


Hi! I am a fit male in my mid 40's and am looking to be a "NI" donors
for couple's who are unable to conceive. I am 5'8" tall, Caucasian with
an olive tan complexion, 168 lbs and I happen to be very fertile. I am
STD free and obviously would expect the same from you. I am located in
the upstate area of South Carolina and you can contact me by email at
I believe this is a very unique way to offer a gift to a loving couple
who would love to have a child in their life but are unable to do so on
their own.

North Carolina

Location= North Carolina


With my sperm come the following traits: brains and brawn, humor and height. You also get good looks and musical talent to boot.  More specifically, I am a 44 Y/O 6'5"veterinarian who played two D-1 sports in college.  I am half English, and though it won't say so in the medical texts, I am convinced British humor is inherited;) 

My eyes are hazel; however, as my father had blue eyes, I carry the a blue-eyed gene .  IOW, if you are blue eyed, there is a 50/50 chance of blue eyes. If you are not blue eyed, but have a blue-eyed parent, there would be a 25% chance of blue eyes.

My fertility has been tested, as I already have a beautiful, kind-hearted daughter (conceived the first night of trying).

I am open to either a single mother or lesbian couple. I will, however, only donate to someone I feel would make a great parent and role model.  Please be educated, motivated, and smart. Further, I am only interested in donating to someone who takes care of themselves i.e. you should be fit, attractive and a non-smoker.  

I am open the the idea of my identity being shared with the child.  Natural Service only.

2) North Carolina
 I am interested in donating sperm to help someone have a child.
I am 31 years old, healthy, attractive. I am 5' 8''. I have strawberry-blonde hair and green eyes. I am from German, Irish, and English decent.. I am intelligent, and college educated, achieving the Dean's List and a member of the ''Phi Theta Kappa''. I have plenty of pictures of myself and close family members if interested.. Contact me at with the subject as ''Donor''


I am interested in donating sperm to help someone have a child.
I am 31 years old, healthy and attractive. I am 5' 8''. I have strawberry-blonde hair and green eyes. I am from German, Irish, and English decent.. I am intelligent, and college educated, achieving the Dean's List and a member of the ''Phi Theta Kappa''. I have plenty of pictures of myself and close family members if interested.. Contact me at with the subject as ''Donor''..Whatever happens, I wish you all the luck in the world!

4) Max childs: I am a 5"6" black mail with black hair,with no health problems in my family or personal background. I am interested in being a doner Natural or artificial. I am located in the Charlotte NC area. I am only willing to donate in an professional matter and would not like to have idle conversation or contact with clients following the donation. All questions will be answered Via Email and proper test results can be provided. All clients must provide recent STD test results and proof of ID. Donations are what interest me but I do not provide gigglo services so please be mindfull. I would like to help people in need of this service because I feel every one should have a chance to enjoy children. I have five children four boys and one girl so I will not ever attempt to make any contact at a later date or keep info. concerning this matter. I can be contacted by E mail at                   Max.child28 at gmail dot com

Location: North Carolina
Message: I am willing to donate
Email: wbmartin3 at yahoo dot com
name:  Bill
I'm a white male professional with two degrees (biology/MBA), three fantastic sharp kids (one at one of the top 7 universities in the country (according to Forbes most recent ranking).)  The others are well-accomplished kids in a top area high school.  All three have been track team members. 
I'm 6'0", 200 lbs with blue eyes with great accomplishments academically.  I have less hair than I'd prefer, but hair is inherited from the woman (male children will likely have hair like their mother's father).
I'd prefer to donate via Natural Insemination though we could talk about other methods. AUG 22 2012

1)Sperm donor. David Knoxville.

2)live in the Nashville area
I'm open to any couple, and most singles.
6'1" 170lbs, medium frame, athletic build.white, some Native American, tan very quickly No cancer, or heart problems in family history.Brown hair and eyes
Intelligent, Task oriented, I pick up skills very quickly.clean health,h good



2)(Honolulu) Sperm Donor, AI/NI

30 years old, 6'3" inches, 210 lbs, White, Healthy, Drug Free, DDF, No Medications, O negative blood type, blue eyes,
 brown hair, Regular Blood Donor, German Ancestry, Honolulu, Hawaii. ! am intelligent, funny, attractive and open minded. I am looking to help anyone who is interested in having a child. I am NOT looking to Co-Parent. I am willing to sign any documents giving you full custody and wish for a signed contract absolving me of any financial responsibility.  Fathered two children, willing to help others who are in need of donor in Hawaii. Available for AI and NI, but would only ask SDT tests for NI. Email for additional information and or Photos.


Location: Hawaii, USA
Message: My name is Brody and I'm a good looking 6ft 1in. Caucasian male with brown hair and blue eyes living here in Hawaii who loves hiking, business, philosophy, psychology and I do marketing professionally and also have my own business. Looking to help a single female or couple to have a child and looking for a high quality volunteer sperm donor to have this child.
Name: Brody


-Brody JULY 13 2013


1) Earl,Proven Donor / 34 / May travel / A.I. or N.I I am available to donate to anyone, anywhere in the U.S. (and maybe
overseas) please click Here for more info or

2)About me.

5-11 190lbs professional male I hold three degrees a dual Masters of Business administration/healthcare management degree, a BA in Economics and a BS in biology. Graduated 6th in a high school class of 246. I have an IQ that averages 160 on three professionaly administered exams.  I have 20-20 vision, and grandparents in 80s.  I ran track on the collegiate level, and am a former USCF recognized state chess champion.  I am black medium toned skin, STD free, and can provide documentation, for my qualifications.  I am currently in the the financial sector. I have a clean record, non-smoker and drinker.  I am a family man, with 1 healthy child.  In Oklahoma city 

Thank you for your consideration    AI or NI



If you are looking for a sperm donor, I can help you. My name is John, and I live in Oklahoma. I work as a teacher, am working on my doctoral degree, etc. I also work part time as a court officer and run my own business with it. Let's see . . . what else?

I am a vegetarian, do not drink or smoke, and I have no criminal background. I have two beautiful kids - biological kids - and can send you my photo if you like. I like going for walks on beaches, going to movies, traveling to over forty countries on four different continents, learning languages, spending time with family and friends, etc. I also like chess, archery, and other sports. 

If you are interested, please let me know. You can E-mail me at Thanks! :-)


P.S. I still have the STD test results, which were all negative, of course, from when I helped a really nice lesbian couple out recently. I can send those to you, if you like.... :-)


1)Healthy white male in Northeast Ohio - available for donation.
Please advise details and requirements.
Rod  (

2)Ohio would be the base but travel all over the country

I travel alot  all over the country and would like to help out some ladies in their goal of having a child.
I am a caucasin 5'11 brwon hair hazel eyes and would prefer NI but open to AI if the women prefers.


