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Free Sperm Donors in Canada 

Canada ( any )


3 ) Hello my name is Norbert.
I wish to become a sperm donor with your help.
I live in Charlottetown Prince Edward Island. Canada.
I am 6'2" inches tall and have a muscular build. I've gotta admit I am pretty strong :). I have brown eyes and hair. I have successfully impregnated my only NI partner with two healthy babies. I live a healthy lifestyle and do not do drugs or alcohol.
I have a european background. I grew up in a Catholic family. I know several languages such as English, French and Polish. And have completed various University/College programs.
Please consider me as a candidate for your sperm donor needs. I am on business trips all over Canada and would like to make a deposit in you. (A.I only no exception)
Contact at:  kowalabear44 at hotmail dot com
sep 22 2012


5) Canada (any)

I am an intelligent, healthy, well-educated gentleman. I am 5'10, brown hair, brown eyes, of white European ancestry. I often go to the gym and I am quite athletic. I am looking to help a woman or couple conceive. Any race and sexual orientation. I just want to help make your dream of becoming a mom come true.. absolutely 100% free and no strings attached. I live in the Montreal area but would consider traveling in some situations. You can contact me at  AUG 2014 


( Serious Donor *fee paid* ) ( post expiration  May 18 2017 ) 

3)Name: Dr. Graham
Location: London, Ontario, Canada
Message: I would like to donate my sperm to anyone who truly needs it.  I am 23 years old and very handsome.  I also have a MBA (Masters of Business Administration) and am currently pursuing my Medical Degrees (MD).  My last IQ test gave me a raw score of 135 which is in the near genius category.  I am 6 feet 2 inches with blue eyes that sometimes turn green during the summer months. Excellent muscle definition (naturally) and I eat super healthy.
I can donate either through a container or via "natural method" if preferred.  It was my new years resolution to make a difference in the life of others and I feel this is a contribution I am excited to be a part of.  I do not smoke, have no lung/kidney/heart/organ disease in the family and have excellent genes.  Family members on averaged have lived up to 90-100 years old dying of regular complications and no chronic disease.
As a testament to my good looks I have picked up numerous girls in the past few years while being single.  All of which range from a 6-9 on a ten based scale. I can provide a picture if needed prior to making a decision just e-mail me!
Sincerely with passion and pride for life,
Dr. Graham

4)Name: CentralAsian
Message: I'm a 6' tall 205 lbs guy looking to offer assistance to anyone who might need 
it in this area. I'm a healthy drug/disease free person and have never been a 
smoker. I come from a large family and have had most of my relatives live into 
their 80s. There have been no birth defects or psychological issues in my family
 or parents' families. 
I've had good grades, have an academic background, and have been successful and 
lucky in life. I do not have addictive tenancies, or tendencies to gain weight
 too easily, and I love the outdoors.
I've donated in the past through sperm banks (I've been told I have a good count 
and motility) and would be a reliable visitor for the 3-5 days of attempts, 
especially if you're closer than 1-hour drive from me. I've never canceled 
appointments or let anyone down. I'm not looking for compensation and would only 
do AI. I would not be interested in co-parenting or keeping contact.
Please let me know if you'd like to do a coffee-shop visit to help you decide.
Best of luck.
Location: Burlington (GTA), Ontario

Here’s a little about me.

I am a member of Mensa. Genius level intelligence. My IQ is 154. (can prove)

6'-1", 240 lbs., 48 yrs old. Caucasian. Educated , professional and creative.

Employed as a civil and structural engineering designer.

Part time I write songs and am a music producer.

I’ve always been healthy, great genetics. Family was long lived.

Never used drugs or drank heavilyNon-smoker and no diseases. (can prove)

Natural method only, meaning direct involvement by the recipient.

My involvement after conception can be as much or as little as you desire.

I am absolutely sincere in helping out.

6)Name: JJ
If you love kids and want to have your own, healthy and beautiful baby(s), just let me know, my help is free of charge. 
I have a Ph.D and a Professional Job Working and Living in south Ontario (GTA, Oakville , Hamilton , Waterloo , London , Niagra Falls area).
I am very Healthy (drug/smoke/ alcohol free and good life-style, no any infections) and no chronic disease. There was no birth defects in my family.
I like outdoors and am 145 Pound 30-40 age group, Asian, black hair.

My sperm count/motility is very good.

I am not be interested in co-parenting or keeping contact.

Note to donor from PS: " please understand we take feedback,complains,notes from people looking for donors"


My name is Gwydion Plumstead, email is   I am in Ottawa, Ontario Canada, and my message to post is :
44 year old tall, healthy, well-educated, pro-feminist white male wishes to assist an intelligent woman to conceive a child.  I am single and have never been married due to emphasizing my career over personal matters.  But I have become fascinated with pregnancy, reproduction and birthing in these last couple of years and would like to contribute my genetic material, as well as my social abilities, in co-parenting a child. I am a submissive male by nature in my relations with the opposite gender and I have a philosophical predisposition to the subcultural phenomenon of Female Supremacy.  As such I would be open to either AI or NI.

Hamilton, Ontario
I am 5'11", 190 lbs, with brown hair and blue eyes.  Features are strong and regular.  My IQ has been measured at between 142-149 in different IQ tests.  My family members seem healthy and not in need of medications in their 70s or even early 80s.  Many have lived into their 90s or like my grandmother to 102.   My father never missed a day of work in 40 years, and I seem to have that strong constitution as well-- the last time I even had a cough or cold or sore throat was about 15 years ago.   Scottish background.  E-mail me with any other questions.

