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Donors in New Zealand:


Hello My name is Edward
 I am 43 years old.I live in Wellington NZ.I am in good health .Never been to a hospital.Never had any broken bones nor cavities and I have no allergies.I do not drink or smoke.I still have my hair and all my teeth.I am an (o positive ) blood type
 I am happy to be a sperm donor to any women or lesbien couple that wish to create a family

2) Hello my name is James White I am 20 years old, and in good health. My home town is Wellington New Zealand,
and I am interested in becoming a sperm donor. The reason for this is a friend of mine had trouble with her own fertility.
I saw how difficult this was on her, however she was eventually gifted with a child. I never forgot how happy it made her,
 and I can only hope that I get a chance to make other people that happy. Please get back to me :)  DEC 23 2013


Due to circumstances my wife is not able to conceive children. 
I turned 40 last March and it evoked a lot of thought regarding my lack of 
contribution to life and an end of my direct DNA. Giving this additional 
thought, I started to think about couples or single ladies in a similar 
situation and where I could donate my sperm, to help create a life. 

I'm a fit, 40 year old, six ft tall, educated, company director.



Wellington,  New Zealand. April 2014 


Name: Daniel


I am a 48 year old European man living in Wellington. I am 183cm tall, green-grey eyes,  in good health, non-smoker and std free. I already have 3 beautiful and healthy children. 

I would like to give my sperm in order to help any women or couple to create a family, LGTB or straight.

Do not hesitate to contact me; I am open to discuss your needs, requirements and preferences with a view of reaching an amicable agreement between
 all parties.   JAN 2016


i am a white male fit and strong
My service as a donar NI that is sexual intercource
for women of any race.....
I am in christchurch New Zealand
my service is free click for picture   



Hi, I'm Henry.

I'm a young man (25), who is willing and able to provide sperm to couples or women who are in need. I am tall (6'5"), white and educated (bachelors degree, so far), I don't
 smoke or do drugs (I drink, but am by no means a heavy drinker) and am physically (and mentally) fit. 
I am currently based in Rotorua, though I am able to travel to some extent, and I'm up to Auckland to see family on occasion. I am simply looking to help out women and
 couples who need a donor to help them bring a beautiful kid or two into the world. I am very much open to multiple donations, so that siblings can have the same father.
NB: Although I'm straight, I'm very much an LGBT ally, and have no qualms whatsoever with donating to lesbian couples — I only say this because I was shocked to learn
 that some people choose not to donate to lesbian women.
Please email me at to get in touch, or just to ask questions.
DEC 2015


My name is Matt I'm a 27 year old Engineer / Roofer-Rigger and scaffolder Currently residing in Auckland New Zealand .

I'm of European decent and around 6ft6 "198cm" tall and of solid build .

I'm a proud father of 3 girls which are topping respective grades and have 0 health problems .

I come from a family with a long life expectancy the oldest being 104 and still have both sets of grand parents and 2 great grand parents .

I'm willing to help both straight and lesbian females archive there goal of having children would however prefer natural insemination and would consider multiple
 donations to same women / couple.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via email
Kind Regards for you're time.  JAN 2017


Sperm Donor based in Auckland

Name: Shiv


I am a 47 year old male, l am 5.8 tall, average built, grey hair, intelligent Kiwi Indian. I am education consultant. No health issues, I am looking to offer my sperm to a small number of couples who are in need. I already have a 6 year old wonderful daughter, so I don’t have any desire to be involved with the child/children but would be open to the idea of meeting "if" the child desires, but only if/when the child is at an age which seems appropriate. I am based in Auckland, New Zealand and I am open to discuss your needs, requirements and preferences with a view of reaching an amicable agreement between all parties.

Please contact me to discuss further
MAR 1 2013


Auckland North Shore, mature male, anglo-saxon, celtic and possibly viking decent, fair complexion, healthy, no STDs, high IQ, university post graduate, said to be good looking!, willing to provide sperm by natural means to a healthy woman wishing to conceive.  No subsequent contact required other than notification of success.  Email JULY 4 2013

I'm a married 38 year old with a wonderful 8 year old son who makes me 
so happy that I'd like to help others experience the joy of having a 
child of their own.

