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Donors in Australia (area):

Sydney ( NSW )  :

1)Name: Colin
Comments: Man Aged 59,Anglo-Celtic Origins,Sydney.N.S.W.Australia is willing to be Sperm
Donor.I have recently had a test for Aids,HIV,Stds....which is negative and I have
records of annual blood tests for the past 2 years.I have no objections to the other
persons Race,Religion,Ethnity...Etc...

2)my name is michael and aged 50.  I live in  Sydney. I am of european background. I have two beautiful boys 4 and 25. I just want to help, 

3)Hi im Jo.
Male aged 30, mediterranean origin,Sydney.N.S.W.Australia is willing to be Sperm
Donor. I can provide my recent test results. No sex is required. Free sperm to a good home. I dont smoke, drink or do drugs.


My name is Chuc Dickson, age 41, 174cm, African origin, married, Sydney -Australia resident. 
I'm hail and health, active and physically fit.
Will be glad to put smile on some one face by donating my sperm for the fruit of the womb.
Ready for text and screening.

6) My name is Demon
I'm  blonde guy, with  nice muscular body, Pure European race, comes from noble European Family
22yo, 177cm , 88kg , 20cm,  light blue eyes sometimes turns into light gray
no sight problems ever, no allegrics, never do drugs, occasional drinker and smoker, no addicts
Never have problems at sqll, I have 2 Bechelors
hard worker with good sense of humor, love kids, STRAIGHT , NO GAY !!
I can speak 3 languages

I'm perfectly healthy, no one night stands or hookers, I'm a very fit guy who works hard and stay fit all the time,
never have any illness in my family
Ask if U need Help with noble quality sperm ;) Sydney NSW

7) Hi its Paul I would like tro jointhe doner list I am from Sydney : I am a 47 year old in good health and can help thoes who wish to have a baby by offering free sperm I am a caring person will respect privacy and will try to help as best as I can , contact me by email  ;

8) Hi,

Did you find a successful donor? I am a healthy, professional (3 degrees) Aussie guy - I have fathered 1 child of my own

I am located in Double Bay, Sydney, NSW Australia

Caucasian male, Sydney 33. Very healthy and very fit. Pass any test. If you would like to start a healthy and happy family under your terms email Anthony email :  healthydonor at hotmail dot com dot au

My name is rawad and I'm a Lebanese international student doing applied science 
at tafe. I'm in NSW Sydney, parramatta area. 
My date of birth is 4/6/1991
I got hepatitis b vaccination and totally immunised. I donate blood every 2 
month and last week I've done a donation. 
I would like to become a sperm donor to families or females having a baby.
My email address is: rawadshararah at hotmail dot com  MAY 31 2012
Hi I'm John
Successful sperm donor.
I am Caucasian, 64yo,, A+ blood 246 donations, 91kg, 178cm, blue eyes was blond hair.
I live in Coffs Harbour NSW but can travel to Brisbane and Sydney.
0404 349 871 and are my contact details for more information.
I donate as a known donor and AI seems to work for me.
I don't discriminate as to sexual orientation,, race or age.   JAN 6 2012

Name: Nath
Location: Brisbane and Sydney

28m donor in Brisbane/ Sydney. Perfect health, well educated, fit, non smoking, drug and disease free. I like the idea of helping to create life and hope that I can help you. Please feel free to ask any questions that you have. I would prefer to donate without contact after conception as I hope to have my own family one day and do not want to risk complications. NI or AI. Hope ot hear from you soon. MAR 17 2013

My name is David Donard, age 41, 174cm, married, Sydney -Australia resident.
I'm hail and health, active and physically fit.
Will be glad to put smile on some one face by donating my sperm for
the fruit of the womb.
Ready for text and screening.

David  JULY 7 2013 
Healthy 39yo Anglo university educated professional happy to donate sperm in Sydney area. Disease and drug free. Has own children and has donated successfully before.
Please contact-   SEPT 23 2013

A funny, responsible, and witty nice person who is very interested in helping others.
I am looking to possibly be a sperm donor. I am a 6'2" tall, brown haired, blue eyed, 
athletic and musically inclined caucasian with postgraduate education in architecture.
Blond and blue eyed up until my late twenties, I have four fair boys of my own.
I’d love to help you. I’m completely healthy and disease free.
I live in the inner-west and am an athletic professional. 
I like outdoors activities, cooking, movies, travelling, beach, etc. 
Please contact me if you like at
My reason for doing this is that I want to help people.