10)name: Jack
location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
message: I am a handsome young man. I am from Asia and now a PhD student. I am always happy to help others, like the sperm donation. I have back eye and hair and my height is 5'11''. I am very healthy and do sports every day. I never use drugs, smoking and drinks. Also I am intelligent and have obtained many scholarships.



 I am a north bay , ontario canada 34 years old black 6'3"... no sight problems ever, no allergies, never do drugs, never smoked, drinking couple of times a year. professional and have Study job. free of any kind of std.
very athletic... kayaking  and biking 4 -5 times week

I am looking for the following qualities:
-STD free,
-Healthy & fit
-Stable home and financial stability
- Drug free environment
-AI is preferred, willing to discuss

Just want to help! Email: dhoudha at hotmail dot com    AUG 5 2012


12)live in Ottawa Canada.
My eMail address is


subject " canada sperm"

name: Balin

e-mail: balinontario at hotmail dot com

location: South Ontario (GTA, Oakville , Hamilton , Waterloo , London , Niagra Falls area).


I am from Asia, 166 cm, 45-55 age group. I am smart and carry excellent genes. I have a Ph.D and a professional job. I already have one health and well-educated son. I want to have more but my wife loss fertility. There have been no birth defects, genetic diseases or psychological issues in my family or parents' families. I live a healthy lifestyle and do not do drugs or alcohol. The woman should have a university degree, be a good parent, responsible, financially secure or at least have good support from family. I would be open to either AI or NI.  OCT  23 2012

14 ) I am a healthy sperm donor living in London, Ontario
I am 6'2" inches tall and have a muscular build. I've gotta admit I am pretty strong :). I have brown eyes and hair. I have successfully impregnated my only NI partner with two healthy babies. I live a healthy lifestyle and do not do drugs or alcohol.
I have a European background. I grew up in a Catholic family. I know several languages such as English, French and Polish. And have completed various University/College programs.
Please consider me as a candidate for your sperm donor needs. (A.I only no exception)
Contact at:  kowalabear44 at hotmail dot com 

Thanks  Nov 1 2012


I live in southwestern Ontario (Cornwall/Ottawa). I am a white 38 year old, intelligent, athletic, well-educated, sincere man.
I am looking to help a woman become pregnant. Either a single woman or lesbian/heterosexual couple.
Completely free of charge, no strings attached. I am NOT looking for any involvement after conception. Just my gift to someone who desperately seeks to have a baby.
I have a recent std test that shows I am in excellent health.
You can email me at   MAR 22 2013

Hi, I am an Indian engineer, late forties, yet healthy and fertile,
living in the London, Ontario area. I have previously fathered healthy children.
I am almost 6 ft. tall and 180 lbs. I can donate to couples, straight or lesbian, any race or age, US or Canadian,
who are able to raise the child in a family setting. Recipient to pickup donation, I am unable to travel.  I will provide test results.
Contact me at: thanks. JULY 3 2013


Available in Ontario and Western Quebec area.

(Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal primarily)

Experienced donor.  5 children so far.  All very healthy, and super adorable.
Raising 3 of my own.

I'm in my early 30's.  Tall.  In shape.  Good looking.

Known donor, so your child can contact me, meet me, etc, if they so choose.

Bloodwork clean.

Email for further info, thanks.

(Even if this post is buried amongst other donor listings, please be aware that i'm still likely active.  I plan on being a donor for awhile)

Email:  JULY 3 2013


Name:   Danny
Message: I live in southwestern Ontario (Cornwall/Ottawa). I have an academic background, sincere man.5' 9", 163 lbs and clean,intelligent, have had success in donation,now,continue to help others

I am looking to help a woman become pregnant. Either a single woman or lesbian/heterosexual couple.
Completely free of charge, no strings attached. Just my gift to someone who desperately seeks to have a baby.
I have a recent std test that shows I am in excellent health
Location: Ottawa(GTA), Ontario
  JULy 4 2013


Hello, my name is Devyn Wilken. I am a 19 year old caucacian with these features; Blonde hair, turqoius eyes, 6'1, Light biege skin tone and 170 pounds with a nice sturdy build.

In contrast to most 19 year olds I am most definitely healthy! I don't drink or do drugs and I have pretty great genetics of i do say so myself. I am gay and have only had intercourse with 1 person and it was all safe.

I live in Orleans, Ontario and would love to partake in any services needed in the Ottawa-Quebec regions.
 JULY 20 2013


21) i am david 45 year old white man here to donate sperm for women very open to all ethnic and gay women i live in ajax ontario canada if wanted can be involved in child life if wished ( picture on request)   my email
Oct 12 2013

I am a 28 year old guy in Kingston Ontario.  I am looking to help out any women who want to have a baby and can't for whatever reason.  We can exchange photos and such, but I am 6' tall, fit, with a university education and a good career.  I have fathered children of my own as well who are smart and healthy.
NOV 7 2013

23) Hello,
My name is Leo, I wish to become a sperm donor. I am 36,  white, brown
hair, green eyes, slim, 180 cm, 70 kg. Very healthy, fit, no genetic
history of any illness\disease, no STI, no rugs\alcohol\smoke, eat
healthy. I live in Ottawa, Canada, but willing to travel if expences
are paid. I have devoted much of my life studying and working. I am
educated, with excellent academic results, have a PhD deree in
genetics. My character is very good, I am quiet, honest and
responsible. I speak English, Russian.
Message me back and I can send pics and answer questions. Contact:
imbg77 at gmail dot com  Mar 8 2014


Hi! I'm James. 

