UK sperm donors


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UK sperm donors


if you want to be a sperm donor please e-mail your info to  "subject s.donor uk"

                                                      UK Sperm DONORS 

UK locations:

1)name:  Erik
complexion: fair, blue eyes, educated, athletic
Wishing to help with beautiful child or children and possibly keep in touch in best interests - open minded, gentleman.
UK can travel  , Various UK' Locations

2) i would love to become a sperm donor  i am 19 years of age am willing to help other families i am married live in private renting accomadation ! have 2 children of my own 1 boy who has blue eyes and fair hair and 1 girl blue eyes and fair hair i am 5ft 10 medium built blonde hair blue eyes i exercise regularly and am a groundsman for a living many  thanks please get back to me
many thanks clive-carling read

I am a 24 years old British asian man (Indian background).
5ft 9, Black hair, Brown eyes, Fair skinned.
Very fit.
No health problems.
Have got a masters degree.
Training to become an Accountant.
In process of joining Royal Marine Reserves.
Want to remain anonymous.
Can travel to any part of UK.

Hi, I am more then happy to help lesbian, straight couples single women with either AI or NI. I am 5'6", blue eyes and brown hair. You can email me at with any questions you may have


Friendly tall donor open to helping out ( 2014 )


Basic information:

29, blue eyes, dark blonde hair, (blond hair as a child), athletic, 6 feet 8, Dutch, university degree, no glasses, no drugs and no alcohol.

Language level:  English & Dutch & German: good. French & Spanish: beginner.

Things I’d like to spend time on: Sports, travelling& meeting new people, cooking, pets/animals, family, friends, movies, reading, painting, playing guitar.

I would describe myself as a modest, friendly and open person.

Health: no health problems, I’m doing sport a few times a week; I like running, swimming, hiking or team sports.

I have recent test results on paper( HIV & STD free & good fertility(high count and good mobility) & a DNA test & a full genetic screening for 90% of all genetic diseases know, this was over a 1000 pounds, everything was oké),  all on paper with my name, and the doctor who did the tests. It’s no problem to show my original passport and give you a copy of the tests so you can be sure it is all real. The HIV test is a HIV-DNA test, on a normal HIV test, HIV show up after 2-6 months if present.

Genetic family info: also no genetic diseases know, my family also knows i help other people getting children, they think it’s a positive thing.

Occupational family info: Ranging from farmer, doctors, teacher, architect, professional art painter and model.



The person I would like to help:

The mother should be a responsible parent, financially secure or at least have good family support, be healthy (not smoking or drinking) (a couple of drinks is oké, but not if you are pregnant of course). It should be nice to talk, and we should both have a good feeling about it. It should also be important to you who the donor is, not just any donor. I would like to help a maximum of 4-6 people in total,( or less ) I already helped one person with an IVF attempt, and she wanted to do all possible tests, so that’s why I already have everything on paper.


How I see things:


I would only be a donor, but a known donor; if he or she has questions you could tell things to the child or show a photo if you like, later on it is possible to meet me, if there is the need. For me it would be nice to know who the child is, what her or his name is and to get some pictures via e-mail. The child could meet me if he or she is 16 or older, if we all agree it can also be before 16.


If we would try we would first sign a donor agreement, so things are clear: I can’t claim the child & you can’t ask for child support. All costs associated with the attempt would be paid by the recipient (travel costs, hotel if needed, AI kit ) . We would also include our details and address to make sure we are able to reach each other later on. If someone moves: sent an update.


Practically there are several possibilities,

 -Clinic with frozen semen I could donate in a clinic and have it frozen, (it can be frozen and later used for IVF or IUI attempts)

- IUI with fresh semen (washed) semen injected directly into the uterus, in the hospital with the help of a doctor.  ( I would need to be present during the ovulation )

- AI (using an AI kit) I would go to the bathroom and give the semen in a cup. You ( and your partner) can do the AI.

I’m not a person that takes risks, so having unprotected sex is not possible. ( also known as NI )


I have been a donor before, so I know what to expect. I could travel to London, it’s not that expensive. Or you could visit me.

If you are interested you can send me an e-mail, telling a bit more about yourself and also include some photos. If you want me to reply please also tell your favorite food :-)) so I can be sure that you did read the whole ad, and did not sent the same e-mail to a bunch of people. 

After e-mail contact we could have a live conversation using video chat software or call.  So we get a more personal impression.


