Annie's Canas and Other Snails




Free aquatic snails!


 Free snails are available to anyone who can pick them up from Lawrence, Massachusetts.


These snails are for pickup only!!!!

Please email me to discuss this.


  To  add your name to the waiting list please email me:


The Snails

Below are the snails I currently have available:

  Red ramshorns

(Not restricted - Can legally mail and transport these anywhere)


Available soon:

I will have Pomacea bridgesii (mystery snails) ready for new homes in about 6 weeks.

If anyone is interested in Marisa snails, let me know

and I'll hatch some out for you.


I also have some cherry shrimp that you can pick up.


Please feel free to email me to order some snails or add yourself to the waiting list:


Or join my mailing list:



 The Rules

 According to USDA regulations, I am not permitted to mail or transport most species of snail out of Massachusetts to sell them.

You may however travel to Massachusetts, collect them and then as their owner take them back to your home.


Regulated species:

Pomacea canaliculata (aka Golden Apple Snails, Canas)

Pomacea bridgessi (aka Mystery Snails)

Marisa cornuarietis (aka Giant Ramshorn, Columbian Ramshorn)

Asolene spixi (aka Spixi)

Unregulated species of snail (legally transportable):

Planorbid sp. (Red Ramshorn)


 In some states the ownership (and not just the transportation) of some species of snails is prohibited by the USDA:

California -  not legally permitted to keep Pomacea canaliculata (aka Golden Apple Snails, Canas)

Mississippi  - not legally permited to keep any snails from the family Ampullariidae (aka all Apple snails, Mystery snails)


I try to keep this list of laws up to date but please check with the USDA about your local laws or go to for advice.


 Anyone I give my snails too must promise never to release them into the wild.

Snails are like any animal that is introduced to environments they don't belong in - they become pests.

Pomacea canaliculata (Golden Apple Snail)


Pomacea bridgesii (Mystery Snail) 

dark striped purple (dsp)

chestnut snail


burgandy snail


Marisa cornuarietis (Giant Ramshorn Snail, Columbian Ramshorn Snail)



Planorbid sp. (Red Ramshorn Snail)