From: Windsor, Ontario. 

Motivation and purpose:

I'm a parent of a beautiful, wonderful boy. The love of my life. But I've been seriously thinking about being a donor. Something that happened in my life made me decide to do this. I have a married couple friends that were struggling to have a baby. And, were looking for a donor. Although I wasn't directly asked, there were hints. I didn't think much of it, but then, after sometime, they had their baby and oh boy, the rejoice and happiness that little bundle of joy brought to them and all of us that knew them, was unimaginable. I did feel a bit guilty from time to time that I didn't offer to help.  as I know firsthand how much of a positive impact you are able to make by helping someone in need. So, I decided to step up, help and provide safe and healthy sperm to single women, married or attached couples, or lesbian couples who want to raise a child. Preferable someone in the Windsor and surrounding area or someone willing to meet close by. Donor basis only!! No contact with the child and no financial responsibilities (meeting me after she/he is 16 is a possibility) Updates such as how he / she is named. Receivea photo and maybe an email once in a while would be nice, but not required. Information about half sisters or brothers is available when he/she is 16 with parents consent.

About me: I'm 34, attractive, half Spanish and German. I'm Educated. Have a degree in computer science

Medical health: I am clear of any disease including Aids, HIV, and STD's (was tested recently)

Hair Colour: Dark Brown Hair

Eye Colour: Light Brown eyes.

Height: 5'11

Body Type: Fit and medium muscular. Lead a healthy Lifestyle. Keep a Good nutrition. Exercise regularly. workout and keep myself fit and healthy.

- Don't smoke and only drink socially (very seldom) I do not have addictive tenancies at all Such as drug, alcohol or gambling, etc. 

- There have been no birth defects or psychological issues in my family or parent's families.

I don’t want to do this with just anyone. It's more than just giving something away. It needs to feel right and be a good decision. Plus I want to make sure the child 

is in good hands and well taken care of. With good and responsible parents. Who are Financially secure.

First you would send an e-mail. Tell me about yourself and situation. Why is this important to you. We would have several conversations. 
Eventually we would sign a donor contract & arrange all paperwork before the first attempt. By the way I don't have all the answers. I you do, great! but If you don't 

I'm sure we can figure them out along the way. 
Email me at   NOV 2014 
Interested in becoming an anonymous sperm donor in Northern Ontario.  I am a healthy and active 50 year old alpha male.  Highly intelligent and a high achiever.  Discretion assured and expected.  If you are looking to conceive, please email me at and tell me your story, location and expectations
 and I will respond.   NOV 2014 

Name:  Jacob Michaels

Location:  south-western Ontario (I spend most of time for work in Windsor, Ontario and sometimes but rarely make it to Toronto, Ontario).
Message: I am kind hearted, open about myself, and want to help.  I have donated in the past and understand the pain that is to be childless not by choice, and the happiness that parenthood can be.  I provide a recent STD test, comprehensive family history in terms of both health and education, a directed donor agreement, and can also share photographs.
I promise to have an open and frank conversation with you, as you make your informed decision, so do not hesitate to contact me.  I donated several years ago, and am now making myself available one last time, before I start my own family.
Citizenship: Canadian.
Ethnicity: 50% German, 50% Romanian.
Age: 31
Height: 6ft 1 ½  inches (188cm).
Weight: 180 lbs (82kg).
Natural Hair Color: Light brown, slightly curly. 
Eye Color: Brown.
Blood Type: O+.
Skin Color: White/ Caucasian (skin tans in the sun).
Relevant Health History: No medical issues. Last Negative STD test was December, 2014.  
Marital Status: Single.
Current Career: Employed at a major computer software development company.
Highest Level of Education: Doctorate (Ph.D.).
GPA in University: 3.7.
Donating to: Wish to help families with fertility issues or a lesbian couple.
Type of Donor: Directed Donor / Anonymous Donor.
Cost: Free.
Any Involvement After Conception?: No.  Open to meeting once child is of majority-age.
Successful Pregnancies?: Yes, including one set of twins.
Hobbies and Interests: Enjoy sports, outdoors, animals, reading, travel, technology, economics, teaching, mentoring, volunteering at church and community organizations.
Musical Instruments: Piano, viola.
Athletics: Tennis, track & field, triathlon, swimming, bicycling.
Personality Traits: A very positive person with a healthy outlook on life, several close friends, positive outlook towards life, enjoy family and friends.
Additional Comments: Drug, alcohol, & smoke free. Raised in religious family. I provide a recent STD test, comprehensive family history in terms of both health and education, a directed donor agreement, and can also share photographs. Located in south-western Ontario.

JAN 2015 

Location: Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Message:I am willing to donate 
Name: Abeer  JAN 2015 


1)Name: Donor Matt

My name is Matthew, I'm a known sperm donor. I am 30 years old, 5'7, 135-140lbs, Caucasian, single, and living in Toronto. I'm open to donating AI or NI, not seeking co-parenting, and I don't ship sperm. I'm looking to donate to women or couples who are mentally and financially capable of raising a child in a loving environment. My sperm count/motility is confirmed to be good by the donor clinic in Toronto. I've helped 5 women conceive and deliver healthy babies, with the average number of tries being 2-3.  I am willing to be a known donor or have no further contact, depending on your request.
I have a good family health history and we are all intelligent and in creative professions. I am healthy and fit with a naturally fast metabolism, I work out 1-2 days a week, I do no drugs/smoking, occasional light social drinking, and I have no STIs. My Mother is Irish, Ukrainian, Polish, and French Canadian, and my Father is Armenian and Austrian. Please contact me for more info and photos, thanks.