Looking forward to talking,

Kind Regards,

David  Mar 8 2014 


Hi my name is jason I'm 38 years old and from the north east of england I am happily married have been for over 10 years i have 6 children of my own with no health problems they all have blonde hair and blue eyes, I have brown hair, green eyes with a blue rim I'm 5ft 11 inch tall no health problems, above average intelligence, completed nine A levels, english, maths, physics, chemistry, modern studies, classical studies, history, geography, music and had awards and certificates for different subjects, I am willing to help single women, married couples and lesbians i am also willing to travel anywhere in the uk i have my own transport, available immediately. Please get in touch if interested. P.s me and my wife are trying for another aswell 

Hi I will donate sperm /UK


8) Hi I'm 35, I have  2 boys of my own and looking to help others for completely altruistic reasons. I have helped 3 others (2 couples and a single lady) and it has been an amazing feeling when each has become pregnant and I would love to help another:-) Anyway if you'd like to know more or have any general questions feel free to drop me a line. I'm in excellent health and exercise regularly to keep fit . best of luck anyway or msn.. take care and all the best

9 ) black male very clean from the birmingha area willing to be a sperm donor my email is reelbreeder@GMAIL.COM uk aston birmingham england westmidlands


Ni Donor Nottingham

I'm a 38m From Nottingham UK
I'm Willing To Help With Sperm Donations (Ni)
I Have Regular Health Checks
I'm A Honest Caring Person & Helpful
And Will Travel If Needed Too At Costs To Yourselves
Been Doing This For Just Over A Year Now
And Had Great Results
And Seen Some Very Happy People

Please Feel Free To Contact Me
If Not I Wish You ALL The Best Of Luck 
Sept 23 2013

Tall, friendly and intelligent white donor available.
Birmingham - West Midlands
My email address is


Nottingham/Midlands donor

Uk.. Sperm Donor  Now Free Due To A Person Postponing



Im a 36m From Nottingham UK
Im Willing To Help With Sperm Donations
Kind Honest Caring Person
Willing To Donate
And Will Travel If Needed Too
At Costs To Yourselves
Not Been Doing it Long But Got Some Great Results So Far 100%
And Some Happy people  (To Me That’s Priceless)
Please Come And chat If You Want To Know Anymore

Clinty2002 at msn dot com
If Not I Wish You ALL The Best Of Luck      JUNE 12 2012

13) Need a sperm donor?
Proven donor available for the whole UK.
University educated, tall and reliable, willing to help all singles and couples.
Contact me for more information via email. email :
Oct 9 2012

Had really good results in initial sperm bank donation so I decided to do this.

----- About me -----

29 years old, white european, 201 cm tall, 96 kg, good looking, blonde hair, blue eyes, quite fit, got M.A. in marketing from top university, work in digital media,
 based in London, not willing to travel outside of city, looking for proper $

I'm not willing to use the natural method unless you pay double.

Email: privatespermdonor at gmail dot com  OCT 23 2012


Hi, I am mak, 35 years old mature man (Indian Background). Want to donate fresh sperm.
5ft 11,Black hair,Black Eyes, Fair skin.I am a kind, loving and caring on top of that trustworthy person. I understand the family ties which build up with the children as I got 2. There is no health issues.I will be more happy if I can do any thing for others. I am available  during weekends as I am working as an examiner here in Leicester. I am willing to travel nationwide. please do contact on  JULY 3 2013

16) hi i am looking to donate sperm i live in leicester my email is  APRIL 2014 

1) I am blond and blue-eyed, was slightly more red-headed when young. Moderately good looking and of slightly above average IQ.  Have worked as a TV actor and as a Broadcasting technician. Currently running my own driver training business.

UK Born and now based near to Cambridge, I am happily married but, having travelled and lived abroad for may years, have left it too late to become a father with my present wife.

When younger I had no real urge to be a father - something I now regret.  It would be great to know that a little of my DNA would be around after I have gone - even if I were to have no contact with a resulting child. (Although that contact would be a welcome bonus!)

Asking for nothing in return other than the opportunity to donate by AI or NI  please contact me in strictest confidence at

Thank you


UK Locations
1) I'm a 47 year old male blond hair blue eyes offering free sperm to women out there to bring some joy in this world i live in Hampshire have own transport no expenses required love and light to you all   AUG 5 2012    sctaxisteve at googlemail dot com

2) Hi there,
I am 6ft 1, with brown hair, green eyes and a kind, intuitive nature.
I have proven fertility, and am happy to provide sperm for either Artificial Insemination or to use the natural method, depending on the requirements of the mummy to be. I would like to help someone who cannot normally conceive, with my natural fertility.
I am healthy, clean and in Edinburgh.
My email address is:
JMcLeodScot at gmail dot com sep 3 2012



Donor, UK. April 2013

Caucasian. Ethnic group would be Anglo-Saxon English, Blue eyes, 5 foot 11 inches, dark brown hair, weight- 82 kgs medium build, fit.  Average IQ 129, Reasoning IQ 135. Much better looking than most men.

Married 31 years, three healthy children now having children of their own.

Only just applied to be a donor, April 2013. No other donor children as yet.

Educated to honors degree in Engineering then PG to teach. Been teaching at KS3 and KS4 physics and math’s in school in my area.

Have lived in Staffordshire all of life.

Interests are outdoor adventure, mountain biking, hang gliding, and sailing.

My nature is easy going. Have to be being a teacher.

Reason for being a donor- I love children, having children has been a joy. If I can help anyone else to have that joy, it is worth it.

Only interested in AI.

Health- I am 54 years old though do not look it.  My sports keep me fit.  At this age I have a proven track record, of health, through life. Only time in hospital was through a flying accident. No genetic family diseases.