I've passed all the fertility clinic tests and had a donor counselling 
session together with my wife who thinks it's lovely that I'm a donor. 
I've previously donated sperm for one couple through Fertility Plus in 
Auckland and I'd like to find another couple (either heterosexual or 
lesbian) to donate to through a clinic.

Both my wife and I are comfortable with me meeting or having occasional 
contact with any children. Or if you'd rather have no contact that's 
also fine.

I'm a quiet and reserved person, easy-going, optimistic, intelligent 
(was Dux of my school & have a Masters degree), never smoked, rarely 
drink, born in NZ, have English & Scottish ancestors, 179 cm tall, 68 
kg, dark brown hair, blue eyes, and in good physical health.

I spend my spare time with my family, mostly doing things my son also 
enjoys such as bush walks, soccer, and playing board games together.

If you're interested, contact me at with a bit of 
information about you and I'll share more details about myself, 
including photos.

Matt, Auckland, November 2014.

6) hey im a healthy greenish blue eyed 6" 2' brown haired fit healthy european with all health checks, nonsmoker nondrugs etc..

keen to help with any donations. contact me if interested.
im very flexible and open on anything.
Im an engineer marine scientist businessman based in auckland, i do business and travelling overseas alot. so would be interested if your genuine.
very excited to donate.
take care
cheers  Apr 2015 


Hi, I’m Lofty

I am of Maori/Scottish decent,   43yrs 5’11, athletic muscular, fit and healthy (University educated) working in the Health and Fitness Industry as a Manager/Trainer; also trained Latin Dance teacher, performer, musician (Singer) and actor (theatre & screen). I have olive skin, dark brown hair, and brown eyes and dimpled cheeks (a family trait from my mother). I don’t smoke and rarely drink alcohol; considered good looking and intelligent, or smart by my friends.  Excelled in variety of sports IE rugby, soccer, softball, cricket, gym; English and art at school. 


I would like to offer my sperm to women/couples who are in need. I don’t have any desire to be involved with the child/children but would be open to the idea of meeting "if" the child/Parent desires. I am based in Auckland, New Zealand and I am open to discuss your needs, requirements and preferences. Contact email:


Yours faithfully


Lofty Ned

AUG 2015 


Hi my name is peter

I am 31 years old, live in Auckland NZ, I am happy to be a sperm donor to any woman who wish to create a family. i am in good health, no STDs, no allergies, don`t smoke or drugs. university graduate, work as molecular biologist, i already have 2 years old daughter, so I don’t have any desire to be involved with the child/children but would be open to the idea of


Please email   JAN 2016


Hello my name is  Andrey Toporkov 38 years old and in good health.i m from Russia and I m study English in Auckland New Zealand, my address 171 Hobson st .
  I have child 7 years boy 
My English not good 
With best regards 
Please get back
April 2016


Hi my name is Clovis I was born in New Zealand and have a French Canadian Mother and kiwi Dad. My partner and I have a 9 year old girl called Natasha. I have been a sperm donor through another website for 3 years so I am familiar and comfortable with the process. I have genuine motives which are to have the dreams of a potential Mum fulfilled. I am open to co-parenting or little or no contact if this is the Mothers wishes.  I run a busy creative studio in Auckland. I enjoy my recreational Weekends Mountain biking, hiking, swimming. I am of average height with a slight build. I do not smoke or drink alcohol and are semi vegetarian.
I have a real passion for wood sculpting and my artworks are represented in a number of gallery’s. 
There are many interesting aspects to my life and children, play a big part of it. I really do enjoy kid’s sense of fun, enthusiasm and their creativity.

Thank you for taking the time to discover a little about me and I hope you may initiate contact, for the next stage of life's exciting Journey.
Contact 0211060683 

All correspondence will be very discrete.

Take care in life's happy journey.

Clovis  JUNE 2016


Hi, I'm a mid 20s male living in Auckland. I am a 6'1" 
 NZ european, with brown hair and blue eyes and a strong build. I have an Engineering degree and compete at a high level in triathlon. I don't smoke or take drugs, and I've been checked and tested clear from STIs. Willing to provide sperm to healthy woman wishing to conceive.

If you're interested, contact me at with a bit about you and I'll share more details about myself.