Age: 38
Ethnicity: Anglo-Saxon
Education: BA (Fine Arts, History), post-graduate Architecture
Description: 6'-2" / 85 kg, muscular, brown hair / hazel eyes 
Domicile: Lewisham, Sydney
Children: four boys
Email: NOV 2014


 17) 36 year old caucasian ready to donate.  Educated, clean, understanding and co operative.

Tall medium build, fit
Strong family background in terms of health, intelligence, longevity, successful
Good looking
Blue eyes, dark brown hair
Height: 180cm
Health: Excellent (don't drink or smoke), medical tests show perfect health

Ready to meet for NI until results are achieved.  Emotionally balanced and prepared for NSA and no contact.  Will make this a trouble free experience so you can become pregnant as soon as possible without stress.  Send any questions, plans and requirements.  Can meet daytime in Sydney areas. 
David  MAR 7 2014 



Perfectly healthy, university educated professional, age 41, 175cm. Don’t drink nor smoke. Will be glad to put smile on someone face by donating my sperm for the fruit of the womb in Sydney -Australia area.


Will make this a trouble free experience so you can become pregnant as soon as possible without stress.  Send any questions, plans and requirements.  NOV 2014 

Melbourne (Victoria)

1)Australian sperm donor now available for you. located in melbourne dark hair blue eyes slim, fit and healthy very intelligent happy to supply loads of info, medicals, etc high sperm count and motile, easy going happy and gentle disposition.   email me now thanks , Glenn.

2)dark hair
blue eyes
intelligent, engineer
happy to supply medicals, sperm counts, loads of info, photos, family history, etc
have been a donor on and off over the last few years
I have no secrets at all so ask me anything
happy to be  a known donor if you wished

Eugene, originally from China, works in Melbourne, academic work, married, email:

Australian guy 38 looking to be a sperm donor with negotiated contact with a possible child. Non smoker, non drinker,vegetarian, physically fit and into health and fitness. Just under 6ft tall, 75kg, dark hair, medium build, hazel eyes.

willing to help people in Victoria aust and willing for tests

6 located in melbourne
easy going australian guy
single, straight
dark hair
irish descendants
hign sperm count, motile and happy to provide medicals
relaxed and easy going
friendly and intelligent
fit happy and very healthy



Name; Justin
Age; 21yo
Ethnicity; Caucasian 
Orientation; Straight
Education; University- Current
Location; Melbourne
Details- Just under 6 foot, dark hair, dark eyes, athletic (86kg), right handed, great eyesight and hearing, medically clean, sexually clean

No Drugs or smoking, little alcohol

Looking for costs and compensation
Hope to help


helpinghand1991 at hotmail dot com

31 August 2012

8)Australian guy, 35, light brown hair, green eyes.  Extremely fit, healthy and intelligent.  Based in Melbourne.  All health tests completed and will be shown.  Contact:  very Easy going and relaxed.

36 Yr Old Sperm Donor from Melbourne
Extremely Fit, healthy and smart
Brown hair with greey eyes
Lukec301 at hotmail dot com  sep 3 2012


Sperm donor available now

Located in melbourne in victoria and happy to see ladies in australia or those 
wanting an overseas holiday and a pregnancy whilst away

I am australia Irish heritage and dark hair and blue eyes and slim and very for 
and healthy

I am a engineer and have a easy going temperament and disposition and always 
happy and cheerful

I have many hobbies and interests and am just here to assist all those ladies 
from where ever in the world and what ever culture to have a dream come true of 

I have a country up bringing and a true sense if value and morals

Please feel free to email me as soon as you want as I have no secrets and 
nothing to hide