Any questions, email ‘’, 07508934755  Carl


Hi, I'm Dan
I'm a 33 years old black American male, I'm 6ft tall, over 200 lbs and athletic. I'm currently living in Scotland with my wife. I'm willing to donate anywhere in the UK if my traveling expenses are paid for. My email is, email me for more details and for meeting arrangements. JULY 4 2013


Hello, my name is Joe, I am white British, 29 years old, 6 foot 7 in height and have black hair and green/blue eyes. I have no health problems (I’ve never visited a hospital once in my life!). I’m university educated and have a good professional job. I have donated to a sperm clinic and meet the criteria for donating there. I have a high sperm count with strong motility. I am based in Kent, but can travel to surrounding areas in the South-East (Sussex, Surrey, London). Any further afield needs discussion.
I’m willing and happy to help out anybody who needs to start a family. Discretion is guaranteed. I would prefer to donate via AI, and don’t wish to have any contact with the child after conception.  AUG 4 2013

7) Location lancashire

Age 31
Name koysur

Hi im asian male tall dark father of 3 beutifull boys willing to donate and help all women who want to start a fammily plz email me if u need my help

Im a Good looking White/Genuine/Healthy/Brown Grey Hair/Blue Eyes/Friendly/Non Smoker . Im a Happily married father of 3 Healthy  kids . I live in the Scottish Borders ,but I can travel for the right people . If you feel that I could help you ?  NOV 2014 



( Serious Donor *fee paid* ) ( post expiration  JULY 25 2016 )

2) London, Jewish sperm donor, AI
am mid-40s, a medical doctor, Jewish (Ashkenasi) and married with 3 children of my own, based in London, UK. I do think children are fun, and enrich life, and so would be happy to donate to a lesbian couple, hetero couple or someone single. I am 165cm/70kg, with black hair and green/brown eyes. I enjoy travel - Last successes through artificial insemination (AI) were in Oct 09 (one on 1st, one on 3rd cycle of AI). If interested, please mail me at navevi04@yahoo.
Kind regards,
Frank (FQ)

Well Hello There I Am A Young White Male Aged 17 ( 18 in January 14th).

i live in london - nw10 -brent 

my features : im white, 5ft 8, 73kg , blue eyes , black hair ( Was blonde till age of 12 - slowly turned black),  im more to the middle/left side wing of politics , im at a league level in a sports : table tennis .

i have no STD'S or genetic problems or disabilities.

i am willing to take the test// accept any questions from the person requiring the donation.

However if the travel is outside london or over 1 hour and half by bus from my area -( i will need travel costs for train or coach etc)

i will not require any cash for my self as its a kind gesture as a human being should not be striped of the right or be in the situation not allowing them to have any//make it hard to.

If they want to contact me please do my phone - 07582212951 or by my hotmail -


Paul James,
Hi all
I am a healthy father of two lovely children.  I would like to help women and couples who also want children.  I'm tall, fit, educated good at sport and music.  Would prefer the highest levels of anonymity possibility.  Please get in touch, I will respond sensitively to all emails. I live in London and can travel a little way.

My name is Jon, I'm 41, 6ft 3, dark brown hair and brown eyes. I exercise 
regularly and eat healthily. I'm married and have children of my own, and am 
willing to help individuals or couples by donating on a no contact basis, 
ideally in the London and home counties area. Feel free to contact me at to discuss further and I'll be happy to answer any 
questions you have.  FEB 22 2013 

6)I am a healthy 25 years old Asian male (south Asian origin, not Chinese), with a highly fertile sperm count. I am 5"9 tall, brown eyes, average build (12 stones), non smoker and non drinker. I have no health problems and nor does any of my close relative.
Your skin colour, religion, ethnic background, size or disability is not an issue; I am willing to donate to anyone who is need of a healthy baby, as long as you can provide the baby with love, care and happiness.
I do not need money for my contribution or for travel expense.
Confidentially; you may seek ‘No contact with child after conception’. And that is fine with me. Or if you want me around for that male role-model; ‘a little contact with child as a far distant uncle’ that’s okay with me as well. I can sign a contract if needed.
My privacy; (1) I do not want the child and anyone else to know that I am the biological father. (2) I am not responsible for child financially nor a parent.
I can travel to anywhere in London. I can come in a short notice, as my work is quite flexible during the day. But my night shift can be erratic sometimes, so I’ll need at least a weeks’ notice if we are to meet in the evening (shift usually starts at 8pm).
Any questions Email me on

I am a well educated professional man aged 38 working in London and living in the Thames Valley.
I have 4 children (3 girls and a boy) of my own and adore being a parent.
I'd describe myself as caring, intelligent, with a love of life, and a huge range of interests from sports, keeping fit, reading, & socialising
Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss whether I might be a suitable donor for you.
I have helped a number of single women and couples in recent years, and pride myself on offering a fair degree of emotional support and commiment through the process of seeking to conceive.
I can demonstare a clean bill of health, and am happy to discuss whether you wish to conceive on either an AI or NI basis.
My email addess is


I am 26 year old Asian donor with no health issues, willing to donate to anyone needing sperm for conception in london.
I do not require any payment, nor any involvement in Childs life.