Craig, Auckland    FEB 2017

New South Wales

1) Hi,
I'm a 30 year old Aussie guy - I am a single Dad living in a beautiful spot in New South Wales. I would love to have another child. Ideally, I would like to meet a woman who would want to join me in raising a child while we maintained our seperate lives.
I am not the kind of guy who cannot find a woman to date. I just choose not to. I enjoy my profession and lifestyle. I love my son to bits. I would love to find someone who would want to spend time at the beach together, share a meal and have fun. We would love, respect and depend on each other. But we would also maintain seperate lives.
I am not as strange as all this sounds - it's just an unusual request/dream I guess.
I'd love to hear from anyone who feels they may also believe this type of lifestyle would suit them. Please email




I am a white male, of solid build.
Recent STD test is all clear.I already have a 13 & 11 year old daughter, and a 4 year old son, so I don’t have any desire to be involved with the child/children but would be open to the idea of meeting "if" the child desires, but only if/when the child is at an age which seems appropriate.
My service as a donar NI (that is sexual intercource), for women of any race.....
I am in Tauranga, New Zealand, but also spend time in Whakatane, Rotorua, Taupo
My service free, respectful, and discreet.

Hi I'm Martyn,  
 I'm a happily married man with a 7 year old boy, wishing to help others 
experience the joy of having their own child. I'm athletic,high IQ,brown hair 
hazel eyes,and with amazing health.  

 There is no record of genetic defects in the family history which goes back to 
1562 in England.  I'm caucasian,and have a scientific career . I'm physically 
fit,  recently fully STD health tested, good sperm count, and also sperm 
fragmentation tested, having gone through the donor process at a clinic for a 
couple a few months ago and just had a retest in early October  

I'd like to help, as having children is amazing.   Fresh do it yourself AI or 
clinic AI are best for me as I'm not allowed intimate contact because I'm 
married and monogamous.

Oct 12 2013 


Hi I am Indian working in Hamilton, Indian origin. 6 feet tall, athletic, wheatish complexion. Dark hair and eyes. I don't drink or smoke. Do not have any physical problems, medical issues, allergies. I am living with my partner who is okay with my decision. As a person I am very hard working, focused and intelligent. I love working out, watching movies and spending time with my partner. I wish to donate my sperms and help out any couple who are in need. 

you can contact me at dec12 2013


Hi ladies, I am a 33 year old male who has a high sperm count for anyone who wants to get pregnant. I am blond, blue eyed fair skinned and clean with no diseases, STDs, disorders,

or genetic problems. NON smoker + drinker and no drugs. I have a high IQ and the babies will definitely will too! (I know because my daughter is so good at chess). I will give to

anyone regardless if you are lesbian, gay or whatever. I am open to any way of semination, however the best is the natural way(proven to give way higher sperm counts

than masturbation


cup + injection). Can provide photos of myself and my siblings if needed.

Dunedin area.

More soon ! let me know with your information.


Hi, my name is Scott.

I am living in Palmerston North, but travel the country a lot for work (tour bus driver)

I'm 31 years old, NZ European, 180cm tall, 62kg (slim build), Hazel eyes and fair brown hair. I'm intelligent and very healthy, no STDs, don't smoke, drink or do drugs. No family history of any illnesses.

I'm willing to donate sperm, but would prefer to at least have a bit of input into the child's life, perhaps look after them on school holidays etc, however I am open to all options except no contact. I am willing co-parent if the person lives relatively near, however I will also donate to someone that does not want a co-parenting situation.  I would also consider multiple donations to the same mother if more than one child is wanted. I'm financially stable, as I worked hard and bought my first house at 18, and have a great job travelling all over the country. Not too fussed on where you are based as I can travel. Happy for any method of insemination. Sorry I will not donate to a smoker.


or phone 0274661111    SEP 2016



Jim here. Looking to donate sperm.

193cm tall
Green eyes
Brown hair
Athletic body type
Healthy and fit
Post-Grad education
No heriditary genetic disorders, 
(and can verify this!)

Good sperm count and mobility.

Test and travel ok, as long as you pay for the costs.


For more details email:  SEP 2016

Donors wanted list , use form below (New Zealand )  Please let me know Country and city, it will be online in less that 24 hours.