I am open to Ni and Pi and Ai methods

Hope to hear from you very soon


Glenn JULY 4 2013 


Name: Tris
Caucasian male, 40 years old, Melbourne, Victoria, English & French background. I've had an event in my life occur which has ended up with me wanting to become a donor and help someone to have a baby. I'm not wanting to become a donor for dozens of mums, because I don't believe
 that's right, I'm just looking for one or two people only. Happy to undertake any test required, also happy to come to you (if not too far). With
regards to contact with the child, I'm happy to be guided by you. What you believe in now may differ in 18 years time, at the moment it's your
 journey but there will come a time when someone else will want a say ;) Your circumstances is your business, just as long as you can care for
 your child.
  JAN 11 2014


I have read In media that sperm donors are in need in australia. I am from melbourne, 41 years,168 cm height, 85kg weight. 
I would love to have more children. 
I am uni educated and of European and some Chinese background. 
I have a good nature and would like to hear from you. 

Contact me at  NOV 2014 


1)Name: Trevor
Comments: Donor available in Brisbane, Australia.
Successful with references.

2) please check # 2 in south Australia

3 Hi my name is Michael I would like to be a sperm doner I live in Adelaide but work in Brisbane so I can donate in either City.
I am 40yrs med build with short brown hair I also have 3 kids which are very beautiful and healthy.
Okay any more questions just ask.

Cheers Michael

4)name: joy
country: brisbane, however willing to travel in qld or northen NSW
i am a 31 yr old single gay woman looking for a sperm donor in queensland area - preferable south east. am willing to travel. or northan NSW. i am a peadiatric nurse, have been nursing for over 5 yrs, love my job. i have a great support from family and friends of becoming a mum by myself. please ask any question, will answer honestly. please help my dream become reality.
thanks joy

5)Wanting to assist married couples with male factor infertility  in the Brisbane, Darling Downs, Sunshine Coast regions via sperm donation. email

6)Name: Patrick Pan


Comments: I would like to donate sperm for singles/families in Brisbane area to help making their dreams come true. I come from China and has lived in Brisbane for 9 years. I'm 34 years old and working as a professional CPA accountant. I'm not looking for co-parenting, which means I will NOT involve in daily life of raising the child. However I would still like to keep very limited contact if that's OK. I'm healthy, non smoking or drinking. I prefer AI but still negotiable. Please feel free to contact me for further discussion. Thanks. JULY 4 2013


Brisbane, Australia donor
I am tall, nearly 6 feet two, dark hair and blue eyes.  I am a kiwi guy that has a first class honours degree in law.  
I am single, so I am open to conceiving naturally or via AI.  Drop me a line to: brizmike at hotmail dot com for a pic and more info. JUNE 26 2012

Hi there,

I'm not sure how this works exactly but I assume I put my ad here and you post it online so here goes:

Hi, my name's Christine. I am 35 years old and live in the Brisbane area (Australia). I have a degree in health / nutrition and would like a sperm donor who is happy to donate until full term pregnancy takes.I would prefer someone with darker skin but that is not essential. What is essential though is sperm that is free of all sti's with a clean genetic family history. Prefer AI, I will take full responsibility for the child, and provide it with a lot of love and opportunities. I would consider negotiating updates/visitation, as well as no contact whatsoever. Email: phoenix_briz at yahoo dot com dot au  AUG 22 2012


Name: Voss
Location: Brisbane, Australia

I would like to offer my sperm to help someones dreams come true. I am 27, tertiary educated, perfect health, fitness nut with a passion for life and adventure. My genetic background is Mediterranean with complexion and features to match. I consider myself creative although I work in a technical field. I am willing to travel within reason to donate. I am seeking no contact donations and NI only sorry. Feel free to email me with any questions! Best of luck :)

OCT 12, 2013

29yr old Aussie tradesman, Irish and Scottish background. Thin build, brown eyes 
and brown hair.
Willing to help Brisbane and surrounds. May travel 

email  DEC 23 2013 

Brisbane Queensland Australia 

 I am a healthy easy going guy willing to donate sperm 38 White Caucasian black 
hair brown eyes contact me via email  JAN 2015 

My names John im 25 years old 6 ft 1 93 kilos am caucasian with olive skin blood type o positive have been blood tested and am clear of all stds and i have had one success so far
and would like to help more women to get pregnant, open to helping all types, single females straight lesbian or bi and couples that are straight lesbian or bi female, will donate
 through either AI or NI which ever method you want me to donate to you i will.
Want to find out more and are interested please contact me.