My service will be private & discreet
Especially willing to help eastern origin (indian, pakistani, bengali, irainin etc) recipient; who find it harder to get donors because of the social barrier.
And in the extreme circumstance (such as the cultural & religious barrier where marriage is required) I can agree to a temporary marriage provided we have an written agreement. 

I am willing to be a sperm donor-in order to help others to enjoy the same joys that I have had being a father.
There would be a few criteria which would need to be met for your security and mine
Firstly are you financially stable?
Even though Iwill be helping to create a life -it must be done totally anonymously-would you be happy with this?
Unfortunately I am only willing to go with white woman only-sorry.
I will be charging a fee for my services
I am also only prepared to donate(NI) my sperm with a woman no partners(sorry but I don't want to get involved with any fantasies etc)
A bit about myself - I'm married (10years) have 3 stunning children all with exceptionlly high IQ's . I am very sporty which can be seen with all my children-I'm about 1.78m tall and about 96kg's,white and well educated -still playing rugby.
Currently residing in London
If you are still interested please email me your contact number and we can discuss further.
My email address:

10) Name: Max,

Hi there. I'd like to help couples or singles conceive. Whatever your race, 
sexuality, or situation, it doesn't matter to me.

About me: I look Mediterranean, with brown eyes and dark, straight hair but I'm 
actually a complex fusion of European and South and East Asian ethnicities, I 
can give more detail if you email me. I'm 5ft11, broad shouldered but of average 
weight. You can judge my handsomeness. My IQ has been professionally tested at 
120, though my abilities in verbal reasoning push 140. My intelligence is my 
favourite attribute.

As I said, I'm looking to help. So get in touch, and see if we are a good fit. 
Based in London

I am a 27 year old gay lad who has been hearing alot recently about friends trying to get pregnant. As i have alot (sperm) going to waste then i thought i could do the decent thing and help out others who are not so lucky.
I am a degree educated, sport, and disease free lad. I currently split my time between London and Manchester, so either area. I am 5ft 11, blue eyes, brown hair.Willing to take any tests etc required. My family have no inherited diseases that i am aware of.
I have thought about having kids myself or co-parenting, but i am more than happy to just be a donor also!
Anyways if you would like more information, get in touch and we can start the conversation.

12)Hi there,


Professional working in London (in the legal sector).


I am a 6"2 Professional white male (British), willing to be a sperm donor for the right person.


I work in the Legal Sector in London, providing IT Consultancy.


I am athletic, run marathons, play squash and drink moderately.


I have a beautiful daughter who is very active and there’s never a dull moment!


You can email me at:






15 )
Black afro carib donor based in London. i have successfully donated in the past 
& have recently been tested for HIV, all STDs. i will travel within reasonable 
distance. Feel free to get in touch if you are serious. x

16 )Name: smith
Comments: Man Aged 40,north london,united willing to be Sperm
Donor.I have recently had a test for Aids,HIV,Stds....which is negative
persons Race,Religion,Ethnity...Etc...

I am Victor, B Utienyi, 31 year old AFRICAN donor with no health issues, willing to donate to anyone needing sperm for conception in London(UK).
I do not require any payment, nor any involvement in Childs life.

My service will be private & discreet
Especially willing to help AFRICAN origin recipient; who find it harder to get donors because of the social barrier.
And in the extreme circumstance (such as the cultural & religious barrier where marriage is required) I can agree to a temporary marriage provided we have an written agreement.


Black sperm donor based in London UK. Available to donate to single or married female. I am happy to discuss a co-parenting role or no involement. (mixed).

Hi, I am Caucuasian, 6'-6'1. Light brown hair, blue eyes, light/toned body type. No know medical problems. 
I have donated before and can provide negative tests for STI, and other diseases.
I live in London, but willing to travel within the UK at my expense.
If interested, or want to see pictures, send me an email :
adaniels1414 at gmail
 20 ) Genuine charismatic handsome fit healthy male model and entrepreneur 39 based in London offering sperm donation:
By way of introduction-I am a full-time photographic model/presenter and creative entrepreneur based in SW London and I am available to privately donate my sperm to a very deserving lady.

Due to my previous,vast wealth of experience and for my own personal reasons I would prefer to offer my sperm donation to a single lady as opposed to a couple (either female or male/female) and I apologise in advance if this seems unfair or discretionary but this is my preferred choice.

I would imagine that the prefered method of donation is AI as opposed to NI which I fully understand and am totally cool with,however I am open to both A.I. and N.I. methods of insemination and have actually used the NI method with some donations at our mutual discretion.Incidently with regard to NI method I feel it poignant to point out that I have NEVER had an STD am very regularly/thoroughly checked out at my local GU clinic.

We can of course discuss the preferred method of your insemination in privacy and at your discretion when we chat after initial contact....

For your assurances I have also recently donated successfully in the past and most recently to a lady in December 2011 who happily conceived after my second ejaculation and donation,also March 2012 and even more recently conception in June 2012!!