Name,location,message, e-mail to



Hi   I am a good looking Asian (Chinese).   I would like to donate sperm to help out a person or a couple to have children.
I am intelligent and healthy, no STI,  like to read, music, movie, ski and much more.....
my families and relatives are successful and healthy too(university educated,  pilot, etc). I am in a gay relationship for 10 years in NZ.
feel free to ask any questions if you like   
best wishes and good luck    AUG 26 2013

Natural Insemination (NI) Sperm Donor

I'm Tom, and I'm offering my services to donate sperm via natural insemination (NI; sexual intercourse). It is well known that conception is more likely if a woman is aroused, and the sperm is deposited as deep as possible. If you are looking to get pregnant, the best way is the way nature intended, through sex. I am not looking for a relationship, or anything ongoing, but I am happy to meet up beforehand to make sure we're all happy to proceed.

When you conceive your child, you want the experience to be real, deep and sensual. I will work hard to satisfy you sexually, so that your uterus is open and receptive to my sperm. If you have a partner, they are welcome to be there for the special moment if you like, and they are even welcome to join in.

I am 6'4", well built and healthy. I am NZ european, with blond hair and brown eyes. I have a BA from Auckland Uni. I don't smoke, drink, or take drugs. I have just been tested for STDs (full spectrum) and am completely clean. I also get tested for STDs after every donation. (If it is of concern, my penis is above-average in size, just over 7 inches long.)

I am happy to answer questions, or send photos if you'd like to confirm I am who I say I am. Just email me at MAR2016

Donors Wanted Board  ( New Zealand )

Hi there, I'm a 44 yo single hetero woman.  I'm desperate to be a mum, having spent $45k on IUI and IVF over the last few years.  I've had 3 pregnancies, unfortunately all resulted in miscarriage.  Given my age, I really need to find someone soon if my dream is to turn into reality.

My ideal donor would be based in Auckland, caucasian and healthy.  

I will consider natural method for the right donor. Otherwise AI.

Happy to pay for any health checks.  I'd like a donor who is happy to help me out until it works (or at least give it a good bash for a good few months).

I am emotionally, mentally and financially stable with good support network.

Look forward to hearing from you.



Jacqui (     NOV 2016

Hi my name is Sarah and I am looking to have a baby. I'm looking for someone of Greek or Irish decent to reflect my family background. I live in Christchurch New Zealand but if anyone travels this way and is willing, please let me know. Thanks.


Michelle, 38, Auckland, NZ
I am at the start of a journey towards having a baby, I'm in a phase
of life where something is missing and it is a family - I have been u
unlucky in love to date and my years are passing by.
At this stage it looks like IVF would be my best option, I'm only
into the initial stages of investigation but do know that there is a
2 year waitlist for clinic donors so putting this out into the
universe to see if I can find a personal donor.
I am:
have full time job, own a home and am happy in myself.
Would be looking for:
someone under 35-40
fit and healthy with no historical concerns
someone who will share medical details as well as other things like chi
child photos etc.
I am not sure when it comes to parenting, if I want any agreed in
involvement or not.

Please email with subject line sperm donor to receive a response.
Cheers, DEC 2016

4) We are a married professional couple living in Wellington New Zealand. 
We have been trying to get pregnant for 3 years. We went to Fertility 
Associates and the tests revealed poor sperm quality. My wife's test 
results are all good and she ovulates monthly. We are seeking a sperm 
donor of Caucasian ethnicity for private AI, not at the clinic unless 
the donor prefers to do so. We can discuss further regarding contact 
with children (ideally 2 but one in better than none). We are willing to
 pay for costs of travel and a health test and a little thank you when 
and if we succeed. We are willing to travel to where you are on the 
fertile days of the cycle. We lead a healthy lifestyle, exercise 
regularly and have great family and friends support network. Genuine 
donors only please.
February 2017


Hi we are a female working couple looking for a sperm donor preferably euro and must be in very good health. We would love to have a baby to bring into
this world to love, cherish and join our family. So if anyone would like to help please contact us on to discuss further. JAN 9 2014


Name: Jasmin & Ayejai Hammond 

              New Zealand 

Message: We are a mid 20s female same sex married couple and we are looking to start a family of our own.

we have been married for a few months now and both really want children.

We are searching for an AI (ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION) donor to help us conceive our first child through home insemination (NO INTERCOURSE)

We originally wanted to do IVF but due to cost and such a strict criteria it has made it a very difficult and stressful process.


