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This is (Joseph) Bloe's Starport stuff page. Maybe you will find it useful, or maybe not.

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Sparkly Mine Explosions

I have no idea when this got added. But behold the little white dots:

Watch the movie (~1MB).

Holdings Not All There 

I've been seeing this for a while.

Click to see it larger. This is a planet that exists (obviously). Now, while still in the dome (it doesn't matter, but just to show you), look at the holdings list:

The planet isn't there.

Why? Is it scrolled off the top in some unreachable way? (The scroll bar is as far up as it will go). Or are some colonies randomly missing from the list?

The Patch Parade

Starportians know that there is no way to determine what a given patch fixed (or broke) other than poking around. Here are some recent happenings and changes. 

Patch 299

What's wrong with this picture?

To put a finer point on it:

I don't know what the source of this is - perhaps Toonces implemented my suggestion to set research to 0% when the 16th research is finished - but then the other values aren't set properly afterward.

Patch 298 

Patch 298 introduced a new pricing scheme for shields.

Actually after a server tweak we have:

The maximum price that shields can reach isn't stated, but 1000 (50x normal) has been observed.

At some point following Patch 295 it became impossible to select the "Nuke" option when setting Weapons Factory production on a colony with Democracy government. A colony can still be set to Nuke on some other form of government and then changed to Democracy - it will continue to attempt to produce Nukes, but will do so at the rate of 0/hr.

There is also spiffy new Earth artwork:

Patch 297

Patch 297 "fixes" faked announcements, alerts, and so on.

Second and subsequent lines from messages and chat are indented. - it's now impossible to create a bogus alert (or whatever) by adding spaces to the end of a chat line so that it wraps precisely to the start of the next line. If you've seen this you know what I'm talking about; if you haven't, it doesn't matter.

Patch 297 or some immediately subsequent server patch introduced a bug that greatly increased the experience of a few inactive members in some (or perhaps all) permas. A server patch a few hours later partially fixed this, with the side effect that some other inactive members had their experience greatly reduced. There's no indication that any of the remaining bogus experience effects will be fixed, or that they even can be.

Patch 295

The holdings screen now indicates what the Weapons Factory, if any, is building. In addition to the obvious, this will help identify planets that are set to build nukes but that can't because their government is Democracy.

The system radar now displays corporate colonies as cyan squares and personal colonies as yellowish-green squares. These squares are larger than the ones used for regular planets.

Here, you can see two personal colonies (top and right) and five corporate colonies (the rest), as well as the other usual symbols.

Populating Colonies 

Building Unity Worlds 

Golden Age Chronicles 

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