I'm 28, white, 5'10, 200#, with brown hair and blue eyes.  I love music, food, and books and I'm a bright and healthy guy.  I'm of Irish/Scottish/German/Slovenian descent. I'm living in northeast Ohio, but I'd be willing to travel a few hours from here if needed. 
I am only interested in NI.  I've done this successfully once before and would love to help another woman or couple have a child.  Please contact me at if you are interested in more information.

Thanks and good luck to all.

5) Hi! I am a 36 year old single white male from Ohio. My stats are 6ft, 190lbs, muscular build, brown hair, and brown eyes. I have never smoked cigarettes or used drugs. I graduated from college and medical school. I am an anesthesiologist. I played college sports and graduated in the top 10% of my class in medical school. My family tree has a history of longevity and no diseases. People have described me as both mentally and physically gifted. I believe that my best qualities are patience, organization, and determination to reach my goals. I am disciplined yet very simple and relaxed. This is the first time I am participating in donation. There is no fee for the donation. I would only ask that you pay for the airfare and hotel if you want me to fly to your location. Please email me if interested at I am very open to discussing any questions or issues through email and phone. Hope to hear from you soon.

6) Hello Dear

 I am 49 years old my name is kelvin haward, 5'8, 175 lbs, fit/muscular with a fast metabolism and 20/10 vision when last tested.  Drug and disease free, non-smoker, several successful donations and all children are attractive and healthy.  I have a healthy family background with no genetic illnesses. I have an excellent job and most people who know me personally would consider me to be quite successful, especially for my age.   I am an avid D.I.Y. type of person, very into the outdoors as well, especially summer activities, boating, etc.   I provide A.I. only and also provide proof of STD testing, I strive to be as safe as possible for both your benefit and mine.  I do not ship sperm and basically want no contact if you are successful using me-I am simply donor only, unless the child is 18 or older and wants information, to meet, etc.   I am of mixed European heritage: British, Scottish, Irish and German.  I have brownish-auburn hair and green eyes and a high IQ.  My sperm count/motility has been checked and is good.  I take all the necessary supplements and vitamins for healthy sperm which include: zinc, folic acid, selenium, L-carnitine and antioxidants: vitamin C and E.     I live in the greater dayton,Ohio Area but can sometimes travel farther if I'm not working, more often in the summer when I normally take my holidays.
Please email me for photos and questions you want answered.
Kelvin Haward  email        kelvin_haward  at  yahoo


1) I live in battonrouge louisiana very smart nice looken guy no creap 6ft tall blue eyes that hase to kids by exwife very smart helthy kids with blond hair blue eyes no stds are kinda sikness whut so eaver I love my kids so mutch! Every one that wishes for a child should have that dream answerd!!

2)new orleans,louisiana dwm 39,5'11,160,blond,blue.i have 2 healthy boys and just help a couple concive who is 3 months pregnant thur NI.iso to meet female or couples to help thur NI to have the joy of childred.i live alone and can host you durning your fertile time.if interested email
3) Interested in helping happy family or single professional mother. Family can be gay as long as in a good relationship and has proof of being a couple for more than two years and stable income for child. I live in New Orleans and in Lake Charles Louisiana. I have a doctorate in science and two kids. I would like to help one family and then will withdraw my donation option. I am 5 11, and 200 pounds, European background, red hair. I enjoy camping and outdoor activities. You will be the parent, I have no interest in your personal life, but please be good people. Please feel free to contact me if interested.



As an only child, my biggest fear in life is not passing on my genes.
I am a full time University student and plan to comission as an
officer in the US Army upon graduation. Because of this, now is not
the best time for me to start a family. Anything can happen in life,
however, and I want to know I have a child in this world. I do not ask
to be at all involved in the child's life; at most I would ask for the
occasional picture over the years (though that is completely up to
you, and I'll understand if that cannot be accomodated).
Mississippi/Louisiana/Alabama. 22 years old. Caucasian (English,
Scottish, and German heritage). 5'10" 160lbs. In excellent health. I
am about to begin my fourth year as a Nursing major with minors in
Psychology and History. I play rugby for my university and tennis in
my free time. I enjoy jogging. Music is my passion in life. I play
guitar and bass guitar. I am an animal lover. I am about to resume
teaching myself a second language, Arabic, with Rosetta Stone. I am
currently writting a book. I plan to comission as an officer in the US
Army Nursing Corps upon graduation. I am very laid back, artistic,
intelligent, and have a great sense of humor. As I am very sexually
active, I regularly get STD tested, and I am clean. Thank you so much
for considering me! Email me at



I'm a 26 year old 5'10," 170lb, well groomed, brown hair, hazel eyed, physically fit graduate of a major military academy (top 10 university) currently on active duty in Boston, MA.  I'm very laid back & relaxed, intelligent, talented, athletic, successful, well-educated, healthy, and D&D free SWM.  I was a nationally ranked swimmer in high school and still have a swimmer's build.  I am very musically and artistically inclined, well traveled, cultured, sophisticated and intellectual.


I am interested in helping (via natural insemination) women & couples who are having difficulties conceiving. I have strong credentials as an IVF/AI sperm donor, but enjoy the journey more than the destination and seek to discretely help those who don't want to mess with the costs or complications of in-vitro fertilization.

I am currently in a long term poly-amorous relationship and have four years of swinging experience together with my partner playing both together and separately.  I enjoy mutually fulfilling passionate experiences with others (how conception should be) without getting emotionally attached (so you need not worry about that issue with me).


I travel often, so if you’re interested, please let me know even if we’re not in the same area.  Additionally, I have a large, comfortable home and am happy to host if you are ever in the Boston area (for a night, weekend, week, etc).


Boston, Massachusetts, USA:
I am in Boston, MA. 32 years old, 6' 0", medium brown hair and blue eyes. Described as "very good looking". Excellent genetics and perfect health. I take care of myself and am in good shape.