I have also successufully donated to several other ladies in complete anonymity and discreet confidence over the past few years.

I am English,totally straight in sexual orientation being hetrosexual, a very fit,healthy,effervescent,active 39 years of age with dark hair,blue/green eyes,5 11" tall with a slim,toned athletic physique.

I regularly train at my local gym/practise yoga so therefore in very good health and I have just had a complete sexual health check with total negative results at my local GU clinic too!!

I have thought it prudent to have regular check-ups at the GUM clinic throughout my adult sexual life and have NEVER had an STD in all that time for your complete reassurance once again.

There are no contra-indications or previous genetic medical history problems in my family background or history.

My personality is charismatic,charming,totally approachable being extremely modest,very friendly and down-to-earth,sympathetic,outgoing,confident and I am a complete "social chameleon" able to adapt to any given situation.

I am very articulate,well-spoken,eloquent,highly intelligent,quintessentially aware with terrific sense of humour too!!

Intriguingly and interestingly enough,I am also a member of MENSA with a naturally very high IQ which you might consider important in my genes so please do not be fooled by my modelling career as I have a thirst for knowledge which I regularly quench and I am also very entrepreneurial in business as well as my artistic pursuits.

My reasons for wishing to donate are simply that I can not see myself settling down with a girlfriend/wife this side of 40 but like the idea that I have brought a life into the world!!

I am NOT seeking ANY active or passive involvement after donating my sperm whatsoever and once I have successfully made my donation then that would be our final contact.

I am NOT seeking any payment or financial gain from my sperm donation.

I look forward to hearing from all genuine enquiries and I am prepared to travel with expenses taken into consideration.
Please contact me directly with any questions and enquiries that you might have and in complete confidence as I am very discreet and we can roll the dice from there.....

I am also happy to supply you with one of my model websites for your perusal once we have made initial contact and established a level of mutual trust combined with discretion.

Please feel free to contact me in the very strictest confidence with your initial enquiry and any further questions that you might have regarding the process and I will be more than happy to answer by return.May I also ask you to contact me directly via my personal email address as opposed to the message system on the website or by leaving a public thread in response thus preserving our mutual privacy......

magicalquest at
Thanking you in advance and assuring you of my best attention at all times.......

Kind regards and good luck if you do not choose myself for your donations

xx  AUG 5 2012

London  and South East
I am looking for a genuine sperm recipient.
I am a caucasian male of athletic build (160lbs)
5'10" tall, healthy and clean (d&d free).
I have blue/grey eyes, fair complexion with dark blonde hair.
I am Intelligent, creative, sensitive, friendly.
I am extremely discrete and happy to be an anonymous donor.
I have potent sperm count with strong motility. I am a father of wonderful children.
Please e-mail me at:  ladyfinger23 at gmail dot com or phone me at 07508 355 484
Genuine recipients only please.  AGU 22 2012

I am Jack a single - male from London.
I am 26 well educated with two master degrees and a batchelor degree from top universities.
I am ready to conceived via AI+PI and via NI too if that can change your life.
I am 6ft tall with dark brown hair and brown eyes and a medium build. I have a very easy going personality and a good sense of humour. I am genuine reliable discreet honest and non pushy.
My hobbies and sport - Football, Chess, Photography, Reading, Cricket, Squash.
I am happy to help out to gift a life.
Happy to discuss your requirements, be honest with me and you will receive honesty in return.
Thank you
healthy sperm donor via AI - PI - NI
Hope you get your wish  JAN 22 2013


A candidate for a donor of sperm.
I am 30 years old, 181 cm, 83kg, brown eyes, attractive appearance.
Blood 0RH-

Matura, freelancer, above-average intelligence.

I've tested the sperm donation Sperm Bank in London. I am healthy and prolific.

I have children in Poland, England and Peru. They are healthy and strong.

I live in London. Opportunity to come to me.

Fertilization is done by insemination or natural in a comfortable atmosphere.

Feel free to contact the
e-mail; ja.spermdoner @ for more info.

  FEB 24 2012



I am a 44 year old male ion London uk,I work in the financial sector and am willing to donate my sperm for any couple requiring a recipient.
I have already done ivf several times,and with success,all tests then have been taken.
I have dark brown hair,blue eyes,atletic built and 1meter 73.Everyone thinks I am very good looking.
you can email me at motherachild at gmail dot com.  JAN 2 2014


Subject: Dream Maker
Let me tell you a bit about myself, I'm 38 years old, I'm Caucasian
I have Green Eyes and dark Brown Hair, My height is around 5'7" and Average build
I am clean and healthy and i am clean of all STD's (HIV/AIDS)
I do many sports and go to my local sport center
i have many hobbies my beat is playing the piano that i have been doing for over 12 years
I am a NI donor based near London. However I will travel to most areas of South East Of England at my own expense 60 miles around london
I only Donate to mainland England
I say dream donor in my subject title as I am different form the rest. As I have always wanted to help make somebody dream come true.
I also never let anybody down or disappoint.
I have been a donor for over 7 years as a private donor, and before then i have been with a sperm bank
In the time i have been donating Privately i have made 5 lady's dreams come true 2 boys and 3 girls
I also believe this should be done as simple and hassle free as possible. In a very friendly but very professional manner too.
If you like what you read and interest in my AD send me a message.
I would be delighted to hear form you and Delighted to help you
You can email me on and see what we can sort out. 