Between the ages of 20 and 40 years old 

Have up to date blood and sti tests 

Be a healthy preferably non smoker 

Know there family history of hereditary physical or metal health issues

Preferably European could possibly be open to other ethnicity's.


We would be happy to cover the costs of these tests if needed

payment could be arranged for a suitable donor .   JAN 11 2014

7) Name: Michelle

Location: Papamoa New Zealand



Hi yak, well I’m not really too sure how I go about this, This is the start to our search , so please do excuse me if I ask the wrong questions or say the wrong

 thing 


To start off, my name is Michelle, I am 30 years old and live in Papamoa with my same sex partner Tania (40) and her 2 children (18) and (5) as well as (18’s daughter)  (9 months)


I do already have children whom I have contact with pretty much daily, they live with their dad and his partner in Tauranga, (6) and (4)


I am not looking to replace my baby’s or anything like that in anyway, I am a stable loving mother, and my children an there needs come first,


I have wanted another baby for some time now, my partner and I have been talking and thinking about it for the last 4-5 months,

So now time to put it out there and see how it goes,


We can and will give this child a loving family home,


We are not a rich family but we are happy and content in our lives.


However, we do not have the funds to go through a clinic, we are wanting to do it ourselves, But not by sexual contact.


I have read up about it, how to do it etc., and a lot of peoples success stories.


So when we have found the right person and we both agree on the terms etc. we will then talk about how it will happen.


Whether you drop it to us (fresh ) or we invite you over an yeah… lol, but it can be done 


If this is something you would consider, I would love to hear from you,

Ive prob missed out heaps of things I should say an ask, but we can get to that.

Thank you for your time… 


Michelle  MAR 7 2014 


Hi we are an early 30's F/F couple looking for an AI only healthy sperm donor in 
Auckland to provide us the chance to have the gift of a child and extend our 
We do not wish the donor to have any parental involvement 
You can contact us at to discuss  SEP 2014

9)Hi. My names Robyn, I'm a single mum to a 6 year old boy. I would like more children and am considering adoption, however would prefer my own. I'm 31, 
NZ euro with Scottish descent. I live in Auckland, however am prepared to travel in the north island to get help with the special ingredient required to add to
 our small
 family unit. 
I would prefer no contact after donation, however am OK with occasional contact if wished and child only knowing paternity once at an age to understand things. 
I do not have a great deal of finances to juggle clinics etc, however do have enough to meet the needs of my existing son and future children. 
I am a martial arts instructor with clubs Auckland-wide and am expanding. My clubs are inclusive, so I teach special needs and mainstream together. 
(Can continue work while pregnant, and have assistant instructors and good friends to help once baby arrives. baby would come with me and be
 entertained by friend unless feeding is required, where assistant instructors take over classes). I also volunteer my time into worthy, meaningful causes. 
Please contact me for further discussion. Thank you. (preferred email address) NOV 2014 

10)Name: Sam 
Where: Auckland 
Message: Hi I am a single kiwi woman of Europen decent looking for a healthy sperm donor of Maori decent (my late husband was Maori so its a personal preference) I am an Early childhood teacher and want my own young one to look after. MAY 2015

Auckland based Lesbian couple, we have been together for 14yrs and we have a beautiful 13yr old son who we love and adore.
We have decided we would like to both become pregnant by the same donor if possible, we have always wanted a big family but never really finding the right time.
AI only no sexual contact,
If you are interested in donating to us or have any questions just send me a email to

JAN 2015 

Hi! We are a lesbian couple from Christchurch looking for a sperm donor.
have been together for more than 6 years and always wanted to have a baby and
now is the time :) We had an appointment with a fertility clinic but the waiting
list is sooooo long... and the costs are high. If you are a healthy donor and
live in Canterbury, please send us an email telling us a bit about you and we
can chat.
Thank you very much! Anna  JUL 2015
Wellington, New Zealand
I am a 36-year-old female, European, with red hair, blue/grey eyes, vegetarian, non-smoker. I am looking to have a baby, am single and not looking for a relationship but would love my own child to add to my large supportive extended family. AI only please. SEP 10 2015

Renske van Geffen
Hamilton NZ

We are a lesbian couple 28 and 31 years old. We are engaged and planning to get married in 2017. We would love to start our own family. Only requirement is that you are healthy and you are happy to go through the fertility clinic. The waiting list is so long and we would love to start trying early/mid 2016. Please help us! One day we hope to have 3 children and would be awesome if they could be to the same donor. We are not looking for no involvement from you but could discuss possibility of meeting and/or staying in touch with child if you so wish. 

 you want no contact at all then we are happy with that also.