Harvard University MBA and law degree.  I want a family some day, but am too busy with my career right now. In the meantime, I would like to help other people achieve their dreams. I have donated through a clinic and can show you records of good health and fertility. Can share family information. I have successfully helped 2 women already. Looking for AI.  I can answer any other questions.
email:   SEPT 30 2013


I live in Maryland near the Washington D.C. area.  I am 6' 2" tall, blue eyes.  I have a BS with a math major, divorced and have four children from the marriage.  I am white and prefer a straight white female.  This can be AI or NI 

Im a 32yr old from Maryland, 6'-0",170lbs, Brown hair, Blue eyes, Alcohol free, 
Drug free, & STD FREE! I went to College for Engineering & Art! I will travel
anywhere in the world wherever you live if You would like me to donate to you.
Im willing to take any test you choose & show prof of documentation. I will pay
for my part of any travels & testing that you may ask for. I will donate via
N.I. , A.I. , P.I. , or Cryo bank! DEC 23 2012

3) see  number 2 in Pennsylvania

4)Name: Drew
Location: Central Maryland
I am a highly intelligent and altruistic Caucasian male living in the Baltimore area of MD.  I've been volunteering with children for years and have chosen to become a donor now.  I would prefer to be known to the child but am willing to have no contact if desired by the parents. I have a number of blogs describing myself,
and providing information about how to find and screen donors, on the excellent
site here:  The blog titled "donor in MD" provides most information
 about me, but feel free to read the other information and advice as well.

Thank you,
Note :  This link above will take you to another website service ( not related to  )


I am a Maryland, USA,  SWM sperm donor who is mild-mannered, easy going, optimistic, with a punny sense of humor, a positive outlook on life, 5ft 8 in,160lb, in his fifties with an ,athletic body build, and thinning light brown hair. I am here to offer females, whether single, part of a heterosexual couple, or part of a lesbian couple, a relatively easy and cheap alternative to sperm banks and other methods of artificial insemination.  I am not interested in any contact with the child unless after 18.  He or she is for your blessing only.  I just want to help.  I expect to donate via AI, but am willing to try NI or partial NI if requested.  I have 2012 documentation of HIV testing (results=negative).  I'm located in Southern Maryland (ST Mary’s County), but am willing to travel a reasonable distance.  You could also travel to or near my location to receive my donation(s) if you wish.  We could even meet halfway.  My talents/interests include singing, movies videos, electronics, automobiles, sports, regular exercise, occasional travel, and home projects.  To be sure your email inquiry is not lost in spam, please put in the subject line of your email, “PSD MD DONOR JEFF”, and send email to tedibearjeff at yahoo dot com.  You’ll have to convert the email address words “at” and “dot” to the proper characters for email to be sent properly.  Thank you.  JAN 22 2013

I'm an NI donor available to single women and couples of any race, age, background seeking a natural conception. I'm 45, 5'11" stocky, blonde hair, blue eyes Scottish heritage D&D FREE with a strong tested sperm count. I'm available to women in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Please contact me at  JAN 27 2013

Hi this is Marcus. I'm a 31 year old working male looking to help with natural sperm donation. I'm in Crofton Maryland. you can reach me at. Marcus is my name.  DEC 2014


1)Donor available in Missouri. 6'2", 230. Have a degree. Clean and can do AI or NI.


My name is Ben, and I am a 28 yr old male in St. Joseph, MO. I am looking to donate NI. I am 6'-0" at 165 pounds with an athletic build. Around 7-8% body fat. I have brown eyes and short dark brown hair. I have completed a couple programs through post-secondary education-CADD and exercise science and am currently going to school again for a four year degree as a junior at the unniversity-political science probably. I am on the 6th year of running a lawncare business. I've done long distance runs including an ultra, triathalon and competed in mma. I like to write, play music, and study independently. I like science a great deal. I have had my DNA tested and D/D free. I am of German, Irish and Spanish decent. I am looking to procreate and for little or no interaction, leaving the option open for those who would like to choose. Holler at me.  sept 25 2012    email: ben_sun84 at yahoo dot com


I'm in the Twin Cities, Minnesota area. I'm 5'11, 175lbs, Caucasian, brown eyes and hair. I'm healthy, educated and respectful. I've had testing for STDs and genetic diseases and happily it all came back clean. Please note that I will only donate for free and via A.I., and I cannot ship.

2) i want to help women from Minnesota ai and ni ur choice i am 30 years old. Email:3204441614@VTEXT.COM




( Serious Donor *fee paid* ) ( post expiration  FEB 16 2017 )

Houston,  click here for full information.

3)  AI or NI , Age 21 , Hispanic ,5'11 , High intelligence and  good health. DFW area,Texas. Email: 

4)I'm a friendly, open-minded,  healthy& intelligent AI-Donor from Dallas ,Texas
My email address is


Location: Lubbock, TX and San Antonio, TX (I travel back and forth between these two places)
Message: Hi, my name is John and I am offering my services as a sperm donor. I can travel to you or you can travel to me. I live in San Antonio, but am also often in Lubbock.  I am 21 years old, a college student, white, 6' tall, and 200 pounds. I also have blonde hair and blue eyes. Please contact me @ for more information. Take care.  MAR 22 2013

US  Texas Amarillo  I am a swm 56 heavyset and I have 3 grown children and all healthy. I am only interested in helping with a NI and can travel short distances or can host at my

7)Location: Houston, Texas.  Young and healthy military guy age 21, white, willing to donate via AI or traditional means. Email for pics and more info 

8)location: Texas, Dallas Area


NI only(natural insemination).

I will require a STD test, and a contract, plus compensation(very affordable).

Serious inquiries are welcome, happy to provide information and answer any questions.

6' 1", white, have fathered multiple children.

No major health issues.

All my grandparents lived to thier 70' s and 80's.  

9) 26 year old white male donor located in Central Texas, have had multiple successful pregnancies. I have dark hair and dark eyes, and I am DDF and healthy. NI only. Reply for pictures and more information

AI - donor here in TEXAS, but will travel to OKLAHOMA, ARKANSAS, LOUISIANA::: D/DF w/ Masters Degree / IMPREGNATED TWO Couples, w/ 3 CHILDREN!

((( AI )))
Artificial insemination DONOR in Dallas, Texas:::
D/DF 32y.o. w/ Masters Degree / IMPREGNATED TWO Couples, w/ 3 CHILDREN!

My name is Nicolas I am 5'8" 165lbs. black hair green eyed white Male (my family is from Spain in Europe), I am a Native English speaker, and I am Fluent in Spanish on a native level, along with Portuguese; also I have a Master of Public Affairs from University of Texas at Dallas, and two B.S. degrees (one in Political Science and another in History) from Texas A&M University-Commerce.