Please add the Subjest of "Sperm Donor" 
I have had Problems in the past when it comes to the 18-19 year old bracket and i no longer
help anyone between that age 
Same sex that are ok with the natural Method, couples are very welcome.
However please bear in mind I believe in the natural method of conception.
Or NI. this is the way mother nature made.
There is Please don't wait any longer, as the solution is right here.
Give me a try you will not be disappointed I Guarantee it.
I can help with just donating or i would be interested in co-perenting.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
JULY 13 2013


I am Harry a single - male from London.
I am 28, educated with couple of master degrees and a batchelor degree from top uni's.
I am ready to conceived via AI+PI and via NI to make your dream come true.
I am 6ft tall with dark brown hair and brown eyes and a medium build.
My hobbies and sport - Football, Chess, Photography, Reading, Cricket, Squash.
I am happy to help you to gift you a life.
Happy to discuss your requirements, be honest with me and you will receive honesty in return.
Thank you 
healthy sperm donor via AI - PI - NI
Hope you get your wish.
Good Luck :)   JUNE 11 2014

26)  White male, slim build (165lbs) 5'10" tall. 
Blue/grey eyes, fair complexion, dark blonde hair.
Creative, sensitive, friendly, intelligent, 
45 yrs old, fit, healthy, clean (d&d free).
Potent sperm count with strong motility. Fathered 3 healthy children. 
Would prefer NI as I believe it far more effective but willing to use AI. 
Happy to help foreign females / couples visiting UK who desire swift impregnation.
Very discrete and anonymous and your privacy fully respected.  
London / South East but can travel. 
Please contact -  OCT 2014


Hai.I want to donate my sperm FREE for noble cause of making ladies pregnant to become mother, with out any legal commitments to me. I am 53 Location: London,U.K.Those interested can send me the mail. Pregnancy is assured as 1 healthy kid. Only Indian Mothers are preferred. Good Luck!  NOV 2014 

North UK:
1)Name: John
Comments:Genuine donor (quite ok with donating for AI) with recent successes;six foot tall, brown hair, hazel eyes, graduate;
based in the North of England (I have connections in the South and South West which make donation there feasible, and am generally willing to travel.)
STD tested;open to no contact, or to occasional visits from a very early age, as you wish. Very comfortable with all varieties of recipient; happy to meet up and discuss issues, (prefer this to lengthy email exchanges)

2)Hi my name is Andy I'm 39 years old and from the North West of England.

I am happily married have been for over 10 years I have 3 children of
my own with no health problems they all have blonde hair and blue
eyes.  They are 16, 7 & 3 - all doing extremely well at school and the
3 year old is already showing signs of being bright too.

I have light brown hair, green eyes.  I'm 5ft 11 inch tall no health
problems, above average intelligence educated to Masters level and am
a medical professional.

I am willing to help single women, married couples and lesbians.

Please get in touch if interested. AI or NI



Hi there,
I am a 6ft 1 donor based in Edinburgh. I have dark brown hair, green eyes, a good temperament and graduate education.
I have proven fertility - 3 kids of my own.
I am willing to help with either Natural Insemination or Artificial Insemination.
I am only going to help a few folk, due to ethical considerations, but if you want a baby, you could try e-mailing me to find out more:
JMcLeodScot at gmail dot com ,   sep 16 2012

Location: catterick, North Yorkshire, uk Message: I am willing to donate my sperm for anyone wanting to try for a baby. I'm a healthy 32 year old and I do have kids. I have no illness or infections. I live a active lifestyle. I will donate ai or ni whatever you want. So get in touch. Email: Name: stu AUG 23 2013

Hi i would like to become a sperm doner, brown hair ,brown eyes, come from a very healthy background, i live in the lanarkshire area , Hamilton, if you think i can help get in touch , DEC 23 2013 
Local FREE AI Sperm donation discreet, serving women in Newcastle,York, Sunderland, Middlesbrough, Hartlepool, Durham, Leeds and North Yorkshire areas covering the whole of the North. Providing sperm donor service to infertile couples, lesbians and singles for those wishing to start or expand a family.Cumbria,West and South Yorkshire and Lincolnshire considered... Will accept suitable recipients from anywhere.