2)Name: Gord
i am male 44 yrs age average man, very healthy, and loads of active sperm to donate. Would love the opportunity to deliver AI or NI to whomever wishes to recieve. Single women, married couples, gay and or lesbian couples. No matter what the preference of people. It does not matter, lets donate to those you wish to have children through this means.

3)hi I am david from near Toronto Ontario and I would like to donate sperm for free I am 45 non smoker
OCT 12 2013

4)John Toronto Experienced white sperm donor available. I'm 34, 5'9"", brown hair, blue eyes, blood type A- , very healthy, university degree, want to help women have children, I have a beautiful daughter, I'm willing to travel within reason.

5)Name:  Donor Dave

Caucasian Guy here, 44, living in Toronto.

I am looking to offer my assistance to those who need help bringing children into the world.  Would be interested in the opportunity to deliver AI or NI or however you wish to receive.

I’m 5’10”, 170 lbs, medium build, with blue eyes and dark hair.  I have a Masters degree, work in education, and am a pretty affable hockey-playing guy.  Non-smoker and social drinker.  Healthy family background.Let me hear from you. Dave

6)My Name is Steve, im in Toronto, im 51, I would like very much to be a sperm donor.
I have never had any children of my own, but would like to do this because , just knowing within that I have done this will make me feel better, that there is a chance that a
baby is born, that is part of me.  im six foot five , with brown hair, and blue eyes, average built.
email is
thank you.

7)Hello my name is James I'm 26 blond hair blue eyes 180 lbs. caucasian. I would love to become a sperm donor I live in Toronto Canada. Thank you!

Euro, white
middle aged
will not interfere in your life or the child's.
I'm a clean, smoke and drug free, prof( financial field), sane and cultured.
Good sperm count, seeking to do this NI, I want to be part of the process.
will inseminate until you are pregnant as needed.
6,2, 235 lbs, husky muscular runner daily, no drugs, take supplements to enhance sperm count and volume
I am in toronto so we have to work around our locations relative to each other, I will remain anonymous if that is your choice.
Please tell me more about you ?
And if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask me?
I am serious I hope to hear back from you.
Thank you for your time
J   auto74319505 at hushmail dot com  AUG 5 2012

I am a black man of African descent good looking,5ft 11 inches,well educated and well read,fit and healthy,I am interested to be your sperm donor,if you would like to have a black man as your sperm donor,contact me and i am willing to help you to achieve your goal of being a mother.I would like to hear from you,contact me lets talk and discuss
Ilive in Ontario,Toronto..

10 Toronto,Canada
I am a black man,interested in being a sperm donor to any white woman who is interested to have a black man as a donor.I am 5ft 11 inches ,Handsome,tall slender and nice,respectful and down to earth,cool.I am well educated and well read,I am free of any std and i am a hard worker.
If you are white,single or lesbian or couple and would like a black man,contact me as soon as you read this message and i would like to hear from you.
 11) I am black, I live in Toronto,ontario,Canada,i am looking for a 
white single woman or couple or lesbian looking for a black man of 
african descent,I want to help you achieve your goal of being a 
mother.If you are interested i will like to hear from you.

12) Name: Anonymous

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Email: versacesports @

Subject: Caucasian Sperm Donor

Message: If you are tired of trying, and feel like time is running out do not hesitate to contact me. I can help you! I am very lucky, healthy, attractive, fit, smart, very well liked, great personality, courageous, organized, I can read someones mind and manage time well. I love having my own business, I am a leader not a follower, Love being outdoors, fishing, playing and watching sports, listening to good music and sometimes I watch a movie. European background. I was a really cute baby, and now I am a sexy man. I am willing to travel at your expense if you can't. JAN 27 2013

email -

Jay - Black male, 39, 6'1, 200.  Fit and healthy.  Sperm recently tested, met all requirements for reproduction, as was STD/HIV testing recently completed.  Professional, intelligent, currently a father to a healthy child. Located in Toronto.  Strongly considering sperm donation.  As anonymous as possible with no attachment beyond sperm donation.  Serious inquiries only please.   MAY 1 2013
 14)Hi, I am 48, Engineer, have fathered two kids of my own. I am in Toronto.
I am healthy, 5'11", 180 lb, dark skin tone, South Asian origin,
Canadian citizen. Can help with sperm donation. Please respond with
your details to:   JULY 4 2014          

Hello.  I am a Experienced sperm donor offering to help those who desire 
children.  I have 2 successful donations, both trough AI, since starting 1 and a 
half years ago.  I am white, brown hair, blue eyes, athletic build, 5'7 and 170 
lbs.  I live in central Toronto.   I have 9 siblings... 6 sisters and 3 
brothers... all from the same parents of 50 plus years of marriage. I have 7 
nieces and 11 nephews.  There is no genetic history of any major 
illness/disease/mental health.  Please email me at if you 
would like to talk and meet about donation.   Take care  AUG 12 2013 
16) I am willing to be a sperm donor one time (or more than once, for the same person or couple).

Guaranteed STD free (tested every 2 months when I donate blood).

I'm a single, white, university educated male in my 30s who has not donated before. I am 6 feet tall, and have brown hair and brown eyes.

I would prefer not to have any contact with the children.