I am very discreet and I have impregnated two different couples before. The first couple, I impregnated one of the two women (since only one wanted to be impregnated), and the second couple I impregnated both, this was done successfully at the request of both couples. All the children where born healthy and the couples are very happy with the results. The first couple had a girl, and the second had a boy and a girl. The first couple agreed before doing this that after everything I would walk away and we would end contact, for over seven years I have not spoken with them. The second couple I have kept in touch with, but only at THEIR REQUEST; if they were to tell me today to never contact them again I would end contact in a second, I would and will respect their decision.

I do this since I like to help people have their own family, and have access to their ability to have their own children, rather than be forced to adopt, or seek out a costly sperm donor clinic. I am drug and disease free, I can show you copies of my STD test, as well as transcripts for my degrees. I am serious about this and I am not just some guy looking for sex. I am willing to travel all over Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana to help your family. Likewise, if you wish to come to Dallas from somewhere else I am always available to help.

Unlike most of the guys I am 100% fine with ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION ( AI ), I just really want to help, I am not doing this for sex.

Email me back at if interested.

Take Care,

11) I'm in Houston, Texas, sperm is at a cryobank in California.

I would like to donate my late son's sperm to a financially secured married couple.

He was 5'9", brown hair, eyes and handsome about 160 lbs.  (Hair blonde as a youth.)  Great sense of humor, good grades and lots of friends. Both parents have college degrees, as well as their parents.


I am a Caucasian male, living in Houston, who would like to help women or couples become parents.  I am 6'2 and 189lbs, excellent athletic physique and handsome face.  I have a Masters in Finance (MBA)  My IQ is 135.  Clean family medical history.
I am in excellent health and work out four times per week.  32 inch waist and a 42 inch chest.  I have hazel eyes and brown hair.  My background is French and English - my family has been living in the US since 1815.

I am open to AI, PI and NI.  I can also prove that I am clean with a recent STD test.  I would like to help women or couples in the Houston area.  I will also insist on an MOA contract, where I waive my rights and you would waive your right to child support.  I am open to being involved in the child's life.  If you do not want my involvement, I understand.  I would leave that decision up to the woman or couple.

I've tried to make this as sincere as possible.  Please contact me at: davidnhouston at gmail dot com ;if you are interested in speaking to me about being a donor.  We can exchange pictures and I would be able to answer any questions that you may have about my background. 

Please note that I am trying to help women or couples in Houston, simply because it is easier to do this in the same city.  If you are willing to travel to Houston to meet me, then I'm sure I would be open to helping you.  November 26th, 2012


I’m a 42 year old single white male 6’ tall 203 lbs. living in Longview, TX and available for NI/AI/PI assistance to anyone who can establish they will be good parents. I’m D/D free and will sign a donor agreement. I’m also able to help in several other states since I work in the transportation industry as a commercial driver. I have brown hair and blue eyes. The choice of me being known is up to the recipient. I prefer AI but willing to perform NI provided the recipient is also D/D free and can provide documentation of it. I’m flexible on the terms and will most likely agree to meet the needs of the recipient. I’m intelligent, successful, and healthy. Contact: night prowler 537 at hot mail dot com
Thanks and happy wishes!  JULY 19 2012

I am a Caucasian male, living in Houston, who would like to help women or couples become parents.  I am 6'2 and 189lbs, excellent athletic physique and handsome face.  I have a Masters in Finance (MBA)  My IQ is 135.  Clean family medical history.
I am in excellent health and work out four times per week.  32 inch waist and a 42 inch chest.  I have hazel eyes and brown hair.  My background is French and English - my family has been living in the US since 1815.

I will only consider NI - natural insemination. And I am very selective when it comes to who I will help. I can also prove that I am clean with a recent STD test.  I would like to help women or couples in the Houston area.  I will also insist on an MOA contract, where I waive my rights and you would waive your right to child support.  I am open to being involved in the child's life.  If you do not want my involvement, I understand.  I would leave that decision up to the woman or couple (male/female only). 

I've tried to make this as sincere as possible.  Please contact me at: davidnhouston at gmail dot com ;if you are interested in speaking to me about being a donor.  We can exchange pictures and I would be able to answer any questions that you may have about my background. 

Please note that I am trying to help women or couples in Houston, simply because it is easier to do this in the same city.  If you are willing to travel to Houston to meet me, then I'm sure I would be open to helping you.   June 12, 2014



I am 32 y/o, 6' 190 pounds, hazel eye, brown hair of German decent, living in 
the Houston area ready to offer my services, all you need to provide is the 

I am a proven donor and have helped 5 couples already and looking to help more. 
On top of this I am also a father to 4 of my own. I am a sales manager and own a 
couple businesses as well. 

If your interested please send me an email with your information. I do travel 
most of TEXAS.  SEPT 23 2013

New York
( Serious Donor *fee paid* ) ( post expiration  OCT 16 2017 )



My name is Joey and I live in New York City and I would love to be a sperm donor, becaus eI feel this is a chapter in my life I must embark on.  I'm 29 year old African-American/ Carribean descent . Drug and Disease free . Papers upon request .  I'm looking to help a single woman or lesbian couple conceive a child . 
When would I be contacted by potential parties

 Asian male, good looking, well educated, professional, healthy, would like to donate or cooperate with a respnsible, trustworthy female for having a child. I am middle aged, very health conscious Prefer Asian, Caucasian, Latin partner. New York City and Europe.

5’9 180 seaman currently   living single but have a partner his name is chris 27yr blond blue hes bi  we currently reside in vb ive been wanting to father a child im std/free hiv neg  active currently drove taxi looking for either a healthyu white in shape female or Asian  girl 18-30yrs who needs a healthy sperm donor ill be neg with what ill charge as im seeking a surrogate sa well but if your interested in having me a as a sperm donor reply asap with your pic age bio looking to do th8is asap I wouldn't mind being in kids life as I always wanted a blood line child of my own  my pics are attached cont me # 212-696-6423 or text 646-531-9496 thanks April 2014, 

6) Hi. I am a white male with blue eyes and dark blond hair. I am 6'4", a fit 240 and in very good health. I am located in Rockland County, NY (Zip Code 10956). I have donated to a couple in the past and they have a wonderful 5 year old daughter. I am smart, funny, attractive and open minded. I am looking to help anyone who is interested in having a child. I am NOT looking to Co-Parent. I am willing to sign any documents giving you full custody and wish for a signed contract absolving me of any financial responsibility. I am open to updates, e-mails and even meeting the child if that is what you wish. I am open to Artificial Insemination or Natural Insemination. How you wish to proceed is up to you. I am willing to travel to meet, within reason, host or make alternative arrangements. I am willing to submit to any test and questions you may have. My one condition is that you are financially and emotionally able to care for the child. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. 