Understanding and Discreet 
High mobile sperm count 140+ million per ml 
Healthy and Active 
Never smoked or done drugs 
Siblings provided 
Cycle Attempts until BFP 
100% non miscarriage rate as of September 2014 
Recent "all clear" sti checks (as expected) 
Local Meeting beforehand if required 
No travel expenses for much of the North East

White British Isles 
6 foot tall and slim/medium build, blue eyes, brown hair
Hard working and successful 
Emotionally and Intellectually Intelligent 
Good sense of humour 
Hobbies and interests including cycling, theatre, cinema,photography, comedy, playing sports, drawing, poetry (reading and writing)

Will donate to genuine recipients who do not smoke and are teetotal while trying to conceive (partner must also not smoke).

twitter: @upnorthdonor
BBM: 7E278BF6    SEP 2014 

North East ( Yorkshire) :


My name is Neil, I'm single, educated, 47 years old and live in mid Lincolnshire. I am 5ft 8in tall, average build, lt brown hair and blue eyes. I was married for 16 years, and produced 2 happy, healthy children, and would like to offer my sperm to others who are not able to have a child on their own. I'm happy to do NI or AI, and as I have my own house and live alone, AI can be done in the same room or  next door to guarantee freshness. Partners can accompany you if you wish. I am doing this to help others and not for any financial reward, and seek no part in the childs life.
Hope to hear from you soon


My name is Matt. I am 20 years old currently in my final year at University studying for a degree in Computer Information Systems (BSc).
I am 5'7'' with brown eyes and dark blond/auburn hair and well educated. I am physically fit and quite an active person.
I would love to help someone have a child. I can stay anonymous or stay in touch. I am STI-Free.

I am from Yorkshire, and I also live part time in Lincoln whilst at University. Travelling isn't a problem.
My Email Address is: ( no email  )   for anyone who would like any information.


3)Infertile Couples
Single Women
Lesbian Couples
North East of England
Siblings provided
Convenient Times
Unlimited* Donation Attempts until BFP =)
Discreet and Understanding
High mobile sperm count 140+ million

Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham, Hartlepool, Darlington, York, Harrogate, Middlesbrough, Redcar, Northallerton, Thirsk, Whitby, Teesside, North Yorkshire, Tyne and Wear

Aged 36
6 foot tall, medium build
Brown hair , blue eyes, strong jaw line (I'm told)
Never done drugs
Never smoked

AI preferred
No travel expenses for much of North East

contact  APRIL 2014 

Central UK:

31 year old man from shropshire,
single average build 5'9" with light brown hair and blue eyes
fully std tested and in good health
message me:


Resides in Bedfordshire
51 years old/electrical engineer / born british citizen/ex south africa
Caucasian/Dark Blue eyes /dark brown grey temples slightly curly hair /blonde till early twenties.
5ft 10in tall 110 kg fit and healthy
e mail;


could you put this in a Central UK section.
Fit, tall, reliable and educated donor available.
Email :
Near those areas:
  • Worcester
  • Birmingham
  • Coventry
  • Warwick 
  • Hereford
  • Gloucester
  • Cheltenham
  • Oxford
  • Wales
  • Swindon
  • Bristol
  • London
  • and international
June 2013

i am a healthy 21 year old guy i can travel and based in leicester city im of caucasian decent 6"tall slender/athletic i am at uni at the moment i have black hair and hazel eyes i want to donate sperm you give you the baby you want please let me know if you are interested or have any questions/concerns my email is   AUG 23 2013

hi. im paul.
im 43 from Swindon and an carpenter . im 511ft  dark hair greenish eyes med build im a divorced father of 2
and I want to help other childless women  or couples have the baby of there dreams as I have with my two.i wish to donate the natural way
as ai seems a bit strange to me masterbateing into a pot doesn't seem natural but hey each to there own, im healthy never smoked or done drugs. so if you are interested mail me at  AUG 23 2013

1) Name: Mark Hier
Comments: Hi, I from South Wales, United Kingdom.I am currently helping single women, lesbians and married couples in making their dreams come true.I am STD free and my sperm count is good. You can view the test results upon request at anytime.I am available for A.I. (artificial inseminations)only, and all I ask for is help towards my travel costs or any other expenses that might occur i.e. medical etc...
So if I can be of any help to you then please get in touch.My website is:


hi im paul 45 nr newport south wales  im 5f11in dark hair, brownish eyes, musculer build, white and born in wales
i have 2 boys with my ex wife and im willing to donatemy sperm via ni/pi donation with no contact with the child
i am fit and healthy with no history of illness in my family . im willing to travel and take a up to date sti check
please feel free to mail me for any more info at paulbarney90 at gmail dot com  AUG 22 2012 

Northern Ireland:
My name is John and I in from Northern Ireland. I am happy to donate sperm either for AI or NI. I am well educated and quite good at sports.

Bournemouth :

My name is John and I am a successful Bournemouth donor now available to help those who for any reason need a donor.  AI or NI
University educated 49 yrs young. Dark brown hair hazel eyes 5' 7" ish and 140lbs.
Professional job in finance. No parental involvement expected but would like updates and photos along with lunch on me now and again.
Contact me if interested at:
 Regards , John

South East:
1)Hi my name is Jaroslaw and I am a donor of the sperm. I am 33 years old man. I 
have a dark hair and brown eyes, 192cm( 6,4 ft.) higher and 90 kg ( 198,4 lb. )
weight. I come from Poland. There I grown up and finished University. I have a
degree medical education. I am veterinary surgeon. I living and working in U.K.
( Scunthorpe – LINCOLNSHIRE / YORKSHIRE / HUMBERSIDE) now. My sperm has good
parameters and the high vitality of spermatozoa. I do not transfer any genetic
defects and diseases. If you seeking donor of the sperm or you have any
additional questions do not hesitate to contact with me by e-mail. I wish good
day for you.