If interested, please email   DEC 2 2013 

17) Name:  Mr. Donor       Email:     

Location: Toronto and Ontario    

Background:  I am 39 years old, 5'8, 175 lbs, fit/muscular with a fast 
metabolism and 20/10 vision when last tested (better than 20/20) Drug and 
disease free, non-smoker, several successful donations and all children are 
attractive and healthy.  I have a healthy family background with no genetic 
illnesses. I have an excellent job and most people who know me personally would 
consider me to be quite successful, especially for my age.   I am an avid D.I.Y. 
type of person, very into the outdoors as well, especially summer activities, 
boating, etc.   I also provide proof of STD testing, I strive to be as safe as 
possible for both your benefit and mine.  I generally want no contact if you are 
successful using me-I am simply donor only, unless the child is 18 or older and 
wants information, to meet, etc.  I will respond to emails and questions from 
you though, if you have questions after a successful conception.  I am of mixed 
European heritage: British, Scottish, Irish and German.  I have brownish-auburn 
hair and green eyes with a high IQ.  My sperm count/motility has been checked 
and is good.  I take all the necessary supplements and vitamins for healthy 
sperm which include: zinc, folic acid, selenium, L-carnitine and antioxidants: 
vitamin C and E.     I live in the greater Toronto Area but can sometimes travel 
farther if I'm not working, more often in the summer when I normally take my 
Please email me for photos and questions you want answered.
Canadianguy  MAR 8 2014 
Healthy “Nordic” sperm donor available in the Greater Toronto Area

Proven fertility after one attempt

5’11” 195lbs with muscular frame

Thick blond hair with no balding

Drug and disease free. Regular blood donor. No allergies

Completely healthy and no hereditary family illnesses

3 out of 4 grandparents lived to mid 90’s.

“Gifted” thinker with top percentile creative and abstract thinking scores

Professional in an intellectually demanding field

Excelled in sports



I’d like to provide a high quality option to help future parents with love in their hearts



Anonymity due to paternity concerns. Open to artificial or natural insemination


Contact: MAR 7 2014 

19) I am early to mid thirties man located in the GTA who is willing to donate sperm to help fertile single women, fertile women dealing with male infertility 
and fertile lesbian couples in the GTA.

Above average height
Above average IQ 
Caucasian with blond hair 
Healthy with no genetic issues 
No immediate family history of genetic problems 

I am willing to donate anonymously through AI. I can travel to meet you in the western GTA from Toronto to Burlington.

Able to provide clean STI test results for serious enquiries.

Please let me know your age, your location and please provide a best guess as to when you are expecting to ovulate.

Thank you  OCT 2014

20)  Hi, my name is Timor and I'm from Toronto , Ontario, Canada. My email is:

I'm looking to become a sperm donor for anybody and everybody. I'm 20 years old, non-smoker not a drug user, 5'11" tall, brown hair, brown eyes, of Eastern European descent.   NOV 2014 


1))Name: colin
Comments: Asian sperm donor with std test available in Vancouver BC Canada;Im a
37 yr old asian male available for AI with recent blood test & pics available.
**Also i have a sperm test/analysis so you are guaranteed that you're not
wasting your time(im very fertile!) I have helped produce a few children for

I am available to assist any ladies in the Vancouver area (or willing to travel there).
- Irish/Scottish heritage - Born/Raised in BC Canada - Green eyes - Brown hair - 5'10" - Have never smoked - No drugs - No caffeine - Work out regularly - Love kids
- Computer programmer - 4 kids of my own (youngest is 2) - 2 AI successes - Drummer/musician - Scuba diver, motorcycle rider - Friendly, kind, personable.
- Regular blood donor (last donation 3 weeks ago)- Last STD checkup was in August and is available. Contact me if I can assist you. Sorry, i do not ship

3) Hello.  I am a highly educated mid 30's male with several post-graduate degrees.  Previous member of Mensa.  I am 6 foot 2 inches tall with a slim build.  White with brown hair.  HIV/STD tested and clear.  Sperm has been validated for motility and viability and found to be in the top 5 %.  One previous donation.  Located in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Please email if you have any questions.  DEC 6 2012

4)East Indian Sikh, 42,no smoke and no drink.  Family members on averaged have lived up to 85-95 years old dying of regular complications and no chronic disease.fathered one healthy sons in Vancouver.
Can donate to any woman at no cost, must be healthy. I am 5'9", 165 lbs & healthy, exercise regularly & never had a STD.
Can travel in North America at my cost,but some planning



My name is Efren and i am 35 i will like to done my sperm, i am healthy and actually living in Vancouver
 Hi my name is Joel,I am interested becoming a donor.604 802 1300 or email. 
thank you 


Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  I Can also travel easily to Victoria BC, Nanaimo BC, or into Washington State US, North of Seattle. At own expense.
Willing to travel elsewhere (worldwide) if travel is paid for.

AI, or NI, doesn't matter to me.  I just want make babies. lol.  I have 2 young children of my own.  Super healthy.  Very smart. Adorable.
I'm Attractive. Smart, In shape, no family history of illness.  I'm clean, and very easy going with how you may want to work the arrangements.
I'm Caucasian. Irish & British. 

If interested, please contact me.  I'll answer any questions you may have.

Thank you

Name: Anonymous
Location: Downtown Vancouver, Canada

I'm 31 years old visiting Vancouver, Canada until the end of march 2012.
I would like to be a donor until that time, I'm not interested in any material gains.
I'm Caucasian, from Europe, and come from a very healthy line of ancestors.

10 )

British Columbia

 Hello: I am a handsome 27yo first time sperm donor. I am a very healthy & athletic (disease free) Caucasian male. I am 6'1, well-endowed. I have brown hair, Hazel eyes that change from blue to green & brown. I'm descended from Scottish & British royalty. I have a Degree in horticulture & i work in landscaping.