I am in NY can drive locally. I am 30 minutes from NYC NI (natural
insemination or sex)

I am 5'7, thin build, STD/HIV free as my latest results will show
February 2014. College educated, good looking a mix of
Latin from my father side and Italian from mother side, fair skin, black
short curly hair, brown eyes.

I am 36 but look like I am in my twenties (good family genes) and I have
baby like face features. No history of any illnesses in my family, no
cancer, no mental issues and no infertility issues. My sperm count is
over 20 million per milimiter (tested jun 2011).

I donate anonymously and open to know the child or not to know the child.
White, Latina or Asian recipients preferred, no offense to anyone but,
this is the way I'd like my donation to be.
Feel free to contact me  trola75 at yahoo dot com

I have a posting on with pics and more stats. 
Feel free to e-mail me with any questions you may have. Photo exchange 
a must before donation is made.
Serious inquiries only!!!   APRIL 2014

Hi my name is Roman and I am looking to be a sperm donor for a single mom or 
lesbian couple.

I am in perfect health, disease and drug free, have never smoked and have a
healthy family lineage. I am 6ft 1", 200 pounds, brown hair and have brown eyes.
I am 38 years old. I workout and keep a healthy diet. I have no mental illness
and am extremely spiritual. I grew p on Long Island and I am very close to my

I am college educated and work in children's publishing. I am also a successful
writer and have lived in New York City for 18 years. I have a great dog whom I
DES used when he was six months old. He is now seven and spoiled.

I am looking to be involved in the child's life. Although I am not looking to be
finically responsible, I would still like to be around and mentor the child and
be a fraternal role model. I am willing to help as much as possible in this way.

Would prefer AI. I can supply all necessary records.

I really know I would make an incredible father and am excited about the
possibilities. You can email me at


Hello, I'm a  22 year old Hispanic/ Black man from New York City and I have the interest of helping a female conceive a child. I work and I'm in college, my goals are very vast and being lazy isn't in my DNA. I'm also a decent looking man with pictures to prove so and I can email them to you asap. I'm totally disease free and am STD negative with tests. If you're interested shoot me an email and we can set this donation up. I'm also open to shipping. I travel sometimes only for certain locations so feel free to ask. Email me at and I will respond asap.

Location: Albany, New York

I am 26yo white male in Albany NY looking to donate to single women and couples. I have had success in the past and I'm ready to help again. I'm a very handsome Caucasian man with dark brown
hair, hazel eyes, broad shoulders 5'11 200lb. I can do some light traveling in the upstate area. We can sort the details if your interested.
Contact me if interested. Discretion and disease-free donating is offered by me. "NI only"

 11)name: CJay

Location: Central New York, USA Message: I am a healthy, handsome, genetically gifted Caucasian male in my mid-30s. I am 50% Italian-American, and 50% European-American (English, Scottish, Dutch + more) mix. I have large brown eyes (which many women have complimented me on), a strong, straight (not hooked) Italian nose, full lips, dark brown/black hair (fairly curly, so I cut it short). I am in good shape (I exercise 3-5 times per week, eat a balanced diet and take multivitamins and several nutritional supplements daily). My body is genetically well formed (I have decent muscle tone and skeletal development and not deformed in any way, women have noted that I have a nice butt -- fairly round for a white dude, haha). I come from a large, handsome, good-looking and fertile family (heights for males ranging between 5'9" and 6'5", none with weight issues or genetic abnormalities). In my blood family (parents, brothers, uncles, cousins), males outnumber females 9-to-1, so if you want a son, that statistic may mean something to you. I will send pictures to any interested party. I have been told by many women that I am very cute. I am 100% STD-free (I am married, 100% faithful since we married in 2004, my wife was a virgin before we married, and I only had protected sex with one (ex)girlfriend before I met my wife), I rarely am sick, I do NOT use drugs (legal or illegal), I am on no prescription medication (and even dislike over-the-counter, unless I have a cold, and even then I prefer homeopathic medicine and natural remedies). Being into fitness and nutrition, I am very healthy reproductive-wise and am very sexually potent, so if we are going to attempt impregnation, I know what to do to become even more potent as the time arises. We will not need many attempts, I assure you. Talent-wise, I am a published artist, a writer, and I love being creative. I am also athletic in a weekend warrior sense, as I play sports for both exercise and for competitive fun. I LOVE learning anything, I study hard at anything I enjoy, have a deep passion for science, history, religion, sports, fiction, non-fiction, politics, art, music, movies -- you name it. I have more hobbies and interests that I can count. I have a large, supportive family and we all get along great. No mental or physical illnesses in my blood family, and all live long, healthy, happy, productive lives with their respective families. I am married, so I am NOT seeking co-parenting. I am doing this for essentially two reasons: (1) because there are many women out there (married and infertile, single and no partner, lesbians) that would make good parents and simply cannot afford AI and expensive donor searches, and (2) I want to see what any children we would make would look like (I am white and my wife is Southeast-Asian, so I am highly curious and desire to see my offspring in as many ethnicities as possible). That being said, I am open to any ethnicity, height, skin, eye and hair tones -- - I love all colors and shapes of God's rainbow. I will donate free, and my only requirement is all expenses be paid. I am open to and prefer mailing chilled sperm overnight to anywhere in the US (30-75% success rate and very affordable to attempt multiple times). I am also open to fresh cup donations or (as a last resort) natural insemination if you live in or can come to me in Central New York (we can discuss more precise locations privately). I do not require any involvement other than seeing pictures from time to time, and I would not be able to give any financial help whatsoever. I would be open to being known to the child at 18, so we can discuss that. I am personally a Christian, and I would prefer of the recipient is at least a theist of some kind for my own conscious, but that is not 100% necessary and can be discussed if you'd like. I also will prefer to be kept in the loop in terms of what's going on with the child, but this is based 100% of your decision on how much you'd like me to know. Again, I will send/trade pictures of myself at any and all ages to any interested recipient. I can wait as long as YOU need and donate as many times as you require. My only need is being kept up to date on yes-or-no answers and attempt dates. Write me and let's make a beautiful, healthy, happy baby together! -CJay Email:
 I want to be a donor black male 25  miami fl 305 332 1933
Available in Northern New York state.  Or throughout the northeastern area, if 
you're willing to pay travel expenses.
I live just along the Canadian border.  Near Watertown, NY.