2) Perth, Western Australia
I am a university educated caucasian guy that is interested in donating sperm so that you can start a family. In return I want to be completely anonymous and I will re-donate should you want more children from the same father.

Build: Medium
Looks: Medium to Good Looking
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Height: 180cm
Health: Excellent (don't drink or smoke)


Tony  JAN 1 2013

3) Hi,
Perth, Western Australia

I would like to help those who are desperate to have and love a child of their own so that they can start a family. I am not interested in donating through a clinic however I would like to keep my privacy and remain anonymous though I will give contact details so that the child can contact me once they are 18 if they want too. I would be willing to donate more than once should you want more than one child.

I am 26 and I live a healthy lifestyle.

If you would like to know more then please contact me.


Peter  AUG 4 2013


Hi, I'm Dan - I live in Perth's northern suburbs.

I'm in my late 20s, in a happy relationship and in very good health. I teach Kindergarten children, I recently ran a marathon, and I'm a very family oriented happy go lucky kind of guy. I graduated from Cambridge University in the UK, and I'm really enjoying my new life down under!

I'm donating because I can really sympathise with people who cannot have children, my ex chose not to have children and it's why we are no longer together. Ever since I have wanted to help people to have children if they want them but for any reason can't.

I'm not ageist, I won't discriminate against single parents or same sex couples. If you want children and my sperm will help then get in touch.

I'm 6' tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, strong build and considered very attractive!

I will help with all forms of conception, from natural to artificial insemination. I have been a successful sperm donor previously in the UK and have recently had all the blood/urine/semen tests required to check I'm still a perfect donor.

Get in touch!

Dan :)   MAY 2016

I would be happy to donate sperm to help any woman (single, lesbian, married) have a child (or children if a second [or 3rd] child is desired from the same father). My only criteria is that I would like to feel confident that the child(ren) would grow up in a safe, secure and loved environment. Looks, race wealth, education are irrelevant to me.

I would be prepared to donate via a clinic or via home insemination, but only by artificial insemination. I have already helped one lesbian couple in Victoria conceive a child via AI, and I am helping other lesbian and heterosexual couples in WA via a clinic and home insemination (the latter with an agreement I have drafted).

I am in the top echelon of my professional field, I am well educated with postgraduate qualifications, I have my own consultancy and I also teach at university. I am 57, and I have two lovely, smart, grown-up children by a nice lady with whom my long-term relationship has ended. Now I just want to help others have the wonderful experience of having and raising children. I have had STI, sperm and inherited disease carrier tests. 

Please contact me if you are interested. I can send photos and test results if you are serious.
Ian, Perth, 27 Feb. 2014
Contact me at: MAR 7 2014 

Name Dean s

Age 28

Perth Australia

I want to donate sperm and to co parent.
I have brown hair blue eyes I am clear of hiv and std im a little over weight 
but not much.   DEC 2014 
Western Australia

My name is Brad and I live in Western Australia, I am married with 3 beautiful children a girl 16 and 2 boys aged 10 and 5 
My wife is a nurse and we have both decided that this is enough children for us both but would love to help others share in the joy that our children bring us
I am 6ft tall dark brown hair and light brown eyes and keep fit and have never smoked
I am 40 yrs of age and have no family medical or mental history
If we can be of assistance  then please contact us by email
We wish you all the best of luck

South Australia


am Indian,I will available in Adelaide,from June 2011,I am interested to donate sperm,if any interested pls mail,I am healthy and have 2 childrens



2)I am 42 med build with short brown hair with blue eyes,med build  5"10 tall
I have no history or medical condition
Cheers Michael
I am Located in south australia and Queensland  ( Brisbane and also Adelaide ) my email is

3) I'm Nag - 33 years old. I'm healthy, do not smoke, do not drink and disease-free gentleman. I'm currently living in Adelaide, SA. Looking to be a sperm donor via NI only - I'm more comfortable with this method. To discuss further, please contact me at naturistloverman at gmail dot com  JULY 25 2012