 I am only willing to ship my sperm at recipients expense. Email me & lets get started! I look forward to hearing from you! MAR 17 2013





2)Name: Anonymous 
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Description: Caucasian (Northern European), Early 20s, 6'0, 200lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, athletic build, Bachelor's degree, trilingual. Physical activity is a large part of my life and I consider myself in excellent shape. Never used drugs or smoked, drink rarely. I have a healthy family and a history is available. Not looking for any contact after successful conception. Legal arrangements done by recipient. If you have any questions or would like more information, send me a message.



2)Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Name: Donald
I am Caucasian, six feet tall, 190lbs, brown hair, green eyes.  I'm a non smoker and don't drink.
My blood type is O- and I am healthy and fit.  I donate blood regularly.
I work in electrical engineering and enjoy many outdoor sports , ( contact 

3) Brad Jensen, Location: Montreal, Quebec: I am a healthy professional white male looking to help a responsible women or couple get pregnant. I'm attractive, fit, intelligent, well educated, and have an excellent genetic background with no family history of genetic disorders. I have helped several women get pregnant as a donor over the past 2 years. I am not looking for any contact after conception although I will help you have a second or third child if you desire. I can do AI or NI. I am willing to sign a contract as well as provide recent std test results.

4)Location: Montreal, Quebec , Canada
Name: Daniel

Anyone Looking for a Sperm Donor in the Montreal Quebec or Ontario area?

I am an university educated attractive Asian Canadian who wants to
help women who cannot conceive a child due to male factor infertility,
(couples,lesbian couples and single women)who want to get pregnant to
have a baby,willing to have no contact or limited contact.

I am living in Montreal Quebec. n/s, s/d, 5' 8", 163 lbs and clean. I
have had two success in helping someone have a child and continue to
assist others.I donate for free through artificial insemination.

(I can do AI or NI). I am willing to sign a contract as well as
provide recent std test results

Anyone who is serious, Please leave your name and phone number by
e-mail, I will call you back.



6)My name is Eddie.
Based in Montreal, Quebec
Experienced donor fed up with fertilty clinics making profit off his seed now donates directly and naturally.
Have thrid-cycle (PhD) education and work as a technology researcher.  I'm built on a solid frame and looking quite good on TV.
Maximum 5 donations per year.
Have all pertinent legal and medical documents.
I require ID, medical, proof of employment (25 000 $ / year and over) and proof of (Canadian, Australian, European or American) citizenship to ensure projects have all chances of success and that motivations are strictly based on the desire to have a child.  My goal is not to rank, you either are eligible or not and if you have a sustainable plan and your motivations are genuine, good chances are that you are eligible.  After that, for each donation, one woman is selected randomly among eligible candidates.
All ethnicities and orientations welcome.
Hispanic Canadian citizen donating to women 20-49.
I am socially and politically involved and starting to build presence as a public figure.  Confidentiality is required.
Donneur : 28 ans, hispanique, blanc, entrepreneur. Bénvole
Je suis homme d'affaires et j'habite un quartier chic de Montréal.  Je suis donneur avec trois (3) ans d'expérience au Québec.  Je suis un peu contrarié que le Gouvernement du Québec ait décidé de donner des contrats à des compagnies américaines pour s'approvisionner et que ce système rentabilise (directement ou indirectement) ma semence.  J'ai donc décidé de donner directement.  Dons par technique naturelle seulement.  Je suis très rigoureux dans mon approche et je désire offrir un service de qualité comparable à ce qui se fait en clinique.
J'ai une scolarité de troisième cycle (PhD) et je travaille comme chercheur dans le domaine des technologies.  Je suis bâti sur une carrure solide et je parrais bien, dont à la télé.
[b]Maximum cinq (5) dons par année.[/b]
Garanties : je fournis documents médicaux et légaux.  Les documents stipulent que je ne fais que fournir mon apport génétique au projet de maternité d'une femme ou d'un couple de femmes, de manière bénévole et sans création de lien de filiation.  Enfin, le document stipule les conditions de contact avec l'enfant ou la mère, s'il y a lieu.  Une version du contrat est disponible en anglais ou en français.
Exigences : pièce d'identité avec photo, preuve de citoyenneté  canadienne, américaine, australienne ou européenne (afin d'éviter que l'enfant ne serve à l'obtenir), tests médicaux (maladies infectieuses et bilan complet) datant de 10 jours ou moins, preuve d'emploi (revenu annualisé de 25 000,00 $ et plus).
Une brève entrevue aura lieu avant l'éventuel don.
Toutes nationalités et orientations sexuelles bienvenues.
Je suis au fait que les critères peuvent sembler serrés, mais je désire que la candidate présente un projet viable et motivé uniquement par la désir d'enfanter et non par des considérations sociales, financières ou de citoyeneté. 
Je suis impliqué socialement et politiquement.  Je commence à bâtir ma présence dans le paysage médiatique.  Votre confidentialité est requise.

 7) I am 36 years old  5ft 11 inche man
I want to donate sperm. I do not drink, smoke and drug free person.
living in montreal
thanks , 5/26/12 kama-32 at hotmail dot com

I am 36 years well buid 5'11 inches
I live in montreal and able to help any body without seeking any help
 I am able to do AI and NI but with security email: indmange at yahoo dot ca
thanks  JULY 2 2012 
Hi there,
My name is Maurice. My location is Montreal, Quebec, Canada. My complete message is below.
Thanks !
Hello my name is Maurice and I wish to become a sperm donor.