I'm in my early 30's.  I'm over 6 feet tall.  Healthy.  In shape.  

i've been donating for about 4 years.  
I have helped in the making of 5 kids, thus far.  
3 girls, 2 boys.
2 of which were conceived after the FIRST round of attempts!  
Which surprised me actually...   both times...

Clean blood work.

I do not offer shipping.  
Nor do i offer anonymous donation.  
That is to say, i would like for you to keep my email address, or phone #, so 
that if the child wants to contact me one day, they have that option.  (you can 
of course contact me MORE often, if you wish)  I'll even come visit from time to 
time, if that's something you'd be interested in. If not, that's cool too.  But 
just pass my info along to the child, so they have the choice.

Please contact me for further info.  thanks.
submitted April 2014, but i plan on being an on and off again donor, for many 
years, so please feel free to contact me, regardless of how old this post is.

I am Wesley 27 years old ex Military. I am White With many European nationalities. With Brown hair and piercing green eyes I stand at 6 feet even and weigh 200 pounds. I am strong healthy and am void of drugs and diseases. I do not smoke and I do not drink alcoholic beverages. 

I am open to helping all races and ethnicity as well as homosexual female couples in any legal age. I am from New York but would be 
willing to travel to nearby states such as New Jersey and Connecticut. 

For any who requires my assistance, I can be reached at 1 (917) 319-5204. I can also be emailed at I recommend my phone number for a more prompt response however my email is checked frequently. (Photos upon request.)

Thank you kindly,
Wesley  DEC 2014 


1)Name: Idaho donor
Comments: Willing to do ni or ai, e mail questions! 



Boise, Idaho

     I am a single 33 yr old single dad of my beautiful 5yr old and have been single for about 4 yrs now and have not had any sexual relations except for about a 1 1/2 ago.  I am a good looking guy, NO STD's, Have a clean bill of health, am willing to take a STD test in your presence.  I am looking for single, married, lesbian couples that have had horrible luck in achieving what you are wanting and that is a baby.  I am willing to donate by NI or AI and its your choice.  NI has been very successful.  I helped a married couple that had been trying for 4 yrs and alot of money later, then decided to do a NI by the recommendation of there Dr. and also I met the Dr. and he did tests and also tests of my semen and the test results amazed the Dr. and couple I was helping because I had a very very high count and have very strong sperm and the Dr. stated has not seen this in many years out of a guy and my success rate would be 90-100%.  If you are serious and close lets talk and email me and if you are  close then write me and we can talk, if you are in another state you may need to pay for me to travel by plane or pay for gas.  If you are interested write and ask any questions.  Will give a pic and send me one before please!!!  JULY 4 2013


2)White male NI d&d free near PA

Philadelphia, PA
25, 6' 170, healthy, ivy league educated african american

4 US.S.donor
Hello, I am a 37 year old caucasian male in Pittsburgh Pa, Well educated with advanced degrees.
I am 6' tall 220 lbs strong build, brown eyes and dark brown hair.
I have never had a health issue other than a common cold, I take care of my body.
I spent 9 years working as a commercial diver, requiring me to exhibit excellant health.
My family line is german and eastern european with american indian on my fathers side.
No history of cancer or heart issues.
I work in an office environment, executive level now.
Curently I have beautiful sons and a daughter.
Children have no health issues.
If you are a women whom lacks the financial resources or whom does not want the trauma of IFV.
We can discuss your concerns and needs.

This is the most amazing website ever!  I'm so glad to be a part of it. 
Like every other man here, I too, am perfect.  I am in robust physical health, with perfect genes, and a frightening intellect.  Every morning I run 7 miles to work carrying the puppies and children I've saved from abusive households and fires.  In the afternoon I bicycle until I shatter the chain, then I give my bike to that charity you love and I swim home.  I'm 3 moves ahead of you in every game of chess, I'm a MENSA member, I publish in peer-reviewed journals, and I'm a doctor.  I share your politics, even your nuanced views on entitlement reform and national defence.  My sperm are perfect.  If you allow me near you, I'll impregnate you on sight. 
Really, for what it's worth, I stack up pretty well here.  A few notes:  (1) I'm happily married already, so no "Natural Insemination" is in the cards.  Do people really do that?  Kids these days...  (2) I'm happy to send you a picture, but after the cruel things I said about some of the people that have posted pictures already, I'm going to not do that.  If you had asked moments ago, I would have said I'm a blandly attractive white guy brown/hazel 5'11" and #170.  Having seen some of these pictures, I feel like a goddam heartthrob.  (3) I'm willing to travel a bit as you need.  Pennsylvania (PA), Ohio (OH), West Virginia (WV), New Jersey (NJ), and New York (NY) are all in the cards.  (4) This offer was posted April 30, 2012 and is good for exactly 1 year.  Finally, (5) just email me at OneGladDad at Gmail, I'd love to swap stories. 

7) HI,

I am a 37 year old  black male, 6’1 in perfect health and always have been.I live in Pittsburgh-PA. I am Medical Doctor  and very happy with my life. I do not drink alcohol, do not smoke or use drugs and never have.   I am a very humble person, clean , diseases free, healthy,  life span in my family is around 88 years old, no baldness in my family line, twins in my family line( my mom  made 2 sets of twins, my grand-mother had 1 set of twins and my great-grand-mother was a twin).

I am not looking for sex, or a hookup or anything of that kind. Opened to Natural Insemination as an alternative only because it produces higher pregnancy rates, I know what I am talking about.I will be glad to produce STD and HIV test results and you will need to do the same.

I would like to help couples and singles that are finding it difficult to realize this parenting joy. I have been inspired to do donate after seeing my very best friend go through heart break after heart break while having IVF with stress that nearly broke up their marriage and bankrupted them along the way.

For additional information ,please contact me at:  mguyguy at gmail dot com  JULY 28 2012

Hello, would you kindly post my ad. I live in Plattsburgh, NY
I am an attractive, fit, intelligent, well-educated white man. I am exteremely healthy, maintain a good diet, do not drink, smoke, nor do any drugs. I am extremely fertile and have a high sperm count. I donated to sperm bank when I was younger and was extensively tested for various genetic diseases and received a clean bill of health. I maintain a very safe lifestyle, and recently had an std test done that I will show to any willing recipient. I live near Plattsburgh, NY and am looking to donate to someone in the northeastern NY area or northern vermont. My email address is jmurray9876 at yahoo dot com  SEP 27 2012



 1)  I am a 54 year old light complected, college graduate, living and working in central New Jersey. I believe in assisting those who need a hand in reaching a desired goal in their lives - making milestones in another person lives is of mutual benefit.