The vaginal insemination with the use of the sterile syringe. I have a clean
serologic status ( HIV, HBs, VDRL, HPs, CMV, Hepatitis B/C, Gonorrhoea,
Chlamydia ) negative.

Contact details:

Skype: veterinarysurgeon

East Yorkshire & Humber area.
AI donations.
Clean, screened, tried & tested.


South UK
Im Simon
Im a healthy sperm donor age 44 from nr bristol.  I have fatherd 5 children so far three with my ex wife
and two with  ladys i have donated too in the past. All the children are very healthy and bright and the older ones of mine
have done very well in school and collage. Im a white english born male standing 5ft10in dark hair green eyes
and musculer rugby type build.For work i run my own plant hire company which takes me all over the country
 so traveling is no problem for the woman or couple . my sperm is very fertile both the ladys i helped got pregnant
after only one donation each and my ex wife only had to wink at me and she was expecting lol . But if you are
interested you need to know im an NI/PI donor.  I can get any std checks you want  i dont smoke or do drugs
and try to live a healthy life style. if you do want me to donate then i would not whish to have any contact with
child im purley and simply a sperm donor thats all! i have my three childern and i love them dearly.So once you
are pregnant i would want all contact deatails deleted, if you are interested and want to know more please
feel free to mail me at and i will reply.
                                                                           Thanks Simon


I'm Dave, I'm a sperm donor, based in Bristol, happy to help lesbian or straight couples with AI, and single women with either AI or NI.

I'm 1.8m tall, 100kg, educated at TOP uk universities, former member of Mensa, Father to 7 healthy kids, a nice guy, helpful, easy to chat with, and I'm always polite to my mother(!).

If you wish to contact me, I can be reached at:

No journalists please(!)

Good luck ladies!



HI, I'm 21, White English, 6.3", average, fit and healthy build, active job, don't drink, smoke or do drugs, and eat very healthy, I'm well educated and have many qualifications in IT And management. I have two children, one boy and one girl (one English Girl, one mixed Asian Boy), both healthy and well.
I am now living in Milton Keynes, I donate via AI, NI, PI,  I can send a STD Certificate when needed.

If you not live local please do contact, as i can travel about sometimes.


Please get in touch if interested in knowing more.  JAN 2 2013 

hi im simon 44   a single father of 3 happy healthy children plus I have fatherd another via donation to help a couple
from nr Bristol but a I can travel im white English born 5ft10in green eyes muscular stocky build. im healthy tested and willing to donate my sperm via ni/pi with no contact with the child we make im just a donor if this is what you are looking for then please
email me at  DEC 2 2013 

Good Looking Scottish Successful Donor (100% success rate)
Willing To Help With Sperm Donations
No Fees.
Natural Insemination only.
Descretion Assured and Expected.  JULY 15 2014 

I am a 45 year old donor living in Hampshire. I have had a successful donor pregnancy in the past and would love to be able to help a few more prospective mothers achieve their dream. I have donated by AI in the past and am happy to use this method if it is your preference. If you want another method than I am happy to discuss and see if it is possible.
I am well educated, tall, average build with brown eyes. 
I can travel within a reasonable distance, east to Havant area and west to the Bournemouth area.
Any questions you would like to ask feel free. Email
August 2014

 hi im simon 45 nr Bristol and im a healthy proven tested ni/pi sperm donor . im white English born
5ft11in dark hair green eyes  muscular build. I have fathard  7 children so far  3 with my ex wife and 4 via donation and all very bright healthy children,.  I can travel south west/swales/wilts/mids. this is an up date of my other add on here but lost my password to log in to my hot mail account, . so if I can help please feel free to mail me at   thanks. Simon  DEC 2014 
1)Hi , i would be interested in becoming a sperm donor. I live in Mid Devon and try to be fit and healthy. Rob

2 Wales and South West
Hi, im from Cardiff South Wales.
I'm 6'2, Athletic, Brown hair and eyes,
Well educated with degree and masters and am also an ex international sports player.
Most important thing is I have done this before and I have grade 1 (a) motility semen.
Obviously if you are serious about this we can talk more.
I look forward to hearing from you if interested.
email is

3) healthy attracive fertile proven sperm donor, im paul a white english male 43 from nr gloucester im 5ft11in dark hair green eyes muscler build and
im willing to donate via NI  mail me on  for more info


Scottish Donor

1)'Hey there, Scottish Donor here. 

I am 6'2 tall, brown hair and eyes.

Well educated and working full time.

Please get in touch for more information, thank you.'  DEC 02 2013 

2) Hi, thanks for looking at my message. I am a new donor from Glasgow, Scotland, 
I have brown hair and eyes. Over six foot tall and enjoy many sports.
I am University educated and own my own home and always in full time employment. 
No history of family diseases.
I look forward to helping you.
Please call me John
Glasgow, Scotland, UK   NOV 2014

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