I’m 34 and live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I am of European background (mostly French and some British) with a few Native American ancestors (it’s a good mix ;)

I am 6'2" inches tall and have a muscular athletic build. I have hazel eyes (sometimes green, sometimes brown), high cheekbones and brown hair. I live a very healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise and I eat quite well. I don’t do drugs and drink alcohol very little. I also have a strong constitution and my blood tests results are above average (glucose, cholesterol, …) and I’m STD free. My family members have great longevity track record (late eighties and nineties) and have maintained good health throughout their lives.

I’m bright (excelled in math), I speak three languages and I’m a university graduate (graduated magna cum laude). I have no psychological conditions and I’m a well-rounded individual with great social skills (not sure if that is due to genes or conditioning better never hurts I guess ;)

While I don’t plan on having children of my own, I grew up in a caring/supportive family environment and would like to donate to such a family (regardless of the number of parents or their sex). I’d like to meet the would-be parents before doing this. I’m not looking for a romantic relationship and would only do this through artificial insemination. I am open to do this anonymously but my preference would be to have knowledge of child’s development and to feedback medical information as I age.

If you are serious about this process, please consider me as a potential donor.

Contact me at and we can take it from there.

Take care and best of luck in building a family J


Oct. 29 20122

I am an attractive, intelligent, healthy white man, living in Montreal. I am 39. I am well-educated (PhD), speak several languages, keep in great shape, exercise regularly and follow a good diet. I don't smoke and I rarely drink. I donated to a sperm bank in the past, so I know my sperm is of excellent quality and that I am not predisposed to any genetic diseases. My motivation for doing this is simply to make the world a better place by helping a few women who wish to have children realize their dreams. Under no case will I seek any involvement in your life or the child's life after conception. I am also doing this completely free of charge.  No strings attached whatsoever. If you are interested, please email  JULY 4 2013 

Location: Montreal,    
Age: 38
Ancestry: Black/Noir
Attributes: 6' ou 1.8m, 165 pounds/ 75kg, athletic and charismatic  (Athlétique et belle appearance)
Masters education, professional, and father to a healthy baby. Tested for all STDs and willing to undergo further tests.
Strongly considering sperm donation to someone who takes their health and social matters seriously.
Serious inquires only

L'éducation maîtres, professionnel, et le père à un bébé en bonne santé. Testé pour toutes les MST et disposé à passer d'autres tests.
Envisager sérieusement le don de sperme à quelqu'un qui prend leur santé et les questions sociales au sérieux.
Consulter sérieux seulement  DEC 2014


My name is Mike and I would like to be a donor in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
I am 22 years old heterosexual man. I am ~180 cm tall and weigh ~70kg. My family is of European origin. I am Caucasian with straight brown hair and brown eyes.
I or my family have no history of medical complications or hereditary disorders.
I do not drink, smoke, or abuse any substances. I also do not take any medications or supplements. I try to lead a generally healthy lifestyle - regarding diet, exercise etc.
I am currently a PhD student at UofA. My hobbies include travel, hiking, piano, and gardening.
I have been a sperm donor before I relocated to Alberta. Although I have no children of my own, I have provided several donations at a clinic when I lived in Quebec and my spermatozoa should be quite all right.
I have altruistic motivation to become a sperm donor. I will gladly provide donations for AI to responsible and caring people without any discrimination. I would like to be only a donor (known or anonymous) and would not like to take on any additional responsibilities (such as co-parenting).
I will gladly answer any of your questions, provide you with my images etc. If you are interested, please, feel free to email me at .
- Mike OCT 31 2013

I am 31 years old, ethnic Indian, brown color, 5' 8" height, did Engineering degree, Hepatitis B/C/A Free, HIV & STD Free with no known genetic illness, healthy overall, father of 3 year old healthy kid. I want to donate sperm to needy one without no demand. I don't want money. Will have no contact with family or individual and kid who will get. Can give written consent. Help will make me happy. Cheers
I live in Edmonton, Canada but can not travel.One more thing I forgot to mention, my preferred way to give sperm is in lab or shipping. I prefer not to have sex. 
However  if lab option is hard to do then may be sex. Thank you.   OCT 2014 

All Canada Donor 
1)Name: Alex
Location: Anywhere in Canada
I'm interested in helping a few couples out with a sperm donation anywhere in Canada at no cost.  I have not donated before as I have been too busy with my career.
Age: 28
Ethnicity: Asian
Height/Weight: 5''8' and 140lbs
Education: Bachelors and MD
Nonsmoker and minimal alcohol intake
Please contact me if you are interested, Thanks

Whitehorse, Yukon

1) Chris
Whitehorse, Yukon
58 years old
5'11", 90 kgms.
Dark brown wavy hair
Grey eyes
White / Caucasion of recent English descent

University graduate in Science
Non-smoker, very light drinker
Very easy on the eyes

Motivation - single with no offspring and I have good genes to contribute.  I've always liked children but, somehow, I missed the opportunity to have my own.  I am semi-retired with lots of time to travel.  My interests are photography, sailing, old cars, camping.  I have made a living outdoors and I feel most confortable in it.  I am empathetic, passionate, quiet, perceptive. very humorous and considerate.  My only allergy is to cat hair and I have never had any chronic diseases.  Willing to travel to recipient if expenses are shared.  Not interested in parenting at this stage but I open to suggestion.  I sincerely want to help.