Many women have stated that I am very intelligent, along with my characteristics, traits, mannerisms, personality and demeanor would be qualities that they desire in their soul mate and manifested in their offspring.

Knowing that survival and critical thinking skills come from a good gene pool, these essentials are the tools necessary for the future of any child born in this day and era. To that end, the sperm I  provide will be the foundation for brighter futures of the children of the eggs it



I am a white male located in Las Vegas, NV and I am interested in helping ladies and lesbian and hetero couples in achieving pregnancy via natural intercourse.

I am drug and disease free and fertile with a child already and would like to help women and couples achieve pregnancy.

I am 5'-8", 162 lbs., brown hair, blue eyes, caucasian and college educated with good IQ and good genetics.

Please email me at for more information.  You must be able to travel to Las Vegas or be a local and must host at your home or hotel.  You must also be somewhat flexible with your schedule.  I am looking for serious inquiries only

28 yo white male here in Las Vegas, Nevada looking to be a sperm donor,

New Mexico:

1) James Schmitz

I am a kind easy going gentleman. Happily married for 30 years and have 2 sons who are very healthy and strong. I am a retired ER Physician and inventor. My parents are both alive and in very good health. All 4 of my grandparents had lived into their mid 80's

Puerto Rico:



( Serious Donor *fee paid* ) ( post expiration  MAY 24 2017 )

I'm a 6', 210lbs, healthy, educated, very attractive caucasian man with
stunning eyes that lives in Washington State. I have two loving,
athletic children myself that are the joy of my life. After reading a
few of the post and seeing what couples are going through, I knew
I wanted to help. I have very good strong sperm that are ready and
willing to make a couple dream come true. I live in Washington but am
willing to travel to Oregon to help.
I love the art of making a baby and
am willing to help with advice or give idea's to make sure everything
goes as planned. I would prefer NI but am willing to help the AI couples
as well. Please let me know if you have any question and I look forward
to helping a good stable family become complete. email : 76troubleshooter AT gmail dot com SEP 3 2012

I have been a sperm donor in the Portland, OR area for
the last 6 months, and have had 11 conceptions so far (one is a set of
twins). I would be happy to help you out.

Anyway here is my intro video: Cheers, Rob DEC 23 2012


My name is Travis Elmore. I am 34 years old and wanting to help a woman or
couple who can't have children have a child. I am African American 6'2" and am
healthy overall. I have a bachelors degree in nursing and am currently working
on my MBA in health care management. I live in Portland Oregon and am willing to
donate for free.

Thank you

Travis JAN 1 2013


1) Name: Mike 
based in MI so ideally someone local


I would like to be a donor.
I am 25 yo white male, with brown hair and brown eyes.
I live in Birch Run, Michigan.
My email is:  sperm.donation at yahoo dot com  AUG 5 2012

1) email:
Tall(6'3"), blonde, blue eyed, NI sperm donor available in the upper midwest! I'm a successful donor with a 3 year old!
I'm based in Wisconsin and may be able to travel to nearby states such as Minnesota, Illinois, North East Iowa, Western Michigan and the UP.
You're welcome to come to my location from anywhere!
I'm clean, disease free and willing to prove it! Send me a message for more information preferably directly to


Scott pardon
Green bay, Wisconsin 54303.
April 2014 
Washington DC

1 I live in the DC area.  I am a white male, 34, 6ft, 190lbs with blue/green eyes.  I am willing to help out individuals or couples seeking

Google NewsShow (Rectangle)

Hi, I'm a tall, healthy, intelligent, attractive and experienced sperm donor from Seattle.
6'2" tall, 190 lbs, blue eyes, light brown hair. I'm in great health and there are no hereditary or genetic diseases or conditions in my family's health history. I don't smoke or use drugs of any kind, and I am free of STDs, and you must be too. I'm strictly a donor who does not wish to have any parental rights or obligations, though I be happy with an occasional photo and news, and I am open to meeting a child at age 18.
I will donate via your choice of method NI or AI. I do not offer shipping. My most recent conception was earlier this year, and all of the babies born with my donations have been healthy. A couple of donor babies are in the photos (all have different moms).
If you need a sperm donor for your baby, email me at  JULY 20 2013

2)Hi, my name is Greg, I'm a healthy swm, 5'10" with hair and blue eyes. I live in Seattle, willing to donate to couples (straight or lesbian), and single females.  I have a bachelor's degree in Economics but I work in the technology field.  I'm fertile, I have a daughter of my own.  I'm including my picture, and my email address is - I will gladly provide any other information.

Bellingham, Washington State 
email is

email is

I was on the website a while ago and all i ask is have your life
together if you are a single woman or a couple. I am very selective on
who I donate too.  I was tested for sperm count a few years ago in
Bellevue,Wa and have a high count. As for growing up.  I was raised by
a mother from Iowa and my father was from Canada.  My moms side is
native american from the east coast. And my fathers side is
English/Canadian. I was in Scouts from the ages of 13 to 24 and have a
bachelors in engineering. And I am a general all around nice guy with
a good attitude. I have two younger sisters with daughters. Both have
blonde hair and blue eyes. And my 1 nephew is a cutie blue eyes blonde
hair.  I have brown with dark curly hair. I was smart as a kid
figuring things out and pulling stuff apart and putting things back
together. Always was into adventure. And being independent.  D/D free
not much into drinking and never done any sort of drugs even
prescription. So ask anything the photo is of me when I was a kid. And
me in high school.
SEPT 20  2013


Washington state. Near seattle.  
Young, healthy, good looking, intelligent donor. Offering ai or ni, your choice
(no shipping though)
2 awesome children of my own at home, and 2 others through donations.
Happy to answer any questions you may have.
Willing to travel if cost is covered.
Thank you, and best of luck to you.
bccanadadonor112 at gmail dot com

sep 12 2012




1)27 year old sperm donor, will ship if need. I am white, with blonde/brownis hair and green eyes. I live in Chicago, Illinois, but will come to you.

2)Location: USA, Illinois, Chicago
Hi, I am a 27 year old caucasian male in Chicago, Illinois, available for sperm donations. I am currently a junior medical doctor (Physician) working to sub-specialize in a Pediatric field. Have had successful AI on first attempts. Ht:~5'8''. I am blonde with bluish green eyes. White/Caucasian. No current or previous medical problems and am not taking any chronic medication. In very good health, BMI ~22 and live healthy. Always been drug, alcohol and smoking free. Both my parents are Polish. Please email me at for photos and more information. Good luck in your quest for a new baby :) !