We just want a baby!
Thanks for reading. Please email me at if you want to help us make our dreams come true
OCT 2015 

Donor in Wellington
Heterosexual couple seeking a sperm donor to help us have a baby. We are both committed to having and raising a child together via sperm donor. We are committed to providing
a child with a stable upbringing and can provide the financial stability required to raise a family.

We would prefer someone who closely matches our heritage (Maori. Samoan and Pakeha) however we are willing to work with any donors that are interested in helping us. We would love someone in good health clean and is willing to undergo medical tests to make sure everything is okay. We would love someone who may be committed to having 1 or 2 children with us.

We are only looking for ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION only. We do not require natural insemination.

Please contact us at for anymore information. We are happy to reimburse a donor for the costs of medical testing and travel if required.

MAR 2016


Hi there,

My name is Peresia or Sia if that's easier.
I am a 25yr Samoan female living in Auckland.
My Fiance' and I have been together for 5 years now. We are both of Samoan decent yet my fiance' is light skinned taken after her Maori side. I am the one who will be carrying our
 baby if we get the chance in the future to be parents. My fiance' and I are desperately looking for someone to give us the opportunity to have a baby. I do not have any children and
would love to give birth to my own child if possible.
If you are interested in being a donor for us please do not hesitate to contact me on

Thank You      MAR 2016


Hi there,

I am looking for a sperm donor located in the Wellington region.

I am a single woman, aged 26, seeking a sperm donor or co-parent to help me achieve the dream of having a baby or 2. I am of Maori and Pacific Island descent so I am hoping for
 someone similar to my ethnic origins however I am always happy to discuss things. I am looking for someone who is clean and willing to undergo medical testing which I am more
 than happy to pay for.

I am only looking for someone who is serious in helping me out and is 100% healthy (smoke, drug and alcohol free). Please email me at if you wish to discuss any
of the above.

Thanks!  APRIL 2016


Hi my name is Kinga. Im 43 yo. Have been living in nz over ten years. I have resently lost a baby from my islander friend who was my donor had to go to work to australia and unfortunately
 we wont able to concieve anymore. Due to financial costs and lack of time before his departure we unable to go through fertility clinic and the process of using his frozen semen unfortunately. 
Im looking for an islander as a geniune donor who is std free, non smoker, lives healthy lifestyle aged 20-40, no hereditary illness of any sorts. Only ai please.
If you fit into this category and happy to be my donor to give me the best thing in life i would like to hear of you.
My e-mail:   JUNE 2016


HELLO THERE, we are a lesbian couple, we have been together for 4 years, we have a son he was born 2009 he was from a past relationship an now he wants to
 be a big brother. one of us is a full time worker does 40+ hours a week, an the other one stays home, an sells Avon products an also has a part time job doing
 cleaning which is less then 20 hours a week which is only 1 hour an half or 2 hours a day work, the sperm donor we are looking for is either European or maori,
 as one of us is european an the other is maori we are wantting the baby to represent both of us,we are wanting (AI only). i will be carrying the baby as i carried
our son.

please get in touch with me if u can help us    :) :) :)

EMAIL:    JUNE 2016


I am a 38 year old woman looking for a donor asap in the South Island.  Any nationality considered but I’d prefer under the age of 40, I am willing to pay.  I have a wonderful young son, own my own home and am a teacher.  My reasons for wanting another child is that I am an older Mum with little family and would love to give my son a best friend for life or at least another family member! I have a good sense of humor, very fit and healthy and fertile but not for much longer as I am low on eggs due to surgery while pregnant.  I am only looking for home AI as I have
 done this in the past successfully.  Please get in touch with me if you are interested and we can have a talk about what we may want in the future.  I have been through the clinic and
 I have the legal paperwork available as well as willing to make other legal documents if required.  Please contact me at  JUNE 2016