4)Name: Cameron From: Adelaide Age: 18 Don't drink, don't smoke. I play Football, Cricket and Basketball. Referee and Coach Basketball. Studying a Cert 3 in Childrens Services. Blue eys, brown hair. Physically fit. Good personality. Almost the perfect guy. email: for more.   OCT 9 2012


1)sperm donor available for women wishing to conceive and experience the joys of motherhood. My name is Nick. I am 6'3"; blue eyes; blonde hair; very healthy; 42 years old. intelligent and well travelled man. I live in Mooloolaba, Qld. I may be reached by email at :



Hi, my name is James, Im an American living in Australia.
I am married, no children and am in excellent health.
My wife and I are seeking a traditional, altruistic surrogate. In our search, we found so many other people wanting to become parents too. We decided we could not expect people to help us if we werent willing to help others, so we have decided to offer my sperm to any person/s who thinks I may suit their needs.
I am 6.2ft, blonde/grey hair, hazel eyes. 45 yrs old, no medical history to report, a complete bill of health as I have recently undergone the medical screening required by the Australian Government to become a permament resident. I am happy to undergo any tests you require.
I live in South East Queensland, am a former Gridiron player, now coach. A former wrestler, the real type, not the long haired stuff.
Im fit, active and work in the security industry.
If you think I can help you, please drop me an email to
JAN 19 2013
Qld Country Sperm Donor
Hi, my name is Jason. I am a 42 year old Caucasian Aussie. I come from 
Toomoomba Qld area but can travel. I am willing to be an anonymous donor 
to any one in need. I have 1 baby from 1 donation only. So am very 
fertile. Hope just to help out. Please feel free to contact me at  APR 1 2013 
5) Sunshine Coast Queensland Brad is 6ft2, blonde, blue eyes. 40 years old healthy, non smoker. Available for sperm donation. My email for further info. MAY 27 2014  

Unknown location in Australia 

australian guy
fit and healthy
an engineer
many hobbies and interests
happy to supply any information people might wish or answer all your questions
easy going and reliable
once i make a promise to you i will keep it always

2) Wishing to be a sperm donor. Tertiary educated. Self employed professional. Healthy, disease free and stress free. Have 2 healthy teenage boys of my own already. Happy to assist but only to genuine, responsible & caring people and must be disease free. Contact me for further info. 19/11/13

Locations is Australia

Sperm donor available in Adelaide

I am a 36 years old software architect who lives in Adelaide.  I enjoy swimming, reading, travelling and keeping myself it.  I am intelligent, have a degree in Biochemistry and Mathematics and a brown belt in Taekwondo. 

I am doing this because I enjoy helping people and I have helped a couple before.  I am open to the level of contact you wish me to have.  I have no history of genetic illness and come from a healthy and intelligent family.

2) Hi! Its me Ryan from Adelaide.
I'm 26 yr old guy wanting to donate sperm for needed people.
I'm married, healthy, O+ve blood group asian guy with height 5'3" and wt 55 kg.
I'm non smoker with rare drinking. Never been to hospital till now.
I've black hair, brown skin, black eyes with medium built.
I'm uni student and can go every health checkup.

My email Ad is

Healthy  male  white  caucasian   std test  all clear  ai ok
                         No history of genetic  iillnes, 

Hi there,
I am a sperm donor, in Victoria, Australia.
I would like to be listed on your site to be able to help others.
Here is some info:

Sperm donor available, Victoria, Australia.
Very friendly person, young, healthy, blue eyes and brown hair.
Have had std checks, and sperm analysis is very good.
AI or NI available.
natura at ausi dot com  sep 3 2012

Kind regards,


I am a sperm donor in Adelaide.  I am in my mid thirties, tertiary educated, healthy, friendly, enjoy traveling, reading and fitness.  I work as an IT consultant and have helped a few lesbian couple previously.  Please contact me on if you are interested.


Jason  JULY 4 2013



Location; Tasmania
Donor Johan has helped several ladies to fulfil their dreams.
He is Caucasian with blue eyes,
non smoker and healthy record.
If needed he can travel to other states.
His email is

Thanks, I hope you can place this,
Johan  JULY 13 2013