1)Name: Anonymous
Location: Saskatoon, SK
I am 28 years old, attending university in a professional degree program, and have an IQ of 132.  I am 6'6", blood type A+, in good health, I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs, and I exercise on an almost daily basis.  I am caucasian, Scottish ancestory with a Metis background.  I assume most people will be looking for donations by sterile cup, and I have no objections.  If you are from a distant location, there is an excellent fertility clinic here that can do sperm preservation, meaning it can be shipped to various locations (at your expense though).  I am not looking to be involved in your child's life as you are their parent, however, should you/they chose to contact me when they are an adult I would not object.

Hello, my name is Aric. I would like to be a sperm donor. I have no attraction to women (Besides friendship) so having my own children is kind of out of the question. Unless I do some sort of surrogacy which I have done the research and costs way too much. So I thought to myself, "what if I donate my sperm?" That way, at least I have a spawn somewhere in the country.
I thought to myself how awesome it would be to have a young person find me and say, "Are you, Aric? I think you're my father".
I have no problem helping support the child nor do I have any issues with him/her contacting me at any age.
Not to mention, it would help build someone a family.
To be honest, I have fantastic looks, personality, and dedication towards goals. I have my GED deploma. And I have superior visual skills.
I'm only 120lbs but that's due to my high metabolism.
I'm 24 in September, hazel green eyes (they used to be brown at one point). I'm 5'10. Again, 120lbs. And I live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. My email is
I am STI free. And healthy as can be. My immune system rocks, I barely ever get sick. And, I'm awesome :)
If you need more information, feel free to contact me via email. AUG 4 2013


NAME: Glenn
Age Group
: 48 yrs, youthful looking
: 5ft6ins-5ft8ins
Natural Hair Colour
: Dark Brown
: White/ Caucasian
Eye Colour
: Brown
Blood Type
: A +
Relevant Health History
: Over all very good general health..
Marital Status
: Single
Highest level of Education
: Masters Degree
Current Job/ Career
: Healthcare
Reasons for Joining
: To help some one with the Miracle of life...
Type of Donor:
TYPE OF CONCEPTION: Artificial insemination and if you live away from Newfoundland,
Donor Home Delivery allows your donor to ship sperm with a non-toxic preservative on a cold pack so it will remain viable for insemination.

Any involvement After Conception?
: My reason for joining here is not to be a completely anonymous donor....

The level of contact would depend on the person or couple with whom I may donate to.

A minimal contact would be a letter and photo once a year to let me know how he or she is doing and what they look like as they grow up, and may be a

small gift once a year on their birthday...

I would also be open to some form of co parenting, with the birth mom or birth parents taking the lead in how much contact there would be...

It would depend on what we both feel comfortable with...

Hobbies and Interests
: I have a variety of hobbies and interests.
I absolutely love the outdoors, camping, fishing and hiking. I am a certified scuba diver...
I have a slim athletic build.
I love all forms of music, cultural, classical, R&B, to the top ten...

I tend to do very well in the art of science....... Chemistry, biology, anatomy and physiology, lead me to my professional career in the health care field.

On a personal side I have an interest in Astronomy, palaeontology and almost any thing else that lives, grows on our wonderful planet.

Photography is also one of my passions; I take pictures of almost every thing.

I almost forgot to mention, I love to cook.....

Personality Traits
: I have been told I have a great sense of humour, love to laugh and carry on, life is just too short not to have fun and smile....

I am an extremely patient man and do not anger easily...

I tend to put small children and animals at ease when I walk in to a room, not sure if that is a personality trait, but it do come in handy..... lol

I do my best work under pressure or stress. Professionally and personally, both co-workers and family tend to migrate towards me during a crisis as I problem solve and react quickly in a time of need.

The one negative thing I have to say is that I cannot spell, if the word is longer than cat, then I have to reach for my dictionary. Ok may be I can do better than three letter words, but thank god for spell check.....

Honesty, Integrity and Humanity is my bedrock.

I have found spirituality in love, peace and the common good of all mankind, not so much in organized religion. Although I do believe in God.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a saint. I swear and have a cold beer on occasion when the need arises.
After all I am a man…..... lol

Additional Comments

I am very open to single women, married and lesbian couples..

I have found the one thing missing in my life is children, even though I may have only minimal contact, I still wish to have children...!

With the right person or couple I would like to share more than one. There is nothing more like a family than a brother or sister...!

I am not a rocket scientist or super athletic, if you are looking for those qualities you may have to view some more profiles...

I am though a clean-cut nice guy who wishes to have children. I am told that I am good looking, but that is best left for others to say.

I wish every one on here the best of luck in finding who they are looking for and of course most importantly, Healthy Happy Children...!

I am also open to a role reversal and finding a surrogate mom, where I would raise the child and they could visit as they wish...

Co-parenting is cool with me also....!
You can be any where world wide....!

JAN 14 2013


I'm a partnered middle aged gay man in Atlantic Canada. I would like to provide sperm for someone wanting a child. (AI)I have no children but always felt that I wanted at least one. Things have changed in society and it's now becoming more acceptable for a person in my situation to pursue this.
Last year I met a lady in her 40's and we went through the process. In preparation for that I had testing done for STD's and got my sperm count taken. I'm free of STD's and my count was normal. We also negotiated an agreement which would have allowed me some access to a child that resulted. We were not successful.
Being  retired man, I realistically would find it very difficult to take on full responsibility for a child. But I would like to negotiate some sort of terms to give me access. You can reach me at I look forward to hearing from you and wish you success in your quest.
Ben   MAR 7 2013