Comment : NI donor 

If your new years resolution is to become a parent, but don't know how to began this journey; and have turned to private sperm. I'm Joe I have help women who are both straight and same sex, I'm very professional due to my military ethics, I can only offer assistance to get you pregnant only! I am clean DDF, i get check for std every 3 months. Due to issue that aroused from a AI, and to avoid these issues i can only help with NI, Thank you and please don't hesitate to txt 2102389460
JAN 1 2013
Gurnee, IL 


I live in Worth Illinois and my email address is

I am willing to donate my sperm, for free, to any woman or couple that is looking to have a baby and 
would like to use free Natural Insemination as an alternative to other procedures.

I am divorced, no children and will provide background information.

Peter Kaufmann  JAN 2015 


1)I am a 6'2" graduate of EIU with a BSBA.  I was a starting right defensive end in football.  Today I research currency movements.  I enjoy organic gardening.  I have always abstained from drugs, tobacco and alcohol.  I have recent test results showing me to be free of every std.  I have sired bright, healthy children.  I have donated safely through NI, AI and shipping.  I can ship anywhere within the contiguous 48 states within 20 hours of donation if the recipient establishes a FedEx account.  I can provide a recent photo and answer any questions you may have. I am located in rural Indiana.Yours for new healthy life, 

2)I am a healthy white male - with above average intelligence and above average athletic abilities.  No diseases or illnesses. Available for "natural" donation anywhere in Indiana - or surrounding areas.   Let me know if you have any specific questions etc.  Thanks,

3) Indianapolis, IN (USA)
Business travel can be planned to stay close during ovulation or you can visit during .  I have produced both sexes and they are healthy, tall, intelligent, social with blue and green eyes - brown hair (start out blond). I am Handsome- 6'2, Brown Hair, Crystal Blue Eyes, Athletic Built , Fun to work with , 38 with all medical up to date. I am very potent with 36 hours of notice of your start- great success with adding more over a 48 hour period (amount is based on your willingness to stay and help). For some reason- My Sperm works past prior difficulty (Composition) ? I am 100% Confidential and have worked with Wives behind the scenes. I can provide pictures and additional information to help you decide. THIS IS A 2 WAY PROCESS! This takes a commitment from both and I am very selective! Explain your situation and needs. If it is a good fit- let's get you sporting a belly bump for Spring! This brings me much joy and happiness. It is very exciting when it all works out!
D APR 1 2013


( Serious Donor *fee paid* ) ( post expiration  AUG 6 2017 )


3 Drew:
I am 25, white, 6'1", brown hair an eyes, college grad and current graduate student, healthy. Previously successful with single women and couples. LGBT friendly. Located right outside Washington, DC.

4 see washington DC #1

5) I am a 6'-2" Male European & Latin Ancestry. I am 30yr There is no genetic problems in my family I am healthy D&D Free.  Well educated With a Masters. I am willing to help after helping a friend and seeing how happy she is. Best to contact me is by email:   Johnguire at gmail ;  I can help areas of VA,MD,DC



1)I am looking to help other have kids. I know that kids are a gift from god. I am able to help other and want to help others.

I am a white male with brownish blonde hair, green eyes.

 I am drug/disease free with documentation and regular testing to prove so, no major health problems or congenital defects, not in a relationship of any kind, and would gladly provide my sperm to a woman who wants a baby but doesn't want a man in her life, same sex couple, or a man/woman couple who is otherwise unable to get pregnant. I am also willing to help both women in a same sex couple.

 I have helped women many become pregnant.

I would not have unprotected sex with anyone while I am donating to you, and I would not be involved in your child's life after conception, unless you wanted me too. I am willing to impregnate you via NI.

 You must be drug/disease free. I ask that you also be drug free. Please have safe sex with others. I do. If I am doing NI then I get tested before and after every time I donate.

I want to make a difference in this world, and I believe that difference is giving someone the gift of a child with my sperm. Please contact me today if you are interested, and we can meet somewhere public to determine if I am a good fit for your needs.

Email me dellman1984 at live dot com. I live in Iowa City Iowa. But I can travel. SEP 15 2012

2) Will help any female, any race, natural insemination only. Have 6 grown children of my own. Email me at;



I am interested in becoming a donor either AI or NI.


Jonathan Gilbert

Richmond KY.



Young college athlete willing to help anyone in need. I'm African America, 5'10 or 5'11, 180, and I come from a healthy disease free family background. I've donated before, A.I didn't seem to work (not saying I won't do A.I. again). It's free so don't think you owe me anything just trying to help, so feel free to email me at if you live around the SD area.  MAy 19 2014



( Serious Donor *fee paid* ) ( post expiration  MAR 22 2016 ) 


ALL US LOCATIONS / more that 2 states 

1)unknow location
Name: jr
Comments: Hi there. I am willing to donate to either couples or singles. I know it's hard 
for thos who want one and can't have one. I also believe that it should be done through 
natural insemination just a GOD intended it to be. I understand those who say otherwise. 
Also I have had 6 successful inseminations all beautiful children. Never had any health 


Able to donate in DE, MD, PA and DC areas

I am an attractive experienced wm donor. I am 6'0 tall, 180, with brown hair and
brown eyes. Two successes so far. D&D free, prefer NI/PI. Email me if
interested: NOV 29 2012


I am a NI Sperm Donor looking to assist those who want to conceive.

My Location: Pacific NW (Greater Vancouver, Lower Mainland BC, Bellingham WA, Ferndale, WA, Victoria, get the idea) but willing to travel anywhere in the US and Can. In some cases, I will require my travel and living expenses covered but the Natural Insemination would still be free!

I have family/friends/connections in the following locations:
-SF Bay Area
-Greater Los Angeles Area
-San Diego Area
-Las Vegas, NV
-Tucson, AZ
-Dallas TX and Houston TX
-Tampa FL and Atlanta, GA area
-Queens NY, NY
-Calgary, AB Canada

Getting to these locations would not be too problematic for me as I have people to see in those areas anyways!

Quick Specs:
-57" Chest
-75" Reach
-size 12.5' - 13" feet
-Hispanic, Celtic/Norse, and Pacific Islander
-Black Hair
-Brown Eyes
-Light Complexion (Light, to light-med tan)
-Occupation: Light Computer Tech Support/Customer Service, Professional Entertainer, and often hired as a Bouncer/Security personnel on the side

If you'd like more information about me, please email me at:

When you do reply, please send the following:
-Description of yourself
-Pictures of yourself
-Location and if you can host or not, or accommodate travel expenses if necessary or depending on the situation   JUL:Y 13 2013